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    NOPE Happy Friday everybody
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    Waiting on a train home...had a blast with Doreen and Nicky...although there may have been guest appearances from some of you mob at lunch. So in typical Melbourne style we ate all round the world...German for lunch, yep D got some sausage, then Street side at a laneway cafe for coffees..then dinner was Italian...I had the bestest day ever....but will now be obsessed with finding my mystical feather that the wheel of fortune said is coming.
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    Watching the snow roll in over the Cumberland Plateau. May not seem like a big deal to those of you in colder climates, but a bit of snow is still an "event" here in Tennessee. Schools are closed tomorrow. The grocery stores in town were packed with people stocking up this afternoon. Don't come around here looking to buy milk, bread, and toilet paper...It's all gone!
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    I have daily contact with smokers and almost daily contact with cigarettes themselves. My in-laws live upstairs from us, and they both smoke. They leave packs of cigarettes everywhere. I often find them in the garage or on the patio table by the pool. For many months, just the sight of them was enough to trigger me. They don't bother me anymore. Thank goodness!
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    That was my thinking also, Lily.....when would I ever stop thinking and obsessing over the fact that I quit sticking poison sticks in mouth and lighting them on fire? Something that also happened to me when I first quit - I was constantly thrusting my tongue against my front teeth to the point where it was sore!!! Took about 3 months for the tongue thrusting to fade away and shortly after my appearance on the Lido deck (the one year milestone)...woo hoo, the obsessing about being quit also faded away!!!! Everything takes time and your time will come....eventually!!
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    The Smoker's Vow by Joel Spitzer To be said just before taking your first puff after having quit for any appreciable period of time. With this puff I enslave myself to a lifetime of addiction. While I can't promise to always love you, I do promise to obey every craving and support my addiction to you no matter how expensive you become. I will let no husband or wife, no family member or friend, no doctor or any other health professional, no employer or government policy, no burns or no stench, no cough or raspy voice, no cancer or emphysema, no heart attack or stroke, no threat of loss of life or limbs, come between us. I will smoke you forever from this day forth, for better or worse, whether richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part! "You may now light the cigarette." "I now pronounce you a full-fledged smoker." https://whyquit.com/joel/Joel_04_11_Smokers_Vow.html
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    So much suffering and pain.. lighting an extra candle tonight...
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    I remember my first cyclone watch in Darwin....first thing to sell out...beer! I would be super excited to get snow.
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    G’day that NZ prime minister has certainly had a lot of grief to attend to. I take my hat off to her.... she’s a true “statesman”
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    I learnt the power of detachment a very long time ago...maybe 40 years ago now, it is also related to Art because "I do Art" and used this when I was in family gatherings, where the chitter chatter drove me crazy. I continued Art in my head, and took photos with my mind, when I couldn't stand the strain, I took photos with my camera. For the simple reason I was quite capable of observing, but the only difference in this scenario is that, the distraction lasts for the time it belongs to this particular event. The concentration of a particular object, is for me paramount to other than beauty, its like a seed of understanding that I wish to explore further. So unfortunately this is not one that I can use very often because my wave length is too long. What I am learning is that the power over myself and understanding of myself needed to be put in order as I was used to listening to my own drummer and no on else's. Now I realize that my common failure if you like is through not listening enough, and the detachment has progressed to a physical shield around me, which doesn't let me get caught in the trap of trying to solve everything. I now can observe and join in with love to my fellow man rather than as the thought of "Family" this works for me now, and I think I have become a better human being than before. So to cut a long story short, its been a tough thought process of learning to understand my reactions to myself. so maybe tough love is the answer for me. I have to learn to hate the thought of smoking without hating myself in the process. A bit deep but there you go I like philsophophy too.
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    Thank you both for the advice. It has really been a journey and a process. You read so many good things online when you quit, like in x amount of days you will feel this and in x amount of days that will be gone, but nothing really mentions the bad things and stressful things.
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    So I'm nearing 9 months quit and I don't really even feel excited. Don't get me wrong I love being a non smoker but it's draining. I have spent the best part of a year concentrating on quitting and I can't help but wonder when I'm going to feel normal again. I want my life back. I want to spend a whole day where the fact that I'm quitting doesn't pop in my head. I'm bored of it but I can't imagine lighting a cigarette now. I rarely post on here because everyone seems so positive about their quit and I don't want to be the only one who isn't but I need to get it out.
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    My dad taught me well...I did it on auto pilot. Dad made us all do a defensive driving course once we got our PS. Because I am stupid!!!...not supposed to drive for medical reasons but when the kids dad wouldn't pick her up and Noone else was volunteering I went.. 4hours each way on public transport (Sunday time table..requiring 3 buses and a train) or 70-80mins drive on mainly back roads and industrial areas.
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    Here are some related resources; Reinforcement Materials My Cigarette, My Friend ? The Isolation of a Windowed Smoker
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    Congratulations Christian99! You must me one very happy, healthy quitter!
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    Congratulations Christian on 18 years of freedom! I hope you celebrate today, maybe buy yourself a new bowtie?
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    Hugh Jackman...carols by candlelight circa before he blew up Hollywood.
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    Hello everyone, I'm sorry if I get something wrong. I am still new to this forum. I have started consuming snus/ chewing tobacco ever since I'm 16. In the beginning it felt so good like free falling and not hitting the ground. Even though I enjoyed the feel of nicotine very much, it wasn't untill a year later that I got hooked. In the beginning I didn't have access to proper (swedish) chewing tobacco. The ones you can get in my country are very weak and I quickly grew a tolerance. I got a pack of proper snus every now and again. Then I started buying packs in a different country. At that time I would always use snus every day for about a month or two and the I would stop for a couple of month. I never found it hard to quit, and I always quit cold turkey. Fast forward to when I was 18. I started with my license and had courses. After the courses the students often met outside to talk and smoke. I also started smoking because I felt more connected to other people then. At that time I had already tried smoking numerous times and I never really liked it. After I finished the theoretical course I also wanted to stop smoking again. Here the start of the problem arose. Everytime I finished a pack I would last about 3 days untill I really started craving a single cig. And everytime I craved a single cig my only option was to buy another pack. So then I have been a smoker for probably about 4 month or so (smoking at the beginning 2 cigarettes a day and 20 cigarettes a day in the end) when I decided I absolutely want to stop smoking. I tried vaping for a couple of month and in the beginning I got along nicely but I quickly began hating it. The only liquids I felt nicotine from were the ones with 18mg/ml nicotine at 50Watts. And even then the feeling was incredibly subtle unlike with cigarettes. Also the taste was unbelievably gross at those nicotine levels so that even cigarettes tasted much better. I then gave chewing tobacco another shot. I switched from cigs to snus from one day to the other and it worked fantasticly. I could stop smoking and had a much healthier (and better feeling) alternative, but I'm basically back to square one. So after using snus for 2 years now I wanted to quit again because I could never control myself. I would always consume more and more bags of tobacco untill I was at almost a pack of 24 a day of the strongest snus available (Siberia red at 45mg nicotine / gramm). I tried quitting here and there again and it works well for a week or two, but then I fall back because snus felt so good for me. The thing is, the entire day I'm fine without nicotine untill I get home and do stuff at my PC. I get strong cravings for snus at home. Now I'm at a Point where I would be okay with consuming a moderate amount of snus a day (2 or 3 snus at night). I would not feel bad at night, I wouldnt have any of the downsides of snus with that low amount, one pack would last me a week and I wouldn't have cravings. The only problem is that I will always start to consume more and more untill I'm back at almost half a pack or a pack a day. My question is: Is there any way I could ration my intake? Or is there anythen else I should try? I am in a really bad spot now with my addiction. Thank you in advance.
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    there are a bunch of posts in Boo's New Dad Tips
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    Glad you're back Kate, click on time box and then when the clock pops up click the hour number to the left then adjust the time on the right. Next click the minutes number on the left and the minutes on the right and lastly the am or pm then click set
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    The Atlanta Braves just signed Cole Hamels to a 1 year deal. Sounds like a good pickup. I wish him luck against everyone but the Cubs.
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    Whoooohoooo Abby!!!! The lidodeck is in sight!! How awesome, well done girl!!
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    Hi Tony. Welcome to the quittrain. I never thought I had the power to quit until I found this forum. There is a wonderful group of people that are here to help guide you to freedom. It is really just a matter of getting through a couple of tough weeks and then changing your thinking. Our brains our patterned into thinking we need that cigarette and can't live without it. You do have the power to beat the addiction. Educate yourself, stay close to the forum and let us help you. You can do this. Don't let this addiction take one more day of you life!
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    Welcome aboard Tony. There is a lot of information on this site that will help educate you on this quit and a lot of people that will support you the best they can online. My main pointers are to drink lots of cold water (and juice to help bring up your blood sugar), deep breathing techniques (here you can use the Jillar Air Cigarette -- a cut down straw cigarette size, it really helped me) and to come here often and use the NOPE pledge. Also commitment and focus go a long way. This can be done!!!
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    Yep....I could eat a box of red head's a day .. they tasted the best. And I'd get the real cheap black wiper blades, cut them into bits about an inch long and chew on them till they were itty bitty bits of rubber and wash them down with ginger beer. Funny thing though, when I was preggas I couldn't eat Vegemite. For a week or so I lived off vanilla icecream smothered in tomato sauce (ketchup). I also had to get someone else to put the petrol in my car cos I kinda liked the smell at the servo and figured it wasn't healthy for the baby for me to be deep breathing petrol fumes.
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