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  1. What are you all reading ??????

    That spare room/Island of Misfit Toys at the end of the hall has some good stuff in Shhh Boo...you said you wouldnt tell ,about that room and toys !!!..it was our secret !!!
  2. Grund is 8 months Quit Today!!!

    Sorry I'm late... Congratulations....!!!!!
  3. Hey Ya'll trying again.

    Welcome aboard Rusty.... Quitting is Filled Coaster of emotions.... Read all you can here..watch all joels videos...knowledge is your weapon... You can do it....believe in yourself....
  4. I failed

    Sending a mammy hug Pumpkin... I am sorry your life has been turned upside down..and has took a direction different to the one you had planned.. Please take care of yourself ...make sure you get plenty of rest and eat properly... I am the last person to lecture about smoking...when the time is right ...you will quit again.. Take comfort knowing you have friends here who care... Xxxxx
  5. chicks or sticks

  6. chicks or sticks

    Crap !!!
  7. chicks or sticks

  8. chicks or sticks

  9. chicks or sticks

  10. chicks or sticks

  11. chicks or sticks

  12. My quit must be sadder than i thought.

    We Are addicts...not we were...!!!! We have been putting nicotine in our bodies for decades.... Why are we surprised when we still think of them a few months after quitting....its only natural our minds will remind us ,for a while... Sunny said it Jet...if you really wanted that stump...nothing would have stopped you... You are a fabulous non smoker...and you are happy to be so....give yourself a massive pat on the back...you deserve it Hun !!!!! My favourite saying...It's OK to wobble...just don't fall over !!!
  13. OBX bound!

    Sounds great Joe..I'm so jealous...I'm sure you will have a blast !!!
  14. Day 3

    Sunny ...what your feeling is so normal..most of us can relate I promise you.. I had a punching pillow...I can laugh now...but that pillow came in very handy... After today you are nicotine free...how many smokers would love to say that ...every one of them... Try ordinary chewing gum...it does keep you busy... Do a crossword.... There are a million things you can do... Have you watched the Cats and Dogs thread...very funny...it passes some time too.... All this is temporary... Keep at it .xxxx
  15. Opah is 1 Month Quit Today!!

    Congratulations ..you smashed that month!!!

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