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    G’day NOPE starts my day ( like how it sounds like hope... yes I know ...the simple things amuse me) C
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    Hi, I am Linda I smoked for 42 years. I tried many different things to quit - hypnosis, smoking cessation clinics, the patch and gum but nothing seemed to work. I was starting to accept the fact I was going to die from a smoking related illness. I was so ashamed of my smoking that I became a closet smoker. I came across the Quit Forum when I was searching for ways to quit. I started reading the information and posts and then joined. To my amazement I was able to quit cold turkey and am working on being 7 months smoke free. So what is the magic of this forum. It is a place of continued support, humor and comfort. They actually made me realize that I had the power to do this myself and that it really was only going to be uncomfortable for a short period of time. They showed me the path to freedom and great pride in myself. I am so grateful for the community here. Now I have a much better addiction - being a part of this forum and helping others to realize they can quit smoking.
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    Ok so this is kind of a re-introduction thread... it gives the newbies a chance to meet the regulars and visiting oldies without having to fill in blanks.... Name: notsmokinjo AKA: jo, looney bird Quit Date: 28 Nov 2017 About Me: I'm slightly insane, I use a lot of Aussie slang or Strine cos I'm from Straya... but I'm never insulted if you ask for a translation. Why I quit: It was time Biggest bit of advice: One day at time, only every quit for 24 hours, I just keep doing it every day... and it gets easier, one day at a time. Tag your it.....
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    G’day I’m Chris You guessed it another Aussie. Insanity doesn’t run in my family it gallops. I broke up with Miss NicOtine 0830 sat 10 oct 2015. I celebrate the first cig I didn’t smoke rather last that I did. On a personal note I firmly believe in any relationship breakup that its good to hate. It’s good to say things that you can never take back or unsay. Yes thats right amiss nicO you never made my bum look small, that was a lie! Living next to the international date line I get to start the NOPE pledge. ( yes this is a plug). So that’s NOPE...... Not One Puff Ever. And if the “Ever” bit doesn’t fit you it can insert “Ever minute, every hour or every day, it is about you. Dont forget though, I may have a white beard but I’m not Santa.... I’m not keeping a list and checking it twice...... Use the NOPE pledge as you need. Chris
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    I'm Sazarac. After smoking for 40 something years, I quit on a whim (cold turkey ) in late October 2013. I lurked for nearly a year and jumped on the train August 2014 to thank everyone for helping me quit. Stuck around, off and on, to learn more about my nicotine addiction, to spread the word and for the camaraderie. I try to make myself useful by rummaging through the archives and pulling out helpful threads. The story doesn't change much. Educate yourself about nicotine addiction. Commit yourself to your quit, protect your quit, reward yourself and power through. You are more powerful than any crave and your power and confidence will blossom throughout the process. The freedom from nicotine addiction is delicious.
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    Great idea.!!!! Hi I'm Doreensfree../ Doorbell / Horney Toad .... Been smoke free over 5 years after Smoking 52 years....Quit due to having a both feet amputation scare... Living with a partner with end stage Emphysema / Alzheimer's.... Met the most wonderful people on this Train...we are a family.... My advice ....Don't over think !!!.....it's doable ...you just need to want it bad enough !!!! If I can anyone can ... Next !!!!
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    G’day NOPE starts my day C
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    G’day sore and tired But Still Full of NOPE! C
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    Greetings NOPErs... today is Plimsoll Day... thank you Britskies... which celebrates Samuel Plimsoll... who with the introduction of his British Merchant Shipping Act and his Unseaworthy Ships Bill hearlded a new era of seafarers safety. So who here knows what Plimsoll marks are? I bet you all do, you just don't know it.... but before we got to just what Plimsoll lines are lets get back to old Sammy... see Sammy was a merchant but he hit a rough patch, lost all his money and ended up destitute and even in a poor house for a while... so he went to sea as a sailor.... anyway he got his shit back together and rebuilt his fortune and introduced his Act and his Bill and as a result all commercial vessels had to have Plimsoll lines... have you worked out what they are??? They are the lines marked on the hull of ships.... they have been doing this since the late 1800s... these lines tell how much can safely be loaded onto a vessel to allow for various conditions, quite ingenious and such a simple fix that had a huge reduction in sinkings and a huge improvement to the safety of sea travel. NOPE .... not even if my boat was going down.
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