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  1. Hey all, this isn't easy so here goes. After many stops and starts, I finally quit 10th of August 2008. Basically 12 years ago. First week was the most challenging and after that I was fine. December 2020, I was under a ridiculous amount of stress (big time) no finer details required and yep I still can't believe it, I relapsed and I'm smoking a lot!! Managed a quit from 1st to about 19th of January 2021. Crazy angry about something and lit up again. Managed 6 days in Feb and 27th of Feb to 6th of March (8 days) These stop starts are
  2. I remember having some curiosity about whether I would stay quit. More out of interest, really, rather than any real doubt. For certain, I did not relish repeating Hell week. That will never happen again. Ever. I gained confidence at one week, two weeks and a big boost at one month, then two. At Three Months I was fully realizing that I would never smoke again. I might still have some struggles but, the die was cast. When did you have confidence in your quit ?
  3. Surviving The Great NicotineFree Fog Some people experience a mental fog soon after they quit smoking or using nicotine, others don't. It can last from a few hours to a few weeks or longer. My fog wasn't consistent, showing up unannounced and somewhat dismaying. Who am I kidding ? It was disarming and seemed impenetrable. I couldn't have made thoughtful decisions and was glad they weren't necessary. My fog lasted over a month and lingered far too long. Not what you want to hear, I know, but remember, this was only my experience. Every
  4. Many successful quitters here on QTrain have quit on a whim and just like them, I quit on a whim too. This is what led me to making one of the most important decisions in my life on a whim... It was after a trip to California, where finding a place to smoke was problematic and I was among non smoking friends. For the first time, I started seeing addiction for the slavery that it is and I acknowledged my bondage. When slipping outside for another smoke, I glibly announced, "I'm going out now, to shoot up." On the aeroplane back home,
  5. Our Nancy asked me to post this from my blog to 'Quit Smoking Discussion'. Thank you Nancy. Lifetime of Addiction I didn't want to hear this but, I am now facing this truth. Nicotine Addiction doesn't go away. You can put it to sleep. You can even put it into deep deep and deeper sleep for years ! but, it will awaken the moment you take one puff. One Puff. This is for your whole life. Mind boggling, huh !? This was the choice you likely didn't even know you were making all those years ago when you started smoking,
  6. Nicotine stimulates the reward path in our brain and by replenishing ourselves with nicotine, we were rewarded with Dopamine. Many times a day we went from the panic of, 'I've gotta have a smoke' to 'Ahhh', the brief relief of satisfying addiction. We were jerking our own chain every twenty minutes or so....for years. When quitting nicotine, that dance of our reward system shuts down. It's a shock and we miss the consistent rewarding rush of dopamine. Our brain doesn't understand where all the feel good stuff went so, it is essential to
  7. This is a clear description. ^^^^^^^^^ I'm trying to get this gif to work Joy ! It is working. and I am adding a link to a thread with information about How Smoking Changes Our DNA
  8. Here is an article I found googling around dealing with the Quitting Smoking Blues. This is from the Very Well Mind website Depression Related to Quitting Smoking How to Deal With the Temporary Mood Changes By Terry Martin | Reviewed by Sanja Jelic, MD Updated August 29, 2018 Quitting smoking is difficult enough when you're feeling happy. Unfortunately, it can become further challenging due to depression—a common complaint early on in smoking cessation. Knowing what you may experience as you work to become smoke-free can better prepare you
  9. Sazerac

    Riffing on H. A. L. T

    I have read about the acronym, H A L T, in recovery paraphernalia and have used it to a great degree of success in changing my patterns from a nicotine addict to a Free person. Having a Crave ? H. A. L. T. Are you Hungry - Thirsty - need a deep breath of Oxygen ? Angry - Happy - Emotional ? Lonesome - Bored ? Tired ? In many, many instances, when I would reach for a smoke, my poor body was actually trying to alert me that it needed attention in some way. My addiction silenced these natural
  10. Sazerac

    Lifetime of Addiction

    Lifetime of Addiction I didn't want to hear this but, I am now facing this truth. Nicotine Addiction doesn't go away. You can put it to sleep. You can even put it into deep deep and deeper sleep for years ! but, it will awaken the moment you take one puff. One Puff. This is for your whole life. Mind boggling, huh !? This was the choice you likely didn't even know you were making all those years ago when you started smoking, I didn't understand the ramifications for sure. But, it is the truth. You will
  11. Greetings from the land of wandering moose and timbits! :wacko: It's been a very long time since I checked in. I'm actually not altogether sure when I signed in last. I guess I reached a stage where I didn't want to think or talk or read or hear about smoking. Not even in a positive "yay, we're smoke-free!" kind of way. It took me a long time to figure that out. My early days were filled with nothing but thoughts of smoking. Once I reached a stage where it hardly ever crossed my mind, I suppose I didn't want to encourage those thoughts to come back. I didn't mean to leave so
  12. OK, this is the first time this has happened since I quit!! Even those moments where I wasn't craving one, it was constantly on my mind in some way, even if it was just "I'm not smoking, I'm not smoking..." Today, wrapping up a work project into the wee hours of the night, I suddenly realized that I hadn't thought about smoking for ages! :D So, there's hope!! It's exhausting to always have it on your mind, even when you don't want one. For me, this is the first sign that a future without thinking of smoking really, truly does exist. Looking forward to more and more moments like this.
  13. Mr. Pixel quit smoking at the same time as I did. He was a little more of a casual smoker, and so far, the effects of quitting haven't hit him hard, at least physically. His Hell Week was just a normal week. Once Week Two, aka Heck Week, rolled around, I was up and around, and ready to start rejoining the living again. I knew that it would be an adjustment to get back to my usual routines without a smoke at hand. I was prepared for that. I knew my brain would need to relearn a few things, and I was prepared to deal with some changes. But I never once thought that the way Mr. P and I relate

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