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  1. Summer hasn't quite had it's final say just yet.
  2. May not be adventure but what I would like to do eventually, marry the lady I am presently in a relationship with. We do need to live together first of course. Cannot fully know someone until you have done so. May work, may not but as a good friend on here told me, "Gotta risk it to get the biscuit" I can imagine my girlfriend wanting that.
  3. I am no doc but I cannot imagine 1/2 a pack a day for three years did any real damage. Not trying ti put words in Jillar's mouth here, however, I think what she means is the waste products from smoking tend to sneak out the back door eventually.
  4. I imagine all that will do is teach them how to better hide their addiction like any one of us had to do at some time. I still have a hard time imagining that anyone who lived in a normal society was not educated about the dangers of nicotine before they started using it. So when you were a kid and starting to smoke, had you not heard even once that smoking is bad news?
  5. My room mate is fixing a meat loaf. 80/20 hamburger with sage sausage. Mashed potatoes made with yellow potatos. corn on the cob. And for dessert, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, the second best ice cream on the planet (first best is Baskin Robbins, but harder to find). Now this meal vs us two, it will not even be a battle, it will simply be a massacre. If you were to tell me, "Go to this or that restaurant, they have awesome meat loaf". Without even trying it, I would say, "Not as good as what my room mate makes". I am going to be hurting after dinner.
  6. Walking is the most basic and fundamental form of movement that mammals were designed for. The only things needed are a path and permitting weather. And maybe some tunes.
  7. Sounds like he is addicted to exercise and the adrenaline that comes with it. THAT is an addiction to have! You know it is great, pretty much the moment we start doing good by our health, we start to feel better. Are YOU going to be in shape too for the hikes and fishing? And when he said, Damn straight. What he is doing now is better than anything those doctors could prescribe. He is on a natural, proven, and completely legal medication for his back, sleep patterns, mental health, physique, something to do while rockin' out to some good jams, and the list goes on. The only downside about fitness training is ummm, well i cannot think of any. Tell him there are people he has never even met that are very proud of him. If he does have a rocking chair, it will be something to do overhead presses with on light days. Now wait a second. I think the grand babies will have to keep up with Gramps.
  8. Someone who is living life and getting healthy by hitting the iron is not going to have much time for instagram. He has bigger fish to fry. So by training, he is not only adding years to his life but adding life to his years. The gym just offers something that no other place can. One gets hooked on the adrenaline, the "pump", sound of clanking iron, just feeling like you can take on the world. I thought of this commercial, check it out -
  9. I am kind of in the same boat as these two. I didn't/don't specifically set aside the cash I would have spent on smoking. Prior to Oct 2017, I was spending only $40 a month on it (RYO cigarettes) So it wasn't significant. I guess no matter how one spends their previous "cigarette money", it makes buying "needs" more affordable and "wants" a little more guilt free. "I really don't need this but what the heck, at least it is not tobacco". I said that each time I upgraded my already gawdy stereo system. Lead us not into temptation, for that we can easily find on our own. Two things - What is PBS? Here it is some TV station. Also, you know that kids, especially teens, cannot survive without brand name... well anything really. When I was 10 (84/85), I wanted this torn up jean jacket they had at the store, it was only $80 and didn't understand why my mom wouldn't spend that much on a torn up jacket.
  10. JB 883


    I would bet it was probably taylor swift. I think every song on the radio is her. For us Gen X'ers, every song they played for like 8 years was Madonna, so now the kids have Taylor swift. Sadly enough the kids now will one day say, "We had good music when it was actually artistic." No, their music is "autistic". I just looked up this week's top 40 songs, I do not know a single one. From most charts in the 80's though, I would know 90% of the songs. Here in Indiana, there was some vacation commercial on TV talking about taking a trip to Ohio. The sheer excitement of vacationing in Ohio was causing people to scream and faint, like when The Beatles first came out. But where I am, there is more than corn in Indiana. There is.... there is... well let me get back when I think of something. Oh my GYOD though do not get me started about those damned "Pure Michigan" commercials.
  11. One thing I would have recommended is maybe buy a window AC unit for at least whatever room you are in most and sleep in. I think like $140 for a 5,000 BTU unit that cools a room up to 150 square feet. Not as good as central air but If you run into this situation often then it would be a good backup. The house I stay at just doesn't have central but both rooms have a window AC and they do fine.
  12. Here is one, it is about money - I wasted $160 in two months on smoking, going through 3 packs a week. I thought, "$160 could have gone to something more fun or useful". For me, when I would spend that kind of money on any other luxury/useless things, I would feel strange but when I bought smokes, it was somehow easier to justify. Maybe cause "Oh only about $6 here and there". But then it adds up and is like, "Whoa, THAT was dumb". So I learned the nicobitch steals slowly so you don't notice til it is in the three figures in weeks. Even if one spends that money on other useless things, it isn't going to kill you.
  13. In short - I will see how this one goes. So far it has been harder cause I was smoking real cigarettes instead of those "roll your own" using pipe tobacco. Yeah that stuff is weak. Quitting it was not hard. Steps to not relapse - Just don't buy cigarettes. My room mate doesn't use it so there is none. HERE is what caused my hard relapse - Oct 2017 was the start of the 1.5 year quit. In April I smoked like 6 cigs, but just wasn't into it and quit. Then toward the end of May, some kleptomaniac decided to rip me off. Maybe my fault but it kind of set me back at a bad time. I was pissed and had all kinds of negative emotions, more than I had experienced in years. About the first week of June I decided "Oh screw it" and bought a pack, thinking, "It doesn't matter anyways". Well earlier this week, I woke up and could hear my own breath. Smoker's cough was coming back. I had spent $160 in two months on my habit. I thought, "This just needs to stop." So far, I have been playing referee to several imaginary fights going on in my head. Now either you or Jillar has a thread, "what have you learned..." I need to put something important in there, lemme find it.
  14. Jillar - Thank you. Thank you. When I blew my 1.5 year quit, I got the mixture of reactions you mentioned. Some came across kind of rude, some were polite. There was one person here in particular who was not judging but "professional" with feedback. It was the last person on here I expected to be so (insert whatever positive verb.) I have more respect for this person now than I could have imagined. One of the true leaders around here. As someone told me, when you take a fall, it is interesting to see who steps up and who kicks you when you are down. So for Jillar in particular, I think we may have disagreed at times (probably cause I tend to be smart ass). If so, I would now like to bury the hatchet.
  15. No matter what one does or wants to do, good or bad, SOMEone will undermine it. Even if it is just something you take pride in, someone will want to put it down. Maybe "Oh you cannot/will not" or there are the one-ups men. Like if you are good at a sport but they know someone who is 10 times better at it. Now I almost hate to give this advice but if you do relapse, start asking those same people for cigarettes or money to buy packs. I promise they will then encourage you to quit or stay quit. Shoot, maybe ask for cigarette money even if you do not relapse (but spend the money wisely like ebay stuff). They will stop undermining your quit. EDIT - hey I forgot, - The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it. So ankush, next time they start flapping their lip, just say, "Hang on, I am on my not-smoking break"

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