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    Well @MrTitwank should be a very happy chappy as his babe should be back today. I think a lot of people will be happy to have our Master of Ceremonies back on board, how dare he take a holiday to defrost. Anywhoo, time for me shout out to Roz... we're cheering for ya girl, you get well and back to us real soon because you always find way better nopes than I do... So for today, tomorrow and forever.... Its a Big Fat NOPE Topic of the day: will wait for northy morning...
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    Gday NOPE starts this day C
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    Morning and welcome to Tuesday. Just for Roz... Todays Topic ; Art and Artists
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    Thanks, NS Jo! I love the fact that this is 1st thing I see as I come back to the surface!!! Ooh...it has been a tough week or so for me......turned out to be open heart surgery w a triple bypass. Will go into it all later in a blog, maybe! Now I have to go find a proper nope to post!
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    Gday NOPE for this day C
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    Yay, I made it back! Feel like a I have been run over by a huge truck but I am still here! Thanks all for thinking of me every little bit helps!
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    Well all my nope mates its time to do the pledge here in Aus... let me just say the future is looking good, dark and starry but looks fine out my window. So lets get down to business, cos when it comes to smoking even the magic eight ball knows the answer is That's right kidlets.... today, tomorrow, and every day hereafter it is a big fat NOPE ain't gunna happen no more. Topic of the day: Its Sundee Slang Spectacular
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    On the "ball" today.... #NOPE
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    Hello my fellow Nopers...welcome to POETS day... Hope its cruisey and funski for one an all. Thinking of Roz an sending out this Nope for her: Topic of the day will be set in the northy morning.
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    Morning all you lovely quitters and nopers.... today is a biggy, once the Northern Hemisphere join us in the 18th there will be some celebrations of the Lido deck variety.... make sure to pop in an have a celebratory drink... NOW for the real business of the day ..... lets see if we can do this in harmony today: NOPE, NOPE, NOPITY NOPE.... cos I deserve the best in life, even from myself. Topic of the day: Fruit and Veg
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    So I've been watching a lot of Joel's videos lately and I watched the one about NRT gum... here's the thing, it actually made me feel pretty cruddy about my quit, I have even had a few why bother moments since watching... because the video tells me statistics say only 1% of people who quit using NRT gum are successful. Watched the video more than once. Still felt like I was riding a race on a dead horse. I have been pretty down with myself and my quit since watching it... and then you know what, I had a chat with a 'mate' about being on a rebound quit and I had a chat with another mate that made me think about things and my attitude and you know what... stuff what the percentages say.. if they say that its 1% of people that use gum who have a successful quit then I'm going to be part of that 1%. Stuff what the statistics say, I am not going to toss away my quit because some statistic says the probability is it wont work because I used NRT gum. No bit of mathematical manipulation is going to influence me to toss away this quit. This quit is the one. So as Mark Twain said, "Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable". Well here's a fact for you, I'm one stubborn arse cow and I'm not scarred of a statistic. So the statistic said 1% of quitters who use NRT have a successful quit... I call bull shit ... and even if it is true, you know what I'm going to be part of that 1%. And now, not only am I going to do it to say FU to a statistic and prove it wrong BUT I have to do it because I just made this public declaration. So my fellow travelers let the record state this is my last quit because I am not tossing it away for anything. Edit: You know what, I haven't just used NRT gum on this quit, I've used research, and knowledge, and the support of a pretty amazing group of fellow travellers through the journey to or in freedom. And here's a statistic for you, 100% of people who take up eating die. Or to quote Scotty Bowman "Statistics are for losers". Edit #2: This post isn't a stab at Joel as I get a lot out of his videos, this one just didn't help me.. might have been different if I had seen it before the quit... and coupled with some other things it was a trigger.
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    As you should all know, and with thanks to @Cbdave and his Australian Navy connections we are expecting our Master of Ceremonies @reciprocity back on board tomorrow. Before his return I'd just like to check with some of you Old Phartes that things are tip top in preparation for his return. Thanks to @Sslip and the Wees ( @Wee fluffy me & @WeegieWoman ) for hooking me up on the bucket department after my bucket incident earlier this week. Although I do think you went overboard just a bit.... Having a bucket meant I was finally able to get the blood off the carpet in Reci's office (don't ask but I can promise I wasn't trying to unlock the locked desk draw with his letter opener), and clean up the Lido Deck after the mess it was left in after last weeks celebrations for @ClaireP1973 ascension to the status of Old Pharte... so now I need to shout out to my very special Port Chop for giving up his time to sit there and make sure I cleaned it all to Reci's exacting standards and teaching me that sometimes I do like to take orders. Would you look at how sparkly the Lidi Deck is... PLEASE @Boo, @Whispers and @BKP make sure it stays that way until Reci is home. and I'm pretty sure I nailed the repairs to his desk chair and he wont be noticed, what do you think???.. Pork Chop artwork completes the repair in my opinion. OH who else is there to thank.... hmmm.... how could I forget my girl @jillar for filling the breach when someone wasn't on the list. You rock bunny buttski, what a ledg And lastly for me new girl @Sazerac thank you so much for your intervention with the rascally tits and making sure we got reci's tit message to let us know he was in danger... even if you did try to usurp the status quo of the congrats boards and brought a bit of anarchy to our lives. You my darling kept me on my toes but without you reci would probably still be stuck on that island or with those unscrupulous tanker people who originally picked him up. Oh and thanks to @Nancy , @Doreensfree , @PeaceTrain and everyone else for the encouragement and support, I really do like to be told I'm a good girl. Lastly thanks to everyone on the train for putty up with my meager efforts to fill Reci's impressive, large and somewhat clown like shoes.
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