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    Thought it would be a good idea...to remind ourselves of why quitting and staying quit is priority.... Me....A major health scare...Facing life with both feet amputated... Watching hubby on a oxygen machine 16 hrs of every day....pumping him precious oxygen ,because his lungs are so much damaged... Better have a little discomfort for a small while ...than spending years,/ decades. With smoke related illnesses.... Who,s next ????
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    Good morning NOPErs... and welcome to International Roller Coaster Day... on 16th of August 1898 the first patent for a roller coaster was issued. Lots of amusement parks around the world will be celebrating today with special deals to ride their roller coasters. Quiting is a bit of a roller coaster, lots of ups and downs, just like life, but if you don't take the ride are you really living? NOPE .. cos nothing controls me but me.
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    G'day wake in the morning.....yep still breathing. NOPE for me C
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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