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  1. So I despise big tobacco, but not because I was stupid enough to buy their lies...that's all on me...I'm angry with them because they think it's acceptable to profit from making people sick, they know the product they sell addicts the users, they know the product hurts and kills them and yet they see no issue continuing to profit from others misery, even innocent bystanders...that's what pissed me off. They know and they don't care...they want people addicted...just don't know how they look at themselves in the mirror and say "I'm good people". I share this 100/%.... How can you justify ,knowing millions have died because of your product....and you are targeting children .....beggars belief ..... Dirty money ...
  2. I'm sorry too @Rozuki to hear the sad news about your friend ... I often wonder if I have dodged the bullet ...but I intend to enjoy what life I have left ....smoke free..... Your nephew has a great role model ..
  3. Doreensfree

    chicks or sticks

    1 Good Grief the chicks are sitting on the eggs !!!
  4. Aww it's good you have a week of just talking care of you ...hopefully when you get back you will be feeling alot better ... Have you agree getting on in years stinks...have a safe journey sweetheart ...
  5. The one thing that gets to me now....is how I fell into the trap...the lies...for all those years ... I'm angry at the tobacco companies ....and I'm more angry at myself.... I hate them....
  6. Sooooo.....who's eating chocolate eggs ?????......and what is your favourite ......mine is black magic ,when I do eat chocolate which is very rare ....
  7. You could be in No man's Land ...where the nice newness of your quit has dissapeared ...this can happen around the 3 month mark ... Whatever your feeling ..it will pass ...you just have to fight through it ... I'm have forwarded a post about No Mans Land Land
  8. Yaaa 7 months ..well done !!!! Yes ...come and tell us how your feeling ....and what you are going to reward yourself with ..
  9. Wow Jo ...that's gruelling ...even 2 hrs each way ...I don't know how lucky I was ...to be able to walk there is 15 mins....
  10. Geez...you gotta be kidding me ...this is a nightmare ...I havnt queued in anything like it since I queued for a Beatle ticket in the 60s... This is crap ...

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