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  1. Tink

    Stop smoking

    welcome, the support is here for you just keep posting, welcome to day 2 and to the train, destination......your FREEDOM!!!
  2. Tink

    Octain Is 1 Month Smoke Free Today!!

    1 month free, this is it, your sticky quit!
  3. Tink

    Tyme 2b has 1 month today

    congrats tyme, this is it, you are done, your sticky quit, awesome job!
  4. Tink

    Monday January 29 2018

    always NOPE
  5. Tink

    Show us your pets.

    the furminator is a must on bella (she is built for the snow), she gets a full furminator groom in the spring and the wild birds go mad for her hair for their nests literally it can be out there for 10 minutes then all gone.
  6. Tink

    Reciprocity reaches the lido deck!

    welcome to the lido deck, huge congratulations
  7. Tink

    El Bandito, 4 years smoke free!

    congrats stu, amazing job! treat yourself to something good
  8. Tink

    Show us your pets.

    our 3 stinkers, just like having 3 x 2 year old toddlers in the house, they own us and the house and on most days my sanity but we love them
  9. Tink

    Some News

    wonderful news, congratulations x
  10. Tink

    Jan 2018 Roll Call

  11. Tink

    Day 3

    hi Edie, I would say that its perfectly acceptable for you to ask your wife to support you by not smoking near you and maybe having to go outside in the cold just might push her to quit to? how are you doing?
  12. Tink

    moving your butt?

    dipping my toes into a bit of crossfit, OMG I couldnt move my arms for 3 days and thats just the beginners and I was half arsed at it too
  13. Tink

    Chrispy Is 5 Years Quit Today!

    congrats on 5 years crispy
  14. Tink

    My Life Long Smoking Friend......

    I am so sorry Doreen, it is heartbreaking :( sending you love and hugs across the water xxx

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