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  1. kenzie_peyton

    I failed today.

    Thanks guys. I haven’t smoked again since that. It is hard because all of my friends smoke and my husband smokes. But I felt sick after smoking and honestly haven’t felt like it again.
  2. kenzie_peyton

    I failed today.

    I’ve only quit again for about 2 weeks. I threw away a year quit before that and this was my second attempt.
  3. kenzie_peyton

    I failed today.

    Really didn’t even want to post this because I feel embarrassed and ashamed
  4. kenzie_peyton

    I failed today.

    Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. I smoked 2 cigarettes today. Down on myself, and feel shitty again already.
  5. kenzie_peyton

    Thursday 7th febuary 2019

    N O P E!
  6. kenzie_peyton

    Wednesday 6th Febuary 2019

  7. kenzie_peyton

    Decided to have a few glasses of wine with friends.

    I’m slowly but surely trying to get through all the articles on this site. My mistake last time was that I strayed away from here and didn’t have all the facts... I’m determined this time, but know I’m still in the beginning stages of quitting and am still weak 😵
  8. kenzie_peyton

    Decided to have a few glasses of wine with friends.

    Thank you Sazerac!! Seriously, I am so grateful you were on the board tonight and were able to offer me advice! I haven’t watched the video yet but seriously love “h.a.l.t”. So true, I’m drinking my ice water now and feeling much better ❤️
  9. kenzie_peyton

    Decided to have a few glasses of wine with friends.

    Thanks for the reply. My jaw hurts from chewing gum, but I’m so glad I didn’t smoke! It’s been 5 days and I feel like I’m in a constant state of anxiety 😵 I just hope the feeling of something’s “missing “ subsides because it’s really stressing me out
  10. Everyone was smoking and vaping around me but I didn’t give in. But how do I get over how irritable and anxious I feel even after everyone is gone 😭
  11. kenzie_peyton

    Catlover is 1 YEAR Smoke Free!

    Congrats! What an inspiration to keep going, a year is amazing!
  12. kenzie_peyton

    Wantsit is 3 Month Smoke Free!

    That’s great! Good job!!
  13. kenzie_peyton

    abbynormal is 1 month smoke free today!

    Congrats Abby!!
  14. kenzie_peyton

    I’m back 😢

    Still going strong! Especially after going to the doc yesterday and being diagnosed with bronchitis and pleurisy! I have a week of steroids and antibiotics ahead of me, and no way I’m going back to cigs after this bs.
  15. kenzie_peyton

    Tuesday 29 th January 2019


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