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    Gday Not One Puff E...... Remember insert Ever, Day, hour or min as required C
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    Congratulations @reciprocity on two years quit! You are such a HUGE part of this board and I thank you for all the support you give to everyone. I hope you have a great celebration planned because two years is AWESOME!!!!
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    G’day I’m cbdave and more often that not I get to raise the NOPE pledge of a morning. Being close to the international date line and living on the east coast of Australia means that I get to see the new day a lot earlier than most. If I’m off fishing it can be really early as I hate my phone smelling of fish bait. It wasn’t always that way. I never posted a NOPE on the QSMB board in those first months. I thought it was a tad daggy. Couldn’t see the sense in it, if I smoked it was my fault it wasn’t needed to keep me honest. Had a bit of a rethink about the three month mark as I had two quit killers coming up. First a wedding with old friends who smoked and drinks... normally a recipes for smoking if every there was. On my return a biopsy for cancer. Sobering. So I started to post to keep myself in touch with the board and more importantly as an acknowledgement that Yes I was really an Addict. It really hit home that I needed to fess I that I was only a puff away from going back to that standard 20 cigs a day! So that’s me, now a diferent board ....but still taking the time to acknowledge the addict in me.... if only once a day. So pledge or don’t pledge but never forget what it stands for Not One Puff Ever Chris
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    G’day well it that time of the day, time to think about smoking.... NOPE  thats it, all done, till tomorrow morning C
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    G’day NOPE .... not on Australia Day. what doesn’t divide us will unite us. we share the responsibility of a old red land. on a green living planet..... C
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    G’day nope...Nope....NOpe....NOPe....NOPE C
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    G’day NOPE starts this day C
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    G’day Here’s NOPE to start your day C
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    Morning NOPErs.... 30th January is Croissant Day... those buttery, flakey, cresent shape pastry delights... I mean I prefer mine of the almond variety....yummo.... but today is the day we celebrate the Austrian delicacies... yes boys and girls you read that correctly, the croissant was introduced to the French by Marie Antoinette .... it originated in her native Austria, well to be really specific it originated in Vienna... see the story goes the Turks of the Ottoman Empire were trying to take over the world and had Vienna under seige... after many months and no success the invaders decided to tunnel under the city to win.... but the bakers of Vienna who worked in the basements of buildings heard them and warned the authorities.... in celebration of their victory over the Turks croissants were invented to have with coffee while celebrating... when she went to France to marry the king, Marie Anttoinette took her favourite morning tea snack with her... the french saw that it was good and claimed it as their own. NOPE ... never, ever, forever!
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    Puff away from a pack a day is a good quote i read... #NOPE
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    G’day nope...Nope....NOpe....NOPe....NOPE C
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    Each monthly milestone of mine serves as a reminder of how important the quit, and moreso the people on here are in my quit journey. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have come this far thanks to the support I continue receiving here every time. Whether it's when I'm feeling like I can't go on, or when I've blogged random thoughts. The Nope pledge helps me tide over 24 hours each day, most of the days are decent, and then some are not, but I consciously keep repeating to myself nope throughout the day. The wealth of information on the site to identify this addiction we are fighting and ways to fight it have also been key. Know thine enemy they say, and I believe that. Another amazing bonus is that I've made such good friends on here, people who I've not even met, but who understand me a better than a lot of people I've known for a while. I am so so glad I got on the train So thank you to each and every one of you for making me stick it out. Like my title says - 7 months down, forever to go!!!
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    G’day nope...Nope....NOpe....NOPe....NOPE C
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