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    I didn't want to wheeze anymore I didn't want to stink anymore I didn't want to waste my money anymore I didn't want to waste my time anymore I didn't want to be a slave anymore My Dad smoked 4 packs a day for over 40 years and died at the age of 56. When I realized I was closing in on 50, I had to stop. I told my girlfriend (and myself) when I quit that I would never smoke again. That's all the motivation I need.
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    Congratulations Diane! That first month is the toughest. You are doing great!
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    Great to know you're still going strong mate! Also, welcome back!
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    Starting my day with a big dollop of NOPE !!!
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    Father died from tobacco related issues. My quitting was a final gift to his memory. Later, I realized the gift came back to me as well. Smoking would desecrate my father's memorial and that ain't happening.
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    First month is big deal Great job. Post more. It helps
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    I would add that it is not necessarily "too late" to get any benefit out of quitting even if you are already experiencing problems or have been diagnosed with a smoking-related disease. With most conditions, your ability to fight the disease and/or slow down or minimize the progression will be much greater the sooner you stop smoking and stop adding to the damage.
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    Thank you so much everyone!! Ya'll really do lift my spirits as well and I so appreciate that. I have created my blog which can now be found under TEAM DEADPOOL - hee hee. That way I wont be flooding this thread and have a new space to post, ramble or do whatever I wish!
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    We'll be right beside you tomorrow, celebrating and ringing in the end of round one. Here's to you and to all of your spectacular tomorrows to come!
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    Hey @jillar these people Louisiana Crawfish Company will send you Famous Natchitoches (nack a dish) Meat Pies Not as good a Linda makes, I bet but, real good.
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    1.My husband is a taxi driver 2.I puked out the side of a taxi my first date with hubby 3. My husband had to pay £100 to a taxi driver as I puked in the footwell of a taxi.
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    Weegie - someone from Glasgow Though this is quite funny from urban dictionary - A group of glory hunting religous bigots from Weegieland(Glasgow), Ballingry and Lochgelly. They are easily spotted esp on holday because they wear the same Rangers or Celtic taps every day. They call everybody wee man and all their children are called Wayne. While walking in Lochgelly one day I passed 3 different people wearing Ireland Football taps. I was amazed so when I saw a fourth I had to ask him what was going on. He replied that his Celtictap was gettin washed for the summer. I told the wife and she said "What the **** do you expect from a Weegie c**t"
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    My apologies for overtwoing. 1. I only have one newspaper delivered. 2. Love watching sports, particularly football. 22-1 The only milk I drink is in my coffee but considering the amount of coffee I drink, that's a lot of dairy. #1 is the lie and it's Jillar for the win.
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    1. There were indeed several Hamburger turtles, Hamburger the 1st, 2nd, etc. I think there more names involved, but Hamburger was always the main name. They all had very short, but hopefully happy turtle lives. 2. Don't like any vegetable in or related to the squash family, particularly the orange ones. 3. My house is a ranch w/basement, so is the lie. Jillar is the BW, and I agree that 3 floors sound like a nightmare.
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    @Jordan7 wins. I don't have a turtle lol. And sadly my poor comet never got a name and he should have a name since he's a beautiful orange/red color. Fun fact: he's the only remaining fish from when I started my first much smaller pond twenty years ago.
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    I'm late to the party, but huge congratulations on the all important first year down, Christa!!!
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    9 resistance is useless doreen
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    I'm glad to have the user list back too. And I rather be able to see the anonymous users than not have it there so thank you
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    My brother is great. He always gives me the car and says go. You will be on my visit list!
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    That's a giant pic of a 6" pie tray
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    Congrats, Diane R! That first month is the toughest....but you did it! Celebrate and KTQ!
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    Quite unfavorable investment environment today Greet
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    @Linda Thomas wins in one ! I do have a bathtub in my courtyard and I do bathe out there but, I hook up a hose to the hot water faucet under my kitchen sink. I do not have a shower out there, I just use the hose if I am so inclined.
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    Well I know where I am going to come when I have an insurance question. I think the Cleveland Clinic has the worst billing system. I can't tell you how many times I have received a bill a year or two after the fact. I have gone and sat with their billing people and come out with my head spinning. They are making it more and more confusing. Hellkatbaby, I know you must feel exhausted but sleep has to be around the corner. Radiation does zap your strength. It took about a week and I was sleeping a lot. I love the mask idea. Go Team Deadpool!
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    Boo Sweetie ....we carnt just take your word for this ..we need pic,s of your perfect pert botty... Phew !!!....I'm sweating ... Maybe even a vote !!!!
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    Congratulation on one year. Such an awesome celebration.
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    I have most certainly maintained my Quit since having a bilateral pulmonary embolism. It was diagnosed as “Unprovoked” meaning no cause found with testing. Smoking causes blood to clot faster than normal so I really have to wonder if mine was due to smoking....just no proof. Who in their right mind would smoke after this? ?
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    This has been all over our news as well - my son is a vaper and I've been really hard on him about it! I might not be able to play hypocrite with others but I'm no holds bar when it comes to him regarding smoking/vaping. He will get a straight throat punch (out of love) if I see him with one of those darn things in his mouth much less a cigarette. And sadly I see more and more vape shops opening everywhere .
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    Great video. Definitely didn't pick up everything but I will be watching again. As far as I get it: There's different types of nicotine receptors, all binding to nicotine but all different properties and all giving off different signals. Some for learning, some for fight or flight response, another one that allows your heart rate to come up. They are widespread through the brain and are affecting many behaviours. Gives me a clue as to why I unconciously perceived it as a wonderdrug. Watch, to understand how the different nicotine receptors are hijacked by smoking. Oh and... tar is not just an unfortunate byproduct of cigarettes, it's actually a feature of the drug delivery device: it carries nicotine to the lungs, so it can reach the brain rapidly. Very important aspect of this addiction. Yuck.
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    Well most of my motivation for quitting is spot on with Sazerac's. I had been seriously thinking about quitting for a few months and trying to cut down November through December. I am a disabled veteran and have been treated by the VA medical system for over thirty years and the care has been anywhere from poor to good. In the last couple of years the VA has been under fire for its treatment of veterans. The doctors there would always state that I needed to quit but there was no conviction in what they were saying. A couple of years ago I was assigned new doctor and she has been pretty good and would also state on all appointments I needed a quit. I saw her in early December and went over this pretty good. A couple of weeks later some of my tests had come in and her nurse called me. The nurse said the doctor would do anything to help me quit, the tests were beginning to show some serious negatives. We had a long discussion over the phone. After that call I realized that my Doctor and the Nurse truly cared about me and not going through the motions. I do not know why but this stuck with me, so much so that after the first of this year I quit, just jumped off the cliff cold turkey. Though the last few weeks there have been difficulties I have not looked back. To say the least my VA medical team is ecstatic (as well as my grandchildren). I know you have to make to the choice to quit yours and for yourself but, sometimes somebody really needs to knock you upside the head and show you that your are worth more to yourself.
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