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    Wishing all that travel on this wonderful train past and present.. Xmas greetings.. And a Happy prosperous 2018.... Thank you for a year of support, friendship,and alot of laughs... Love the Scouser !!!!
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    To all my new 2017 friends at Quit Train I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope 2018 delivers good health and happiness to all of us. Take time to relax and enjoy the season with family and friends - enjoy folks!
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    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year Quit Train. Have a great holiday season and may 2018 do right by you.
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    There are many people out there right now who are mulling over whether 2018 is the year they should finally quit. The question is: Am I going to sabotage my own health by grasping at every excuse under the sun not to quit? Or, am I going to bite the bullet, do some research, and finally make the choice that I know is right? Those of us who have ultimately succeeded in beating back this addiction are not special snowflakes. We’re just like everyone else. For most of us, quitting smoking was not just a whim that we easily attained in a day or two. We had to commit ourselves 100%. But once the decision is made, the recovery process grows a little stronger every day. There finally comes a point where you’ll feel amazing….like a whole new person. I encourage you with all of my heart to look deep inside and do what you’ve been telling yourself to do for many years. You have the ability. Jump on the train!
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    Thank you! I wish that I was around to offer support more than I am. I do want to say this to newbies and others who are perusing the boards and considering quitting. Four years ago, I was a 3 pack a day smoker, I was in and out of the hospital. I couldn't walk down a flight steps without being severely winded. I wanted desperately to quit smoking but didn't know where to begin, or how to make it stick (I had many failed attempts under my belt). I started reading a quit smoking board and admired all of the quitters who had months, weeks, and even days under their belts. I happened upon a thread of a member whose wrote so eloquently, only to find out that he had just passed away (the day before) from lung cancer. The members of the board were mourning and genuinely cared about this person who they have never even met. That spoke to me. I created a membership and set my quit date to be January 1st. Well, I had finished the pack that was supposed to last until the new year and decided NOT to go to the store but to start early. I made my first post and that is where my journey began. It wasn't easy, there were rough spots, and times I questioned my decision. Every time I thought that I was going to fail I came to the board and leaned on the members, they held me up and supported me. They are the key to this success. People who have been where I was, and who are where I was at the moment. This place is the key to success. Fast forward to now --Four years later I lost a hundred pounds, I run races, I am in nursing school, and I have genuine friends here. This one decision has made such a positive impact on my life. I urge that if you are thinking about quitting, do it, take the plunge, it is worth it! The Quit Train has so many members who are here for you and want you to succeed.
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    Merry Christmas to my quit train family!!
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    Merry Christmas, everyone! wishing all of you nothing but the best in the years ahead!
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    I know it is silly but I feel excited and proud of myself for making it through the first day and nobody died!!!! LOL. My wife is quitting along with me but she is doing her own thing to make it. I am just happy to say I am on Day 2 without a cigarette.
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    Here and exercising already :(
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    I forgot to make my NOPE pledges for a week. But I chose to not smoke during that time, so it's all good Also, NOPE!
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    My name is Edie and I have been a smoker for the better part of 46 years. I have attempted to quit many times before but I am doing things differently this time. 1. I am doing this cold turkey. I have read from many people that if you really want to quit for good this is the way to go. 2. I am using this support group. I have never done anything like this before and I am hoping that it will help with the urges. and 3. I have let those around me know what I am doing. I feel like by telling people in my circle I will be more accountable to them and won't want to let anyone down. I guess that is it for now.
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    Today is my first quit day. Been reading the forums since yesterday and it is helpful. I have tried several times in the past and have no excuse to go back this time. Looking forward to: Not having to worry about a place or time to secretly have a smoke, feeling better, smelling better and looking better. NOPE it is .
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    No problems. No complaints on anything said. Just a slow down. Thank you all for the comments. I quit 5 years ago and have many friends here, and many friends who have left...hate to be last guy dancing.....plus there are many here now who got the same style humor to keep it rolling....maybe after a lay off....but not quiting the group...laying back. PS. Not one new friend request on buddybook.....
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    Video explaining how I am joining up at Quittrain and will occasionally participate at the site. Related resources: Is cold turkey the only way to quit? Sharing our materials at other quit sites I realize I forgot that some of my relapse prevention materials can also cause a bit of controversy. I will avoid ever posting or engaging in any of the slip/relapse discussions that may happen at the site. I do feel that the “Why people smoke” materials and the “Why people should quit smoking” materials can help all people no matter what approaches they are choosing to use to quit. Most of the relapse materials too will be good for all members and readers but some people may want to steer clear of the resources touching on the slip vs relapse issue. About Joel Spitzer Link to the new index page
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    Here! AND... Bakon gave me an upgrade for a new seat on Jimmy's bus!!
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    Hope it's a good one......it is when you've got donkeys!
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    OLD' IS WHEN... Your sweetie says, 'Lets go upstairs and make love,' and you answer, 'Pick one; I can't do both!' OLD' IS WHEN... Your friends compliment you on your new alligator shoes and you're barefoot. OLD' IS WHEN... Going bra-less pulls all the wrinkles out of your face. OLD' IS WHEN... You are cautioned to slow down by the doctor instead of by the police. OLD' IS WHEN... 'Getting a little action' means you don't need to take a laxative today. OLD' IS WHEN.... Getting lucky means you find your car in the parking lot. OLD' IS WHEN... An 'all nighter' means not getting up to use the bathroom. OLD' IS WHEN.... You're not sure if these are facts or jokes.
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    Merry Christmas Quit Train!!
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone on this train!
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    Happy Holidays Everyone, Wishing everyone a blessed New Year!
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    It's my pre op day...me smoke..nooooooo
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    Day 5 of freedom! Have to say NOPE!
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    Just for today....NOPE !!!!
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    Just for today ....I won't stick anything in my mouth and set fire to it !!!!......NOPE !!!!!
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    Gotta say NOPE today! 36 HOURS SMOKE FREE!
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    im here, chucking fairy dust all over the place
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    I was a NYE quitter. I had made the decision days earlier by reading posts, seeing that it was possible, and that I had support. That was almost 4 NYE’s ago... I went from 3 packs daily to cold turkey. It wasn’t a cakewalk at first but I had some fantastic people here at QT to talk me through the rough spots. With each milestone that passed, the easier it became, quitting smoking is possible! Quitting started a chain reaction of healthier choices, I am a different person than I was 4 years ago. Take a seat on the train and let us help to support you.
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    Finally, first white Christmas in years
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