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    G’day NOPE to start my day
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    G’day NOPE ..... don’t smoke No More
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    Welcome katv. You have come to the right place for help to quit smoking. We all have felt like you. I actually came to believe I could not quit. I had tried everything and was not able to quit until I found this forum. The people here knew just what I needed to realize I had the power to quit. Since I am on my phone, I Can't quote @Vivianne. She is right on the mark when she says you have to separate your thinking. Educate yourself on the addiction so your brain recognizes the junkie thinking. Understand that you will go through a couple of days of discomfort and then learn to redirect your thoughts. The further you get away from smoking, the more power you achieve. Stay close to the forum, read through other people's quits. Realize you can do this!
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    Playing with my new fur babies Kizzy and Bertie. They are a bundle of fun climbing all over me. I feel like a pincushion, there tiny claws have punctured me lol...
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    The place in your brain that is responsible for your survival on an emotional level is also where the nicotine receptors are located. That's why nicotine addiction is tricky to overcome, your brain without nicotine will often switch over to a survival mode and dump adrenaline into your body. This creates a panic and edgy feeling. What helps is to start recognizing what's happening and use your rational brain to calm yourself. This episode started with a dream. Dreams aren't reality. The reality is you have a kind and supportive boyfriend. The reality is you haven't smoked. Go for a walk to burn off the adrenaline. Have you read about HALT? Your strength is still there. Have you read MLMR journey in the thread Introsucksion?
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    Congrats, Cristobal! These forums (QSMB* and QTrain) are powerful help to those of us who decided to NTAP or NOPE! Celebrate your success and KTQ! *QSMB is where I started and is now defunct!
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    This guy didn't get the memo
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    Keeping yourself from buying that pack is pretty easy. As humans we can stop ourselves doing anything we want to whether it's addiction or not. If your best friend was dating a real hot man and he made a pass at you then you wouldn't jump into bed with him (unless you really don't care). It's the same tactic - just because it's tempting doesn't mean you have to go there. There's people on this site who have sadly lost their lives to smoking. Go find some of those threads because believe me they really do put smoking in perspective. There's a great Joel thread about a mum who's family are coming for the day, and another about a woman who leaves her baby sleeping and walks through a dangerous park to get her fix. I wish I could point you to them but I can't seem to post the links. You can do this but only if you keep those cigarettes out of reach.
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    Happy birthday Queen B....enjoy your day .... The first of many smoke free
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    You've taken smoking off the table and realize that smoking is not some magic cure for stress. It is always encouraging to see quitters address the big issues early in the process. You are building a mighty quit for yourself Mr. Boosh. Good job.
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    Oh right, The Food Coma Time of Year is upon us.
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    On the road in the RV again. On my way to @Boosville. Hoping he will come to our rescue when we get stuck going in circles in Nashville. My husband thinks the lady in the box (gps) will get us through. I think the lady in the box always sends us the longest most complicated route.
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    Cigarettes do nothing for us. They take away our time, our money and our health.
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    LOL that would be okay .. I like it here
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    Wow !!!...you were tested today ....and you came out a winner. You kept your precious quit ....I'm so happy and proud for you ... Yes ....go and do the yearly pledge ...it's another tool to fight with ....
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    Yet another chick victory! Poor boosh. He gave a valiant effort there at the end!
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    There are no extra points for making quitting harder. Avoid those that would enable your addiction. Keep going!
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    You are doing the right thing Vivianne! Avoiding friends that would give you a cig would be pushing it at this early stage. You can and will face that situation later once your quit is stronger and you are making it that way daily now by adhering to NOPE! Trust in the process and stick with NOPE. You will never regret it, that's for sure!
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    I have gained a lot of knowledge in the neuroscience field. I am way more talkative (which is a good thing in my case) My house is clean because I don't use my "need a smoke break" as distraction Less distraction in general Less air and environmental polution!
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    Welcome Steph, Give it everything you got
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    Not really adding anything new here but still gunna chuck in me two bobs worth....so @Paul723 gave you the science....those nicotine receptors are going bat shit crazy as you starve them and turn them off one by one...they are in panic mode....and in the past when you are stressed or scared you smoked...so the little buggers push the shit out of those buttons. There were a whole slew of things I thought I'd dealt with as a kid that resurfaced when I quit .. things I thought were resolved bubbled to the surface...the way I looked at for me it was all about control and I couldn't control my childhood or change the past what I could control was smoking...I was in charge of that...I controlled that...and I kinda liked being the fat controller.....but it boils down to two things said already... (Paraphrased) As @Lilly said YOU ARE WORTH IT...and @Linda Thomas said we are here for you. You aren't alone, you are safe, and I can guarantee at least one other member here has walked in your shoes. As you grow you your freedom you level up to the next version of yourself...still the same but stronger and with smoke free super powers.
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    @Lilly thank you so much.. kinda made me cry.. I will not give my ex, addiction and past any more power, you are right.. Having a hard time to seperate emotions from reality.. Ps. The fact that I posted this here means I do feel safe now.. and that's all on you guys..
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    Aw, Ms V. You do need to be prepared for gnarly craves/triggers. I danced wildly around or went down to the tracks and primal screamed when the train passed by. The craving will be peaking and will abate. Hang in there and stick to NOPE. You will get through this, I know you will.
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    Packing for a camping trip. A lot of friggin' work for one night!
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    Btw Well done for keeping your quit today!!
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    How are you now @KatV?
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    AH ! Temps are under 90, 32c for the first time since May. it is only 67f, 19c this morning ! and only climbing to 75f, 23c today. What BLISS ! Windows open and work to be done in the courtyard
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    Do I detect some sour grapes here Piggy...your first for the slap !!
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    Actually, in Canada they don't. "Walmart, as well as all grocery stores. stopped selling cigarettes across Canada when Ontario's ban on pharmacy sales came into effect in 1994." You can not buy cigarettes in any store that either is a pharmacy or contains a pharmacy and many grocery stores in Canada have a small pharmacy section in them. I believe pharmacies are called "chemists" in some countries. Basically, convenience stores either contained within a gas station or stand alone stores are were people can buy cigarettes in Canada. There is the odd specialty smoke shop but not many.
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    Thank you Doreen. They will bring us much joy I'm sure, and they will be very loved and spoilt too
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    -13 Let's give the sticks a chance chicks........ .......................... or not...
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    Yes, i have had dreams before about smoking cigarettes , i was feeling really bad about it and then i woke up and was happy to know that it was just a dream . I read an article few days ago and it says that people sleeping under cold conditions have the chances of nightmares than people sleeping under warm conditions . They even say that people having a deep sleep under warm conditions could see more better dreams .
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    Nope but the oil refineries sure looked pretty all lit up like Christmas trees.
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    and A BIG O to cap it off ! Triumphant Chicks...
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    Doesn't work on the mobile.. will try on the desktop... If that doesn't work...well.. I'll go with the old fashioned way.. lol
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    -19 ....they are napping as usual ...gooooooo chicks ...!!!!
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    G’day- Nope starts my day! Congratulations on 4 years quit, Chris. Thanks for getting the party started everyday in the nope thread too!!!
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