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  1. I named him raymond michael after his dad. So we call him junior ;) I feel so blessed.
  2. Wow, I cannot believe that in Feburary it will be a year of no smoking. I never in my life thought I would make it this far. After 5 misscarraiges I knew it was time. I had tried to quit smoking so many times before longest I had it was 3 months. But when I became prego I knew I just had to do it, so in my second trimester i went on chantix, again. I had to do it for my baby, to give the baby a chance to survive. My baby boy is now 4 months old. I was so scared the whole time that he would come out deformed because all the smoking I did. I was a 2 pack a day smoker for over 17 years. I sti
  3. Thank you. It has been a while since I have logged in. I am still smoke free and this weekend marks 36 weeks for me woohoo.
  4. STILL SMOKEFREE checking in. I am doing well. Been thinking abuout wanting a cigg lately even though I know I will not smoke. My baby shower is next weekend. I am now 7 month prego still going strong. It has been such a bumpy ride me and DB fight more than ever, lol new video game wildstar comes out on sat I beta tested it and am so excited to play it all weekend heheh
  5. Hello, I am still smokefree. I haven't been on in a bit. I am doing well. Very busy buying baby stuff and help planning baby shower. I also got engaged and get to pick up my ring tommorrow night ;) STill needs to be sized. 24 weeks prego now still going very well. Saw my brother last weekend, it had been 8 months. We went to luch he smoked a couple ciggs in front of me and I did quite well, didn' t really want one.
  6. Thanks guys. Feeling better today. Just tired now. lol Marti is fantastic ;)
  7. Marti, you can take it over. I have been very sick this week. Pregnancy is rough, lol. Taking too much on I think.
  8. Woohoo Marti, way to go. What a huge milestone, be proud. Reward yourself for this huge acomplishment. I am so proud of you.
  9. Juan, Great job on making it through your first week as a non smoker. You are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work.
  10. Oh yay. I am glad you made it threw. You are so close to a week down. You got this, good job on staying strong ;) You are a spring quitter now. PM me anytime, I am around a lot.
  11. Day 3 is fantastic. I am very proud of you. You are doing great, almost through your first milestone. Driving was always the hardest for me. I always chewed gum to help get over the habit of smoking and driving. The more you do it, the easier it will be.
  12. Oh, wow. That is awesome. I can wait to get there. It still comes across my mind when I am mad or stressed, but as a fleeting thought not really as a craving. ;)
  13. Oh good, I was just thinking about these to on their first day of freedom. You guys are officially in the Spring quitters support group. WooHoo. I could not be more happy to welcome you to the group, I am so excited for our new members. Day 1 is pretty tough, drink lots of water and cranberry juice to push out the toxins. After day 3 all nicotine is out of your system. I ate a lot of hard candies, and made a new habit of gum after meals oh and stong mints are awesome for strong cravings. Remember if you get a craving post an SOS, we are here for you. You can do this, do not let smoking be an o

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