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  1. Glad to see u and baby are both still smoke free chick! well done! keep that baby smoke free!! xxx
  2. Not much of a friend then is he ;-) xx
  3. Keep going chick, never quit quitting! xxx
  4. Action - I am so happy to read this - I was wondering the other day how you were and I haven't been online for like a week or more, just been so busy! but yey! you are all clear!! thank god for that! xxx
  5. Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around much, work has been super busy and I just haven't had the time! I am still around and still 100% smoke free :D Hope everyone is well! xxx
  6. Hi - This is in reply to Scott - sorry don't know why my quote wont work when I click it, it's not showing up. I eat hard cheese, mostly mature cheddar, up until this last week I eat it daily and I eat quite a lot of it. For example - lunch baked potato with tuna and cheese / butter. Then some crisps (if ur in the usa then potato chips), choc bar. I drink around 6-8 coffees a day. I have now switched to de-caff and I have cut back to around 4 cups. I am still getting some nicotine in my system because although I am very much smoke free, I do use a vapour. I smoked for 20 years, the last 8 or so 20 smokes a day. I don't get as much exercise as I should! a little 20 minute walk daily. I have made a conscious effort this week to eat healthy and cut back on carbs, although the problem still exists, feels like I am blocked as I feel I need to go poop but whatever comes out is not enough lol. The last few days I have jam packed my diet with lots of fresh fruit, water, veg, fresh chicken and have avoided any cheese. xxx
  7. Friday feeling :D xx

    1. Petra


      Woot Woot!

  8. I also suffer anxiety btw and have been quite stressed recently...but I am now making small changes to the diet to see if this helps, like cutting down on cheese and eating a lower fat one less often, cutting out as much potatoes and bread and milk. if it's not improved over the course of next week i'll go and see the doctor for sure. L xx
  9. No no I don't mind talking about it. I seem to be having some 'issues' - I had this before a few months back and it kind of went away and now it has come back again. First off - I have to admit that my diet is terrible just now since I quit smoking I have basically been eating whatever I bloody like! and I am normally quite good with food and eating a balanced diet. I have been eating a lot of heavy things like potatoes and a LOT of cheese (I love cheese). I am now suffering with bloating in my upper abdomen (like above the belly button). Lots and lots of gas (sorry I am pumpy pants lol) I feel full very quickly and I get tummy cramps and need to urgently go to the toilet but then sometimes I feel I need to go more but nothing.... I think I might have a touch of IBS?? xx
  10. Had my first baby 16 months ago. I am 33. COPD runs in my family. I had a terrible cough in the mornings, back pain and gum issues. It just hit me like a brick that if I didn't stop now at 33, that I would probably be dead by 53. There's no way I can put smoking before my son, it's that simple. I need to be here to bring him up and watch him grow. I am not going to do it gasping for breath! xx
  11. Thank u El Bandito!! :D xx
  12. It wont just paste in and when I use the code it's just coming up all the text? xxx
  13. Ha ha I am struggling to get my sig back, can someone give me a little step by step tutorial? when I post the code it's just coming up as code, I must be doing something dumb! lol xxx

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