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    Hello NOPErs... time to start the new working week. What a great way to start the week, with International Picnic Day. Now in wet and windy Melbourne our picnic will be held on the lounge room floor. We will be having a proper packed picnic just incase its dry... but there will be hotdogs in one thermos and hot chocolate in another and some cupcakes... winter picnic done. Those moments when I wish we had Yanky gun laws in Aus (Yep I had to ring my daddy at 1am on a Monday morning to come rescue me cos I was trapped in the kitchen by one of these fvckers on the roof.) Topic of the Day: (Just for @Wee fluffy me ) .... its back CAKES
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    Hi-dee-ho NOPErs... welcome to Sunday. Today is the last day of International Men's Health Week. I'm sure your all glad this will be my last nagging nope for a while. So to close out the week I'm heading back to the Prostrate Cancer Message... this is a killer guys, getting tested regularly is nothing to be scared of. As @Cbdave mentioned at the start of the week you can have a blood test. The earlier a problem is detected the sooner it can be addressed and corrected. If you don't want to get checked for yourself do it for your loved ones, your family and friends. So take care of yourselves Blokes of the QT... and nag ya fellas all the chicks, cos we all know that sometimes we need a foot up the bum to get out health checked. So to end Men's Health Week and to start the next week I say: NOPE - cos nothing rules my life but me! Topic of the day: Sundee Slang Spectacular
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    Thankyou Johnny5 for the celebration post! Its a fantastic feeling reaching 4 years. Only seems like yesterday, times gone so fast and i can remember that day so clearly when i said I'M DONE and i just knew that i really meant it. It was the right time. I was well & truly done with the shit. I will be forever grateful to QSMB for the fantastic support i recieved from day 1.... They changed my mindset & kept me strong. Addicts helping addicts.....Way to go!!!!!!! When we,re in the grip of the addiction, we are sooo in denial. I see it so clearly now when im with smokers....almost like my smoke has cleared & i can see properly at last. & I realise how much i justified it to myself grrrrr! Feel like a complete mug for having allowed it to go on so long...32 years to be precise.Throwing all that hard earned money at Big tobacco. Being slowly strangled by the evil Nicodemon. I was 47 when i quit . The maddest thing is that I actually quit because I was sick of wasting so much money... That was my inspiration.........I was completely in denial at the time that the circulation problems i had were down to the smoking.I my ankles were purple & swollen , i had terrible aching legs, yet i was blind to it . Thank god i quit when i did, who knows what id be like now. We forget that the damage caused by smoking for so long cant be reversed overnight.... Its a slow gradual process of repair . After about 6 months i joined a gym and started Circuit training 3 times a week and Boxercise. This sort of exercise would have horrified me before i quit but it became my new hobby & very gradually i noticed improvements in my health. After about a year of quitting my legs no longer ached all the time ....that was phenomenal to me! As it stands now I can wear shorts & dresses again... my ankles are back to normal . I can keep up with people in their 20s at Circuit training.!!!! Not forgetting all the other benefits of quitting....Skin, Teeth, Smell,Taste the list is endless. I love my life without smoking. Take smoking off the table....Smoking is NOT an option. N.O.P.E
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    When England wins a group game at the World Cup ... I say
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    G'day It's NOPE for me. Jo, the gloved finger is only used if a PSA test indicates it's necessary and then it's only an indicator that the next stage that a needle biopsy is needed. If it was a standard test for every docs visit getting blokes to the doctors would be like herding cats! Remember guys. Prostate cancer is very common. Lower grades are the most common and you can die with prostate cancer rather than of it. The higher are rarer but are the secound highest cancer killer of men. Find it early and your in with a good chance. You can survive and trust me it's a great place to be! Chris
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    G'day its NOPE for me C
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    Hello, I was smoking a pack a day and quit cold turkey 18 days ago. I also quit drinking soda and cut down on sugar in an attempt to prevent gaining weight. So far it's worked. Next I will need to join a gym and start exercising regularly. I'm loving the feeling of "freedom" but can't say I've been especially balanced emotionally. There always seems to be a some amount of frustration brewing right beneath the surface, I'm more quick to anger or tears. I know there is a lot more to this than just breaking the physical addiction to nicotine, and I'm probably in for a long road. So just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully join in on some discussions.
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    Nope Indeed! Gun's no good - BTW! You need to nuke those bast*rds from a safe distance
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    Morning my fellow NOPErs and welcome to the weekend..... Yes we still have the joys that are International Men's Health week and todays nagging message is one that definately applies to the chicks as well as the blokes. Lets talk SKIN CANCER... there are way more men who get skin cancer than there are women... its not because they are genetically more pre-disposed to it, no it comes down to lifestyle. More men work outdoors, more men have outdoor past time, men tend to pay less attention to their skin and are less likely to notice something is wrong until its too late. In Aus we have been getting the skin cancer message for many years.... you need to Slip, Slop, Slap... slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen (50+ people) and slap on a hat.... and don't forget you sunscreen. Skin cancer can be a killer and its not a nice way to go. Be aware of any spot (moles, freckles), check them regularly, and if they change see the doctor... and slip, slop, slap... don't forget ya sunnies (sunglasses) either, the sun can damage the inside of your eyes and it is irreparable. Be Sun Smart. So to being sun smart is say - YES, cos I don't want to have my bum on my face..... but to being a slave to the Nicob1tch I say: NOPE - not for me. Topic of the day: cakes and desserts... pictures optional Oh @Hope2Nope great to see you starting the Nope thread for this fine Saturday.
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