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    G'day all NOPE to start the day C
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    Good morning me lovies...welcome to the NOPE hump day... this week in the Land of Aus we are observing Thyroid Awareness Week... so, considering last night I got diagnosed with Graves disease and told I'm living with thyroid nodes this is particularily timely... please make sure you get your thyroid checked cos it is serious shit peeps... the lovely thyroid Aus peeps have a good website for info AND a link to a little question thing to sus if you should be off to the docs to have it checked www.thyroidweek.com ..... Today is also International Turtle Day... cos turtles are nearly as cute as koalas, kangaroos, wombats and bandicoots (I just like saying that one)... so here we have a turtle demonstrating NOPE, that's right little fella, you can't fly. So onthis the 23 day of the 5th month I say.... NOPE not happening, I got too many issues without adding nicotine back into the equation. Topic of the Day: Will remain THE 80's cos someone wasted a whole day playing with stupid numbers.....
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    G'day All NOPE is a good way to start a day C
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    G'day NOPE makes my day C
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    Happy Sundee one an all in the land of the NOPE. Nothing spesh going on below the equator in Aus but the Yanky Doodles are giving us not only the 102nd Indianapolis 500 but they also celebrate Sun Screen Day... so slip slop slap boys and girls... don't make me show you my dad's skin cancer pictures... the post surgery scar pics... they not pretty. So listen to uncle Baz... and wear Sun Screen.. So to a future with skin cancer and a future with lung cancer I say NOPE Topic of the day: Sundee Slang Fest
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    G'day NOPE for me as well C
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    Nope! Never on a Sunday
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    NOPE Happy Friday, everybody!
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    Morning fellow NOPErs... today we celebrate Brothers Day .... OH woops, not those brothers, sorry peeps... its the day to celebrate our Brothers.... they may be stinky and smelly but take time today to give ya Bro a shout out and let him know he is loved (unless he is a complete oxygen theif and then you can claim one of the Hemsworths)... Now by some bizarre coincidence it is also Tiara Day.. so not sure if your brother is expected to wear one or you are but rock that bling. To my Bro:... thanks for all the teasing over the years, you were a snot nosed brat who drove me insane and got me into way too many fights with your big smart mouth... but the crays and tuna and abalone and fish you keep me in supply of more than pays up for the annoyance your were as a kid. Luv ya little Bro. So as we celebrate our brothers AND don our tiaras lets us all unite and yell... NOPE ... cos nothing controls my life but me!!! Topic of the Day: The 90's (this ones for our lovely @WeegieWoman)
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    G'day NOPE for today C
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