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  1. chicks or sticks

    00000 Dam And Blast !!!
  2. Keeper of the Trophy

  3. Boo!!!! Is it a Eddy weekend ?????

    That Way !!!
  4. chicks or sticks

    -1..wow ..that full on... Not boring..still busy...keeps ya young my friend !!!
  5. Boo!!!! Is it a Eddy weekend ?????

    Aww Boo...can we go dancin this weekend... My skin getting all crinkly with all the water...you can sway your hips this way.!!!!!
  6. chicks or sticks

    -1...morning .peeps...Big day ahead Joe ...
  7. Jess has two months today !!!

    Well done Jess...don't forget to treat yourself..x
  8. Hey Hey 11/20 - Joe's 4 Year!!

    Three more sleeps !!!
  9. Smokers Anonymous.........

    Maybe..if you put a message in the social thread ,that your going in to chat,who ever is around can join you.... Being in the UK..there is a big time difference...but I will do my best to pop in ,if I see anyone there..
  10. Smokers Anonymous.........

    At the top of the page in the blue strip ,you will see chatbox !!!!...click on it...and type....
  11. chicks or sticks

  12. Slap,slap,slap slap

    We,ll be back !!!
  13. chicks or sticks

    O.M.G..what happened !!!!....I only made a cup of tea..dam !!!
  14. Fatty McFat Buffet Pants

    We Brits have to wait for Xmas to eat a mighty feast....Turkey, pigs in blanket ..oh my,I'm drooling ....but in reality this year it will be lettuce and beetroot...