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  1. I will not smoke today not one puff.
  2. I will not take one puff today - Nope!
  3. I will not smoke today not one puff - Not on my 3 week anniversary!!!
  4. I will not smoke today - not one puff.
  5. Hello! I saw a post from you about using mobile? Is there an app for Quit Train? or are you just using a web browser?  I would love to take you all with me all day LOL

    1. Vivianne


      I am using it on a normal webbrowser (google Chrome for mobile) - the layout is different but very user friendly (compliments to the webmaster or mistress).

      So you can take us with you if you want ;)

  6. Not Today - I will not smoke today.
  7. I have the same challenge with intense craving in my car. I smoked in my car ALOT - I have an hour long commute and this was my alone time and puff puff puff - I am only 2 weeks in and guess what I still have the most cravings in my car - But I am finding ways to get around them - I suck on a tootsie pop - and when that is gone I chew on the stick. It isn't always pretty but I am getting to work smoke free - getting home smoke free- some days are easier than others - but these little tricks do work.
  8. Even though I am finding the last couple of days to be really hard and all I want to do is go buy a pack - I will not smoke today - not one puff
  9. Not today!! I will not smoke - I will not worry about tomorrow or next week - just today I am not going to take a puff
  10. Welcome back - I totally understand picking a quit date - it gives you time to get ready - but it also just gives you more time to smoke - I originally was going to quit on November 15 - but I just decided one morning when I had only a smoke left to quit instead of buying any more and here I am - Has it been easy? nope - Have I wished I kept my original quit day? - Of course then I would still be smoking. All junkie thinking... But whatever you decide we are here for you!!
  11. I will not smoke today. Not one puff!!
  12. Welcome! and congrats. I totally understand where you are and where you are coming from. I still have moments where I romance smoking, but I am working on it. I think our quits are a daily sometimes hourly journey with the good and bad and bumps in the road, but do not take a puff no matter what will get you to the next day.
  13. I will not smoke today. not one puff
  14. Welcome and congrats on making the decision to quit. I am only a week in and it has had a lot of ups and downs, but I come here to read when I have cravings and just take it one day - sometimes one hour at time and they start to add up. Keep reading and posting.
  15. I will not smoke today - not one puff!

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