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  1. Hi and welcome .... Come into the introduction thread ,where you will receive a welcome from the members here ... Glad your here ..
  2. I've never learnt to Dive ....
  3. Lol...ever...unless you count my Cyber affair with my Boo Boo !!!
  4. Hi and welcome Guttie.... So glad you jumped in board ..... There have been folks here ,who have quit with a Partner who still smokes ... Read all you can here ...there is plenty to keep you busy .... Watch all the video,s.... Take smoking off the table ....it does become easier once you have made this promise .... Take our daily NOPE pledge ....a great way to start your day ....it can be a massive tool in your quit .. Stay close ...
  5. Never had more than one partner...
  6. Doreensfree

    chicks or sticks

    -3 ...lol....another couple on hours yet ....Liverpool is still awake !!!!
  7. Well done on your 9 days ... Addiction is addiction whether you smoke 5 or 40... You have no nicotine in your body ....it's just you and your brain now .... Change your thinking to positive thoughts .... Your free ....
  8. Welcome aboard .... Glad to hear you are in the mend from this scarey virus .... Your lungs will thank you for making the great decision to quit .... We have tons of information here...to help you along .... Check the Main Smoking board and read all the green pinned posts, watch all Joel's videos..... Stay close ....
  9. Doreensfree

    chicks or sticks

    -5 Morning Quit Train !!

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