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  1. Doreensfree

    The One Year Commitment

    Well done Blur... I've changed your post to I WILL...!!!!!.....stay positive !!!
  2. Doreensfree

    Hello everyone

    Great news Blur. Keep reading and learning... Education will be your weapon to fight the monster... Remember we have all been were you are ... You have a army of people behind you...who want you to find your freedom... Those that stick close,post often ..are the ones who are more likely to succeed.... There is tons of fun stuff too...to pass the time...we believe quitting doesn't have to be doom and gloom.. Let's get this done...
  3. Doreensfree

    chicks or sticks

  4. Doreensfree

    What are you doing right now

    Wow !!!...That's Amazin... You have a gift !!!!.....
  5. Doreensfree

    Sunday 19th August 2018

    NOPE !!!!
  6. Doreensfree

    Really feeling like I can't do this.

    You can do it Linda...I promise....stay strong !!!!
  7. Doreensfree

    chicks or sticks

  8. Doreensfree

    chicks or sticks

    5 Hi Nancy xx
  9. Doreensfree

    chicks or sticks

  10. Doreensfree

    chicks or sticks

    12...fabulous !!!!....I do like this breed ...
  11. Doreensfree

    What are you doing right now

    Oh !!! These are fabulous...I'm lovin the make up..... She has beautiful colour hair...she,s lovely ... Aww thank you for showing ...my kids ( bless em )... Never had anything so exciting when it was dress up time....
  12. Doreensfree

    chicks or sticks

    12.... Fluffy is that a Old English sheep dog ???
  13. Doreensfree

    Do other addictions suck just as much?

    I would just like to say... Your honesty in these posts made me drop a tear... I'm proud of you all...you have fought and won your own wars... I have only been addicted to Nicotine...well...maybe sausages.... But seriously you guys are much stronger than me... Give yourselves the massive pat on the back ..you deserve... Love to you all xxxx
  14. Doreensfree

    Hello everyone

    Blur.. You have to want to quit..more than you want to smoke... We can only give you the tools...the work has to come from you.... You have to make a promise to yourself..never to stick anything in your mouth and set fire to it...ever....NOPE. Once you've made that decision... It will be easier.... It's doable....and so rewarding.... No time like now....throw them out...why wait ????
  15. Doreensfree

    Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    Full day of whitewater paddling planned for tomorrow. Doing an Ocoee Run, upper and middle sections. Good times!  What !!!!.....wait for me !!!!

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