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  1. Great to see you And good to here you are still smoke free .... congratulations....
  2. Thanks to some sound as a pound advice and hard work ...I've lost the a few pounds towards my goal ....
  3. Your spot on BKP ... I'm here everyday helping others others quit ...talking about smoking nearly all day of every day ... I don't think about going back to smoking at all. Even when I went through the loss of my hubby....lighting up a cig ,never even entered my head ... I didn't think of it at all... For our Quests watching ....you can have a smoke free life where you completely forget about them
  4. We have had people here who are just addicted to a couple of cigerette,s ,as someone who smoke 60 a day . Thier struggle was just the same.... Same as a person who had only smoked for a couple of years ..to that of a person like me who smoked 52 years ..... It's the nature of Nicotine ...and what is added to it ...to make us stay hooked .... I never took to another substance ....I had control of everything else in my life ...
  5. Huge Congratulations my fellow Quitter .... You were a massive part of my Quit .....and always knew when to throw the sausages on the Barby ... Do something special my Friend !!!!
  6. We have that many isolating because of this ping app.... The food isn't t getting to the supermarket ....Front line workers ....Lorry drivers .. Geez...
  7. Have to confess ...always have to dance to this ...well prance about !!!!
  8. -1....How's it going Mac ...life good !!!
  9. Now !!!!.....If you can just sort your fashion out too !!!!

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