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    Yes, I'm talking to you Bev, Thik4Sho, JKPK & LisaMK Congrats to all of you for deciding to take back your life and quit this horrible addiction. We know it's really difficult in the early days because we have all been there. Whether you are going cold turkey or using some NRT assistance, those early days are tough. I remember feeling like every day was one long, disorienting marathon that always ended in exhaustion ....... kind of like this......... The good news is, it does get better and easier as long as you just maintain your NOPE! It does for all of us and you are no exception. It's a slow process but providing you don't smoke, you WILL find freedom and take back your life
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    Welcome. I have not quit drinking because it keeps me from choking dumb fkrs. But seems you have good control on the choking response too
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    Welcome Tyme2B Many (maybe even most) of the people here smoked for decades. So, to think you "can't" is simply untrue. Granted, it can be very tough in the beginning. I kept a count on an app every time I had an urge.....the first several weeks I had 50-100 per day! In the past this would have caused me such anxiety that I would have dumped my quit. This time around I approached each urge as a mini-battle whose ass I was determined to kick. When I won each battle for an entire day, that would be a victory. Finally, when I surpassed my previous longest quit of 3 weeks I knew there was no giving in. Now I can look back and see I was using the NOPE strategy. I strongly recommend you look into the Daily Nope section of this website. Anxiety is a tricky thing and it's not easy to overcome. But it can be done. I found walking (even a few times around a room if I couldn't get out) to be helpful. At some point you will find that quitting will diminish your overall anxiety and enhance your health in so many more ways. You can do this Tyme....let us know if you need help or just want someone to lean on.
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    Tyme, you just have to decide that there are absolutely no circumstances in which it is okay to smoke. Even if you are curled in a fetal position screaming and bawling your brains out, it is not okay to smoke! Please get with your doctor to see if there is something that might help with the anxiety. Smoking does calm you down, but only because it temporarily relieves the symptoms of withdrawal...which will return whether you smoke or not. You CAN do this!
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    It was some long forgotten spat at The Other Place when The MQ proclaimed (paraphrased, of course) : "Oh yeah?!? Well when you have *A Six Year Quit* then maybe we can talk. Until then, bugger the hell off..." Sarge is traveling on Friday and won't have a chance to post on the actual six-year but he's here to say, with gusto: "Neener-neener ... Sarge got his Six ... Howdaya like dem apples ?" EZPZ (But he can't remember, for the life of him, what the quibbling was about at the time).
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    Trying to figure out the site. Don't get here as often since five year mark but try to look in daily for at least a number post. Sorry if I don't know all the new people but the group joined in last two years has worn me out. So stupid I feel like they suck the energy out of me. Window licking would be a trophy event for some of them. I think if they were to be know for anything more than breathing on their own, it would make headlines.
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    Somewhere around 40 years smoking for me too....before that fateful day in Nov. of 2013... thats when, I didn't just say to myself I wanted to quit... I TOLD my self I WAS quitting....no more....no matter how "hard" I thought it would be to not smoke, I told myself it was "tyme" (see what I did there...lol). Sure... Your gonna have the normal bumps in the road on this journey, but we all did...we got past them...after a year quit, you will look back and realize, it wasn't that bad... The hardest thing about quitting is getting our mind on board with the fact that it's all about N.O.P.E...period! . Once you completely accept it, you won't seem to fight it... in in the words of Sarge...it becomes "Easy Peezy" take it it one day at a time, and remember we are here if you need us to "talk you down" there is no shame in having help,through this...that's why we all stick around!
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    Hi Tyne. You are making the right decision to quit smoking. It's the very best thing you can do. In time, after whatever withdrawal effects you experience calm down, you may likely find, as I did, that smoking is a huge contributing factor to anxiety. You don't realize this when you're actively smoking. Like Nancy said, you feel like it's calming you but all the smoke is doing is quelling the withdrawal. After 5 months quit I feel much calmer, sleep better, have zero panic attacks. Another thing you may want to think about is finding a therapist or counselor to work with on healing from the abuse. Maybe others here would have a different opinion but in my experience sometimes people use smoking to push down their feelings about difficult issues in the same way that gives rise to eating disorders, substance use or other unhealthy coping mechanisms. If you don't have insurance coverage or can't afford therapy, depending on the circumstances you may qualify for therapy at no cost PM me if you want additional info about this Just wanted to float that and to say welcome (back) and congrats. Stick with NOPE no matter what. You can definitely do this!
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    What an odd post. Perhaps you need to peruse the over 3 years of data collected on the site before you think there is not much mention of how people make it through cravings. In fact, start with the S.O.S. board and then work your way down through following two forums. Pledging NOPE is not anything like telling a three year it's time to go to bed. What an odd analogy. Odd post altogether; not quite sure what to make of this but please consider that this may not be the best place for you. I know I will be considering this on your behalf.
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    Welcome aboard Albert. Keep in mind that the list of "instructions" is short and there are only two rules. Rule #1: Don't put cigarettes in your mouth and set them on fire. Rule #2: If you have any further questions, refer back to Rule #1. Don't smoke. Repeat daily. You're good to go
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    I cried almost non stop during my first month quit. After a few weeks I was posting about how sad I was and that all I wanted to be was non smoker. A man by the name of John posted in response "make no mistake about it, you are a non-smoker". Those words changed everything for me. I was making it so much more complicated than it had to be. All I had to do is not smoke and boom! I was a non smoker. You're doing a fantastic job. The first few weeks are the worst and you made it through! Keep moving forward and congratulations! You're a non-smoker!
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    Let's just be honest and lay it all on the table: The most exercise I'm going to be getting is hauling laundry up and down the stairs and chasing my 3 year old... I mean he does go pretty fast sometimes and he's heavy to carry around. So, there's that. Oh! I started doing a small bit of yoga in the mornings.
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    NOPE - I don’t smoke anymore.
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    Welcome PP! I can imagine the type of responses you got at the "other" place, so I'll try not to be nasty. You seem to realize that ultimate goal is to be nicotine free. The sooner you can get to that objective the better. Many (not all) people develop just as strong an addiction to ecigs as they do to the real things. So, I'd recommend you set a firm date to quit those too. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy in the beginning but it will evolve into the best gift you've ever given yourself. You can do this! Let us know how we can help.
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    Hi and welcome Pinky Promise. I will congratulate you on your desire to quit smoking and take back your life from this gripping addiction but, I must state up front that I don't consider you (or anyone else for that matter) to be smoke free until you have satisfied two things. Stopped taking nicotine into your body through your lungs and stop using any device that you put in your mouth then inhale and exhale anything, whether it be smoke or vapor. I'm sure you have heard this before and you will hear it again here, possibly more forcefully from some than others, because we're a quit smoking support site and we just don't believe that vaping has been proven to be a successful quit method. I won't wade any further into the whole debate surrounding vaping but did just want to give you the heads up that it's likely not going to receive support here. There are a couple of threads around here somewhere discussing this in case you want to seek them out. Just don't remember where off hand. That being said, as far as I'm concerned, you are welcome here anytime to participate with us on a whole host of other issues surrounding quitting and quit symptoms.This is a small community compared to some others and because it is, we get to know each other very well and there's a lot of genuine support here for all new quitters. We also like to have some fun along the way, just to ease the difficult times many are having from day to day - plus; we're all a little crazy I applaud your goal to soon reach the 0mg nicotine dosage with the e-cig then drop it altogether. Be sure to let us know when you have done that as that, to me, marks your true first day as a non-smoker Beyond there, lean on us for all the support you need. We'll be here for you. P.S. Isn't it just bizarre that Doreen posted up a picture in our Nope thread earlier today of exactly that ........... WOW! What are the odds?
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    nope. as some of you know 1 of my coworkes has cancer shes not doing to well. my coworkers did a fund raiser and made 1362.00 dollars to give to the family oh yea
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    NOPE - I don’t smoke anymore.
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    20 Take that chicks!
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    NOPE! No matter what life hurls your way or what disingenuous people do to you, it has nothing to do with your quit. Your quit is more sacred than any of the messiness of life.
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    Dumbass. He locked himself in his car again.
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    Writting english makes my brain hurt so ill just say this: yes, you CAN quit smoking, anyone can. Hell, there was a time i thought i was doomed to smoke forever. Then i quit, i was climbing walls for 5 months straight but i did it. You gain resistance in every single day you stay off the smokes, plus excitement to last just one more day. You have all the information here, thats 90% of what you need, the other 10% is in the nope pledge section. Sleep well, wake up, turn on your computer and put that nope pledge online. Then endure it like everyone else did. At the end of the night you might want to revisit the nope pledge and leave your thoughts, we´ll be there for you, plus a nice picture of a lolcat from me, everyday, because im a nice guy. Grind through that motherfucker nicotine monster one day at a time and rid yourself of this horrible addiction that will no doubt kill you if you let it. You got this!
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    Thank you very much for ALL for your support! I think I will need to post a daily diary each day. I plan to start tomorrow. If Doreen had not sent me an email I likely would not have accessed the help I need but I’m sure not doing well on my own. None of my friends or family smoke...they have all quit. But they are not good sources of support for me. I need DAILY support. The cause of my high anxiety....not that this is an excuse....At the moment my close friend has Class C3 ovarian cancer & my Mother has a Class I tongue cancer. Neither have ever smoked. My mother is & always has been very abusive. And I can’t leave my Sister to deal with her alone... HOWEVER this is about QUITTING SMOKING. There seems to be no GOOD time to quit. So NOW is as good a time as ever. I need to deal with my anxiety & will see my Doc if necessary to deal with anxiety as I know that anxiety will be getting worse with quitting. BUT I must do this. Thanks!
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    Belief in one's self is absolutely critical for a successful quit. If you think you can, or you think you can't; you're right. ...and of course we never "quit," so much as we devote ourselves to a life-time of abstinence. Embrace it. Own it.
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    Both of the above responses are good ones Tyme. I know the anxiety is very difficult to deal with particularly in the initial stages of your quit but you just need to do it and stick with it. The calming effect of smoking is just because you satisfied your urge for nicotine (which will begin building as soon as you are done that smoke). It's a never ending cycle the you CAN break. Just as many others have.
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    Posting for help saved my quit more than once too Doreeen ..... especially in the beginning , but even later on when I didn't feel particularly confident or was struggling I would post. For anyone ... I would never be afraid at any time to post help if needed.. Reach out as much as you need to . Some folks think that after a month or two or three you should be strong enough on your own and won't post for help but posting for help is not a sign of weakness it's a sign of strength and it says " I want this quit " . Posting an sos before you smoke is both helpful to the one seeking to save their quit and helpful as well to the ones who can give back to help another. It's a win win for everyone if we can save a quit and help each other through.
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    Just saw this Bev... I'm sorry you're having a hard time but please remember that whatever you're feeling now is a transient feeling that WILL pass. These feelings of vulnerability can happen. I think of it as the addiction whispering (or yelling) in your ear, trying to lure you back into the grips of the addiction. You've got to stay strong and counter that junkie thinking with thoughts that are actually true like: Smoking will NOT solve this problem. This tension from the conversation will not be eased by smoking as a matter of fact, I'll feel worse if I do smoke. Picking up a cigarette now will blow all the work I've done over the last 10 days. I'll be back at square one again. If I smoke, there's no guarantee I'll be able to quit again. I may be subjecting myself to a future of continually fighting this deadly addiction I've already been victorious these last 10 days. Nothing can keep me from success except myself. I can do this! i AM doing this! Or simply reminding yourself of all the compelling reasons you decided to quit to begin with. How are you doing now, Bev???
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    That's good. Falls in line with NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) which is really just a fancy sounding fitness industry term for moving around more. People typically see more results from being active throughout the day than if they just go to the gym and plug away on a treadmill for an hour. The only difference between exercise and activity is the label we put on it.
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    Thread to vent some road rage
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    Last night, I wrote it down in my calendar -- my calendar that I used to use for quick reference but has lately become what keeps me from forgetting ALL the things November 15th. Truthfully, the way it's looking now, I think it will be earlier than that. I'm not going to buy an entirely new bottle of 3mg fluid just to "make it to" the 15th. When I stopped smoking cigarettes I had the last pack until it was gone. That was a tough day -- the last one was an early morning smoke and it used to be that in the mornings I'd sit on the patio, have a BIG mug of coffee and smoke a couple. So after that I was like -- well, what now? I really didn't have a plan and that first week was just ugly. Second week wasn't much better I don't know how strong (nicotine wise) cloves cigarettes are. For the vaping you can get nicotine levels at 24mg, 18, 12, 6, and 3 -- I started with the 6. Am I wishful thinking that at this point the worst part is over (physical withdrawal wise)? I hope so. I've been changing up my schedule, my habits. I've had the benefit of reading up and learning more about the actual addiction and that has helped tremendously, just understanding exactly what's going on, how I was dependent on smoking to release dopamine, learning that our brains can and will learn to produce it naturally, we can form new habits that take the place of old ones and soon won't have to think about it. Anyway... I'm on board. Very happy to be
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    At least he has his hazard lights on....
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    I'll take that as a compliment
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    Please don't worry...he is a little worn out right now...but I will let him go shortly. Just our annual get together!!
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    Hello and welcome to our family of quitters Thik4Sho Having a community of people who are going through or have already gone through exactly what you are going through is a really great tool to help you stay quit. I found that out myself when I joined up here. This is a small community but we all get to know each other pretty well and help each other along the way. Please read all the "pinned" threads that you will see at the top of each page. Very helpful information and along with the support you receive here, education about this addiction is KEY in quitting and remaining quit. Smoking is an addiction and you (and all of us) are nicotine addicts. Understanding the addiction will help you outsmart it. In the early part of your quit, distract yourself in what ever way you can. Come here and read, read read. then, read it all again. Binge watch TV or videos or whatever you need to do to take your mind off the unpleasant symptoms of quitting. You CAN do it but you have to want it more than you want to go back to smoking and ruining your health even further. Most of us here were smokers for 4 or 5 decades and have successfully quit so, it CAN be done. You will get a lot more helpful information from other board members as well. Take it all in because these will be people who have already gone through exactly what you are experiencing now. Embrace the process because this is the very best thing you will ever do for yourself
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    Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for anxiety. Not only is smoking not helping you with anxiety, it is actually exacerbating the problem. Withdrawal symptoms, dopamine pathways that have been hijacked by cigarettes, and inefficient breathing patterns that lead to a pattern comparable to hyperventilation lead to heightened anxiety for smokers. Dispelling the myths and lies of smoking is a vital part of the process and for most of us required daily reinforcement. Addicts must learn to lead their thoughts rather than be led by thoughts. Tyme, if it required superhuman ability to quit smoking most of us would not be here. Quitting is a matter of making a commitment to yourself and vowing to never take another puff. You absolutely can do that.
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    Hi tyme.. Good for you ,for jumping back on the train... We can give you all the tools in the world to quit..but in the end ,it down to your wanting this ,more than anything.... Take smoking off the table no matter what is going on... You had a 6 months quit..so you can do it...you just have to remember one puff will put you right back where you started... Take the daily pledge...make that promise to yourself everyday... Read all the stuff here again ,to refresh your mind..you can do it..if I did..i know you can ...x
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