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  1. Welcome to QuitTrain, @overcome and congratulations on deciding to quit smoking. You are doing a great thing. It is also great that your son supports you in this. Support from family and friends can really help. I do recommend Allen Carr's book. People have various reactions to the book but it really helped me. One of the big things that I took from it was the idea that smoking really provided nothing good to the smoker. It fed a temporary crave but that crave would come back. The best thing is to leave the smokes behind once and for all because nothing good comes from it, only bad (disease, wasting money, etc.) I am concerned about you saying that you had made it a couple of years in a quit (or a stop). I had several unsuccessful quits before quitting for good but they were far shorter. I think it is good for you to think about what triggered you to relapse after a quit that long. Identifying that trigger and developing coping mechanisms for overcoming that type of trigger really helps. Also, there is a NOPE pledge on this site. You can pledge NOPE (Not One Puff Ever) meaning that you will not smoke, even if it is for one day at a time. That can really help. Also, take it one moment and day at a time and your quit will grow. There is a lot of support and knowledge, along with offbeat games and distractions, that can help you on your quit journey here. Welcome. It is good to have you here.
  2. Same here. Just left work for a 4 day weekend. Happy 4th of July!
  3. Congratulations Yoda! You are doing great!
  4. Awesome job @JustSomeGuy Congratulations!

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