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    Nope from my holiday in turkey!
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    Happy Easter one and all.. Hope you get lotsa chockies eggs and servive/enjoy the gatherings with relos. I'll be thinking if you all as I eat my TimTam stash...hasta la vista lent! Oh an in case ya didn't know today I NOPE cos nothin controls be but me. Happy Easter Nopesters.
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    Well @MrTitwank should be a very happy chappy as his babe should be back today. I think a lot of people will be happy to have our Master of Ceremonies back on board, how dare he take a holiday to defrost. Anywhoo, time for me shout out to Roz... we're cheering for ya girl, you get well and back to us real soon because you always find way better nopes than I do... So for today, tomorrow and forever.... Its a Big Fat NOPE Topic of the day: will wait for northy morning...
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    Gday NOPE starts this day C
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    Morning and welcome to Tuesday. Just for Roz... Todays Topic ; Art and Artists
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    Hey folks! Going on holiday/vacation tomorrow and I don't take any electronic devices with me when I "unplug". Our own in-house crazy person Jo will be putting up the celebrations and, we DO have a Lido Deck arrival next week. I'll leave you guessing who that might be Anyway, try not to wreck the place while I'm gone OK? See you in a week! (Or, maybe not?)
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    Not interested in smoking on Tuesday... NOPE!!!
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    NOPE Going camping in Joshua Tree National Park this weekend. I prefer to breathe fresh air over deadly smoke any day.
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    NOPE, just like the last 6 months!!!
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    Well here's to Tuesday, one day closer to the weekend. NOPE ... I choose to face the challenge and change...the 3 golden C's Topic of the Day: You wear it!
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    Well done getting the pledge in and hope you have an awesome time!
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    Well that's another week of noping done and dusted... Let's start this day and the new week the best way to start it... NOPE.... Nothing controls me but me. Topic of the day: Slang
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    Hello one and all.. Medals for best team opening ceremony outfits go to 3 of the Europeans... First is Scotland with there blue an white polos and their blue kilts.... 2nd would be the POM's, black shorts or slacks with white t-shirts with a red dragon on it...and the welsh for their black shorts and tropical shirts that looked like a desert sunset.... But its gold for all of us... Cos we came to NOPE! Cos nothing controls our lives but us. Topic of the day: Secret Pleasure Songs The Aussies wore frickin suits with ties.... Burmuda wore burmuda shorts with knee high socks and suit jackets....and Canada.. Looked like all their uniforms had been screwed up into balls and let dry all crinkle... The had black shorts, white t-shirts and red short sleeve shirts left unbuttoned...but they looked the most unloved.... @reciprocity is it any wonder they do so bad, noone loves em.
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    It kind of hit me the other day while I way playing tennis. I cleared my throat and at that second I realized how I don't constantly cough or clear my throat anymore. Truth is, while I was completely obsessed with all the benefits of not smoking for a long time, I rarely really think about how great it is to not smoke anymore. I don't think about how I smell really good all the time I don't think about how much money I'm saving I don't think about the time I don't have to spend outside, alone I don't think about how I had to change my shirt 2-3 times a day I don't think about how I obsessively washed my hands 20-30+ times a day I don't think about how my breath still stank after I brushed my teeth I don't think about the all the gum I used to chew I don't think about how miserable flying was because I couldn't smoke on the plane I don't think about how I would have to stop for smoke breaks whenever I did pretty much anything that lasted longer than 45 minutes, wasting not only my time, but also the time of whoever I Was with I don't think about how my girlfriend hated how much I smoked. I don't think about how I need to kick the habit anymore I don't think about a lot of things. I guess my point is that I don't really think about how great it is to not smoke anymore, I just don't smoke and I tell you what, it's a great place to be. So to any of you that may be struggling, please know that it gets better and you will get to that place one day. I loved smoking more than anyone and if I can achieve this, anyone can. NOPE!
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    Happy Easter and NOPE..........
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    What a lovely morning to get off the couch and NOPE!
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    Yay its Saturday. The kid has a softball grand final today.. Her first one ever... So let's all say NOPE and wish her luck.( hehehe). NOPE... Its not softball but baseball, wots the difference I hear the Brits ask.. Softballers have bigger balls. Have a happy NOPE Satdee
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    Gday NOPE and wishing her luck C
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    Good luck to the kid!! ...and NOPE!
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    FAb, you are in No Man's Land. All the shiny new has worn off your quit, and now it is just plain old boring work. But the reward and riches are still there at the end! Keep going...it is so worth it! And don't let the addiction fool you into staying away from the board or into thinking that smoking does anything positive for you. All that is a pack of lies! You can do this! I hope you are rewarding yourself at each and every milestone.
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    Thanks, NS Jo! I love the fact that this is 1st thing I see as I come back to the surface!!! Ooh...it has been a tough week or so for me......turned out to be open heart surgery w a triple bypass. Will go into it all later in a blog, maybe! Now I have to go find a proper nope to post!
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    Happy Friday 13th...no just to make sure, you all know its bad luck to be superstitious. NOPE - doesn't matter what happens there is no way no how not this fine day! Topic of the Day: Horror Movies... Well it us Friday 13th
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    NOPE for the new month of April and Easter!
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    Welcome to another fun week of work... NOPE
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    Having support during a quit (quit buddy, forums such as this, etc.) is great, but give yourself some credit. Regardless of how much support we surround ourselves with, those moments where the quit is tested and built are largely a solitary endeavor. In eighty-one days, there have no doubt been times when it would have been easy to simply light up and feed the beast, but you didn't. You faced down your addiction and chose wisely. You did that. No one else did it for you, you did it. You've done a great job, have some faith in yourself. Feeling lost and actually being lost are not one-in-the-same. You have laid the foundation for a solid quit, you're right where you need to be. As for the worries about losing your quit, quits don't simply get lost; we decide to hold on or throw it away. There's no point worrying about a situation that you have 100% control of. Stay committed to the quit and your quit is not going anywhere. Stay strong and always choose freedom.
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    I'm on day 79 Fab, I know what you are going through. We need to beat this. WE can do this.
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