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  1. Might I suggest a chocolate habit?
  2. I will make better choices, even though
  3. 6 weeks is awesome!! Congratulations!!
  4. Congratulations on 2 YEARS!!!! That's fantastic!!!!
  5. Congratulations on 6 MONTHS!!! That's fantastic!!
  6. I know that sometimes when reading other's posts, it's seems like it's so easy for them. I always felt like something was wrong with me. But believe me that it's usually not easy for any of us. We truly understand the struggles. It does get easier. Just give it time. It's a journey that you are at the beginning of and time does seem to slow down. You will find strength you never knew you had. You've proven that strength for the past 10 days. One day at a time.......
  7. pet rocks and edibles, just to name a few. But I must say
  8. beazel

    chicks or sticks

    9 - It's been fun Mac, but I have to go to the doctors......

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