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  1. In the UK as they call things "Bloody", so during the OJ trial, did UK'ers talk about the "bloody bloody glove"? It is madness, They already have a restaurant here called "Outback" and the narrator has this Australian accent.
  2. I was at a walfart yesterday and though the soup aisle was pretty bare, there was an entire skid of "cream of mushroom" soup which leads me to believe - people would rather starve to death than eat that nasty crap. I noticed though that sweets are still plentiful, which is good. That means those of us who have type 2 diabetes can continue our sugar-based diets with no problem.
  3. I remember when he first quit and struggled like most. Awesome job Octain!
  4. JB 883


    I guess this is the place to admit I have injured my wrist before from too much self-pleasure.
  5. When I read about cheating, I thought maybe someone was on a diet (new year resolution and all) and maybe ate something they shouldn't have. Well like maybe there was this sale on Ben and Jerry's ice cream. That is the second best on the planet. First is Baskin Robbins. I do not recommend BR because it will ruin ALL other ice cream for you. You mean like, the father in heaven? (cue loud thunder clap)
  6. Relapse sucks. Trust me, there is no reprieve in it. Just guilt, expense, filth, and feeling like you will puke and pass out after that first one. The relief you THINK will come just doesn't. It is true the nicotine cravings stop BUT then you deal with even bigger problems.
  7. I know I need to quit. I am still trying to figure out how horrible craves happened over a year after quitting.
  8. 1) Accept they were amazing times, and that you'll likely never get that same feeling again It is true that the first ones in your life or the ones after a relapse give a buzz but it doesn't take long before that stops happening and all that is left is the habit, guilt, regret, stench, AND throwing money away. The first cigarettes I smoked were Camel filter full flavor. I remember it was at work (gas station overnights) and having to lay down on the sidewalk in hopes of not passing out. I had to give those away. Years before that I had tried cherry Skoal and it had the same effect. Stomach hurt, room spinning, things going black, about to puke, Ahh what good times.
  9. Addictions never completely go away but it does get easier. NOT in a linear fashion, there will be tough times, sometimes even after months or years. Overall easier though. Just be ready to fight like hell so you do not lose a battle like some of us have. Let me tell you what happens if you decide to pick the smoking habit back up, I know this from experience. I did so after having quit for over a year. First, you give in and buy a pack and feel something isn't right. Next, you light up and toke the cancer stick as if you never did quit, unlike the first one you ever smoked in your life when your lungs flinched. You get this weird "high" from it, meanwhile feeling tons of guilt. You pledge to never smoke another. This cycle repeats several times. In about a week or two, you realize the old habit is back. Meanwhile, you notice you have less money than you normally did as a quitter. The smell of your habit starts offending you. And by now, that little buzz you got at first just doesn't happen anymore. After a couple months, the "Dry cough" comes back. Sometimes when trying to sleep, you have to cough a certain way so your breath doesn't wheeze. You start to hope that certain people don't learn of your relapse. Let us not forget the extra filth involved. Cigarette ash and butts, empty packs, having to buy lighters/matches, and of course the ever-present worry about the possible fire hazard. You start to eventually think, "What if this does shorten my life?" If you are over 40 like I am, it is not a pleasant thought when you realize you are probably more than 1/2 way to the grave and do you really want to speed it up any more? Honestly, even though a quitter THINKS there will be some awesome feeling of smoking, it really doesn't do anything good. Where is that "pleasure"? There just isn't any. Then you have to fight like hell to quit again. Or like Johnny 5's signature - "If you have just one you will be right back where you started, and where you started was desperately wishing you were where you are right now." Do not come back to this side of the habit. It sucks, it plain sucks. You are not missing anything, I promise.
  10. Summer hasn't quite had it's final say just yet.
  11. May not be adventure but what I would like to do eventually, marry the lady I am presently in a relationship with. We do need to live together first of course. Cannot fully know someone until you have done so. May work, may not but as a good friend on here told me, "Gotta risk it to get the biscuit" I can imagine my girlfriend wanting that.
  12. I am no doc but I cannot imagine 1/2 a pack a day for three years did any real damage. Not trying ti put words in Jillar's mouth here, however, I think what she means is the waste products from smoking tend to sneak out the back door eventually.
  13. I imagine all that will do is teach them how to better hide their addiction like any one of us had to do at some time. I still have a hard time imagining that anyone who lived in a normal society was not educated about the dangers of nicotine before they started using it. So when you were a kid and starting to smoke, had you not heard even once that smoking is bad news?
  14. My room mate is fixing a meat loaf. 80/20 hamburger with sage sausage. Mashed potatoes made with yellow potatos. corn on the cob. And for dessert, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, the second best ice cream on the planet (first best is Baskin Robbins, but harder to find). Now this meal vs us two, it will not even be a battle, it will simply be a massacre. If you were to tell me, "Go to this or that restaurant, they have awesome meat loaf". Without even trying it, I would say, "Not as good as what my room mate makes". I am going to be hurting after dinner.
  15. Walking is the most basic and fundamental form of movement that mammals were designed for. The only things needed are a path and permitting weather. And maybe some tunes.

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