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    G’day NOPE ..... Not One Puff Ever... replace ‘Ever’ with minute, hour or day as require
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    Good morning fellow NOPErs and welcome to another day of freedom. So for those of Irish Catholic descent don't forget to be hangin' a bunch of yellow flags on ya door for Corpus Christi Day and Poppin off to mass for the sacrament.....but religion aside, today is World Refugee Day...considering a fair wack if my mob were boat people refugees (came to Aus fleeing the Great Hunger in Ireland) this holds meaning...refugees and a refugee crisis us not a new thing within the history of the world but here are some startling facts, in 2019 the world refugee population exceeded 70million...so for some perspective people that is twice as many people as live in the whole of Canada, or that is all the people who live in the UK and Ireland combined and it is almost 3 times as many people as live in the whole if Australia...more than half of these refugees are kids, Pakistan has more refugees living there than any other country....sobering thoughts to have with ya weetbix. Oh well shortest day if the year tomorrow (longest for you northern mob). Will I ever put something in my mouth and burn it again....NOPE!! not one puff ever ....
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    G’day NOPE starts my day
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    I am truly truly honoured to be a part of this forum, my 1 year of quit has been an amazing life experience for me, and this forum with all my lovely friends has been one of the most integral part of it. Each one of you has been a great source of inspiration and support on the board and through messages. A year ago I reached office and decided I won't ever buy or smoke a cigarette again because I was done giving myself excuses and telling myself 3-5 smokes a day isn't really smoking (duh!). I got on the web and started looking for a forum as I knew being in the company of people who've fought this battle and won will be a great help and boy was I right. Made connections with some amazing amazing human beings here, who reinforce my belief in myself each time I speak to them. I am indebted to the support and camaraderie I've received from all my friends on here. Thank you thank you thank you. I intend to celebrate by hitting a karaoke bar near me, since I can sing a couple of lines now without having to wait to catch my breath, though others may not wait to catch theirs while they are running out :p
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    Gday NOPE to start the day
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    Yes yes yes, yeahhhhh yahoo!!!! Ten months in the pocket What did I lose? 1. a great deal of anxiety. And when its there, I handle it better. 2. a lot less dissociation. Both 1. and 2. are major to me. 3. 6 out of 8 coffee's a day 4. a certain nervousness, agitation that used to push me through the day. What did I gain? 1. confidence 2. a better sense of being IN my body, IN the moment. 3. obviously better health 4. a strong NOPEmuscle. When every other option fails (working through thoughts, reading stuff about addiction, watching vids, punching pillow, endless walks on the beach etc) Nope ALWAYS does the trick. I actually thought, maybe I should apply it in daily life's situations way more often. Just, nope. And no explanation needed. 5. And so much more... I still learn how to set better boundaries. I am still tired a lot, I am not sure if thats because I used to ignore that and now I can't anymore, or that it is something new. I find that each phase in this proces has its own theme's and challenges.. but all through that, there's the experience of getting better at quitting and growing and becoming healthier, keep focussing on that bigger picture. Its been navigating between, what needs attention NOW and, trusting in where I am headed. Thanks all for your support and wonderful contributions on here. Its amazing how many of you are dedicated to helping others by providing much needed information and cheering!
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    Good morning fellow NOPErs and welcome to the Winter solstice...oops most of you mob are Northies...so strike that, reverse it, and for the majority of you above the equator welcome to the Summer solstice...and your longest day of the year! And the start of summer/winter clothing down here when winter started 21 days ago because we are a tad lazy and just go by the months, none of that science mumbo jumbo that considers axis tilts, and positions in relation to that giant miasma of plasma we orbit around, Nope, down here tis simple, 1june - 31 August ... Winter....cos she'll be right. So regardless if it's the longest day if the year or the shortest day of the year there really is only one kind of day and that's a NOPE Day. Except today is also World Selfy Day...so head on down to the social threads to celebrate this with us...did you know Aussies invented the word Selfie...yep, cos we are pretty awesome at this language gig. Nope, cos nothing controls me but me
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    Sorry, I was last weeks quite bussy. I had something big to do. Now is time work again on quittrain. @MarylandQuitter
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    Thanks all! I feel better. I have a new friend going through hard times and smoking. Trying to help him stay positive but haven't suggested this forum yet, going to. Anyway, it helps me to help someone else.
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    Absolutely, Positively, NOPE !!!!!!!
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    NOPE ...to smoking and swallowing spiders !!!!....yuk ....
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