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    Hey all I was thinking of why this Forum works. As you participate you are building something over time. You can form relationships with individuals, hear advice from the group, help others maintain their quit, and make a daily NOPE pledge. All this adds up to a meaningful "thing". The "thing" begins to act as a counterbalance to the urge to smoke. When I have cravings I think of this forum first. It is not guilt, (they will judge me), but more of a feeling that I would be sacrificing all that I have done. It is making this quit different. During other quits the urge to smoke was meet with abstract ideas of negative consequences. These were often flimsy and wouldn't hold up. This is a strong, positive, structure we are building. And it works.
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    Gday What else for today but NOPE? C
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    I am fine....good really c9jane29 ! Hanging in there....soon 3 months No patch of last Wednesday Like most others, good days and not too good days... But everyday I nope is progress forward...no I don't get my nope on here everyday but I try to read here everyday a few minutes and I NOPE everyday!!
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    G'day It's NOPE ( you guessed that..right!) C
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    I’ve been free for a bit over a year. Recently have been suffering from insomnia and I’m trying to relocate again because I don’t feel well in this job and this country. But I’ve been working a lot on some artistic projects and I keep on discovering new and good things, so not all is bad 🙂
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    Next week (11/20) will mark 5 years! I quit cold turkey because “ it was time” i have had 4 grandchildren since I quit! I retired from my real job, gained 25lbs and decided I was getting to fat and went back to work.... I’m still too fat., maybe i need different job. All 4 daughters, 8 granddaughters, lone grandson and various son-in-laws all doing good. I’m not saving any money since I quit smoking... I’m spending it!! Since I quit I have been to Pompano Beach, twice... Marco Island, Sanibel Island, and Fort Myers Fl.... on top of that we take at least 1 trip a year to the Outer Banks N.C... our 2019 house is reserved for May... talking about a second trip in October. There will be no inheritance for the kids! in 2016 my wife suggested we buy a new Mustang Gt... I really like that woman! 😘 i need to buy a Harley so I can ride to California with Bakon... maybe the wife will read this.. 😂
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    Nope! Cuz Rhino is looking to us for inspiration so we gotta show him it's doable
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    In 11 days I will be 1 year quit... to be honest at 11.28pm on 28 November 2018 it will be 1 year since I had my last cigarette... I only remember the time because 11:28 on 28th November.... it was just meant to be.... um... quit wise I'm fan-frickin-tastic.... every now and then I might get a smoke thought but it just that, a passing thought and its gone....between my new job and my medical treatment I am pretty exhausted at the moment but it will get better. The kid is still hoppin with a limp and doin me head in. Edit: My plans for Australia to take over the world are perfected.... now its just a case of convincing the powers that be that they are the work of genius and not insanity.
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    Gday NOPE for today.... 100 years today since the end of WW1... wow C
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    Time for all the chicks, sticks , window lickers and booger-bat-stewy-meathead-jetblack (those who identify as unisex) to post a status of their quit. and Not just I am here!!! Post your quit time if you know it, post if its going good or bad and post something going on in your life. I don't know half the new people but don't run off scared and unplug your computer and think you can hide. I only hurt if your extra sensitive and any thing you say can be used to make fun... So I will go first. Hair over a few years. No problems with quit. Don't even think about it. Work out occasionally on a schedule which makes me slightly less fat than i should be for what I eat and drink. Traveling to Florida next week for youngest son wedding. Mrs Bakon all good too. Next
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    Back seat Babbles here!! My last smoke was the same day my daughter told me she was expecting my first grand baby That was 6 years and 4 months ago...and I couldn't be happier. Kaylee will never know me as a smoker. The first year was very wobbly..even though I was committed to never taking another puff...that I knew for sure..but still...was not without struggling at times. Anyone currently struggling to get to the lido deck...hang in there! It truly does get easier
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    G'day NOPE A simple start C
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    My Quit Date: 2/10/17 Time: ? Location: Urgent Care (health clinic)Parking Lot Reason: Dr at the clinic said I was having a stroke! Off I went to the hospital...come to find out all those years of smoking did a number on my arteries!! Oh, there was more fun to come in 2018 so it was good that i quit when i did! Current Status: Pain in the ass reformed ex-smoker, Stroke survivor, CABGx3 surgery survivor Something Good: Just booked a vacation to Naples for May 2019 (that's Florida, not Italy!)
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