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Found 11 results

  1. *Want better Health immediately ? *Want extra Money in your pocket now ? *Want more enjoyment from Sexual encounters tonight ? Well then, it's Time to free yourself from nicotine addiction ! You can start by giving yourself 72 hours because in three days nicotine begins to leave your body. Take the weekend and pull the covers over your head if you need to. Strengthen your resolve and understand that any discomfort is temporary. Give yourself another three days...give yourself Time. What else are you doing
  2. Hi All, I am hoping for a little support and reassurance. I decided to quit smoking after 12 years of smoking 20 to 30 smokes a day. I was constantly out of breath and generally unhealthily. I used champix to quit, but after 4 weeks of taking champix I was having some tightness of the chest, I stopped taking champix. I have now been smoke free for six months. I still get a lot of discomfort from a tight chest and neck with a constant dry throat. I have been to the doctor who has run blood tests and done an exam and his conclusion is this is withdrawal symptoms. It is extrememly hard to be
  3. So I have been diagnosed with gene related High cholesterol, there is a fancy medical term about but I cant be bothered with all that jargon, it inherited by one or both parents, basically I am fat on the inside! which I feel is unfair as I am quite active and eat quite healthily, apparently even if I just smelt lettuce all day my liver would produce high bad cholesterol :( So just diet and exercise wont cure it, so I am now on statins! So my advice is even if you are quite fit and healthy on the outside, it might be a good idea to get your bloods checked at least once a year!
  4. Greetings from the land of wandering moose and timbits! :wacko: It's been a very long time since I checked in. I'm actually not altogether sure when I signed in last. I guess I reached a stage where I didn't want to think or talk or read or hear about smoking. Not even in a positive "yay, we're smoke-free!" kind of way. It took me a long time to figure that out. My early days were filled with nothing but thoughts of smoking. Once I reached a stage where it hardly ever crossed my mind, I suppose I didn't want to encourage those thoughts to come back. I didn't mean to leave so
  5. "My brother's wife's cousin's girlfriend's second uncle twice removed smoked four packs a day from the time he was seven and died of natural causes in his sleep at 95, right after he ran two back-to back-marathons with a lit cigarette dangling from his lips." "My great-great-great-grandfather smoked all his life and never even got a cold. Not once. In fact, I think he's still alive! Smoke 'em if you got 'em!" "My grandmother's best friend's mother lived to 102; ate only junk food, smoked like a chimney, and went ballroom dancing every Saturday right up until her very last day." The
  6. ...today at my dentist appointment, I learned that I'm growing NEW teeth instead. FML. (Posting this here, figured it fit as I consider taking care of my teeth part of healthy living, and growing new teeth isn't really directly tied to quitting smoking ;0 ) I went in for a small cavity, and mentioned that my back teeth felt a bit odd now and then lately. Not painful, just...odd. An exam and a few x-rays later, and yes, at the lovely age of 43, more than 20 years after having my upper wisdom teeth removed, my lower wisdom teeth are finally growing in! One's already broken through t
  7. I'm on Day 19 smoke and nicotine free. Mentally, I feel so so good. Physically, I feel both good and awful. I can breathe deeply, I can laugh whole heartedly without coughing, I have a ton of energy, my skin is looking better, my eyes are clearer, my teeth are whiter. I can smell things again. Of all things, my nails are really shiny. What? And it goes on. At the same time, in the last almost 3 weeks, I've had a bladder infection, a cavity, bronchitis, sinusitis, a flare up of my TMJ/TMD (jaw joint issues) from too much gum chewing (not nicotine gum, just normal gum), and it just feels
  8. Sadly, that's not a euphemism for anything fun. -_- At the end of Day 3, and leading up into Day 6, I was itchy. Actually, literally, physically...itchy. It actually makes me itchy now, just thinking about it. :o My upper chest, neck, face, especially around the jaw, and head came down with a serious case of THE ITCHES. It came out of the blue, it was sudden, and it was really annoying. Like dealing with multiple mosquito bites. There were no bites, no bumps and not even a hint of a rash. The skin, unbroken, looked normal. I went through a mental checklist. Did I change my s
  9. What Ho! Quitting, I fought cravings by walking. Something about putting one foot in front of the other helped me calm down. I discovered that I actually quite like walking. So...I'm off for a long walk. Next week, I am going to do a hundred miles or so of the Camino de Santiago. This is a pilgrimage, in the footsteps of St James. I am going to walk the 500 miles over five years - a week each year. (The wife won't release me for longer! :D ) "The Way" was dramatised by Emilio Estevez in a movie starring his Dad, Martin Sheen. Look it out, it's not a bad watch. On Sunday
  10. Looked today at the calendar and today is World Diabetes Day. Smoking is a major cause of type 2 diabetes. Another great reason to live smoke free!
  11. I am the opposite of a natural runner. However - as my quit grew - I decided that I wanted to enjoy the health benefits, create a distraction and offset some of the weight gain. So - I am in week 2 of a "Couch to 5 kilometres" programme. I have a free app on my phone, a very swish armband thing to hold the the phone - and a pair of running shoes with more colours in them than are in my entire wardrobe (they cost an arm and a leg, have go faster stripes and everything :lol: ) The program starts off with 60 seconds running and 2 minutes walking - repeated 8 times..gradually it increases

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