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  1. So tonight I celebrate 313 days of no smoking. 313 days of NOPE. 313 days closer to freedom and most of all, one prayer that was answered. Thank you God for a wonderful day and beautiful gift. Great positive post Yoda... Before you know it ...you will be playing golf ,and smoking won't even cross your mind ... I laughed at the point you now think of what you were putting your cigarette in ...when you laid it down . Smokers don't care about that at all...it's just more crap...than what's already crap...
  2. After day 3 ...All the nicotine has left your body .... Now it's just you and that little Nico monster that sits on your shoulder nagging... But good news ...your stronger than him ... Winning your little battles ..is how you win the war ... This little saying got me through the bad times .... Take Smoking Off The Table ....No Matter What Is Going On In Your Life ... My junkie brain understood that ...Nothing will make me smoke ever ... Upwards on Onwards ...
  3. This is great news O..... The easy way is a book you can keep going back too...dipping in and out of it .... It's all in the attitude ....Your giving up nothing .....your a wonderful Non Smoker ... Feel very proud ....Give yourself a pat on the back
  4. What -ya-talking - about ....??????......
  5. Get in line again sticks .....my hand will be sore
  6. 0000.....ya I can go to bed now ...
  7. -19 ...Bring the prize ( slap) home chicks

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