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  1. Michael.  I have 3 years nicotine free. 37 years sober in AA.  Love your content here..please keep posting


  2. Soberjulie

    Does anyone still post here?

    I don’t post often, but I’m checking in today. Who is it that says “Don’t put things in your mouth and light them on fire”?
  3. Soberjulie

    My fb timeline reminded me!

    Bakon, I seriously think of you often! Your attitude is one I’m working hard to cultivate. I called one of my grown kids a window-licker the other day. They weren’t amused. I was 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ Your brother is taking me to Jamaica in 3 weeks. He bought earplugs and claimed they were for the plane. I don’t buy it.
  4. Soberjulie

    chicks or sticks

  5. Soberjulie

    My fb timeline reminded me!

    4 years smoke free. I would have forgotten....but my Facebook timeline reminded me. I would have forgotten because a long time ago I quit thinking “I’m quitting smoking” and simply transitioned into a non-smoker. My new grandson was my motivation; I didn’t want to be ‘stinky grandma’. When my motivation would feel shaky, so many folks here provided me with reminders. I will be eternally grateful
  6. Soberjulie

    Good morning, Doreen and Happy Anniversary!!

    Happy Anniversary you lovely soul! You were such a kind and gentle inspiration to me on these boards! Big hugs to you!!
  7. Soberjulie

    The One Year Commitment

    Doreen, would you believe it? I have TWO little men now. Mav was three in Jan (just ahead of my quit date) and Daxton will be one next month
  8. Soberjulie

    The One Year Commitment

    Hiya all you sweet smelling non-smokers! Checking in!
  9. Soberjulie

    How I would get people to stop

    That was my initial motivation to quit! I had just been given a beautiful new grandbaby...... and I had a fleeting thought that if I didn't quit, I would come to be known as "the stinky grandma"
  10. Soberjulie

    Just remembering....

    See? LMAO!!
  11. Soberjulie

    I'm sure we all wish Evelyn a speedy recovery

    I wish I remembered how to post pics or gif's. I'd post one like the one above me!
  12. Soberjulie

    Just remembering....

    I'm having a chuckle... I'm remembering the creation of this board after some of us imploded on that other board. I'm remembering how angry I was. I mean, REALLY ANGRY. I now know that I was never really angry at MQ (geez, I aimed a lot his way) or Greenlover who just fed it to me straight, and not on a silver spoon either. There were various trolls that made great targets for my anger. There were 'sides'. Remember taking sides in fights that I no longer remember the significance of?? Remember when Tiffany got a goat?!?! How awesome was that? I remember how calm Colleen always seemed to be....I really admired that. I still do. I envy calm. I don't do calm very well. Nancy and Doreen were my momma figures, always encouraging and being gentle and kind and loving. And Bacon! Oh gosh....the best distraction from my anger ever. Always with the non-PC humour, exactly the kind I like. Remember Comrade Simba? He was angry like me! My brother-in-arms! And his serene wife.....Aine? I remember thinking she was the kinda gal I'd want to teach me yoga! And Sarg.....oh Sarg....with his embrace the suck bullshit that turned out to not be bullshit. In fact, embrace the suck has worked wonders in many areas of my life....and I've passed it on to my kid in college who uses that philosophy too. JellyBean and Stuart and young hat guy.... So many people. So many laughs. Thanks all.
  13. Soberjulie

    Game *The Food Game*

    Eggs Benedict
  14. Soberjulie

    Am I Protecting My Quit? Are You?

    Hmmmm. Great post MQ I thought a lot about protecting my quit early on. When I was watching days turn into weeks.....then into months...arriving at that 1yr mark...and even beyond. Every so often, I'd have a fleeting thought "I'd like a cigarette". It happens occasionally with booze too...the fleeting thought that "I want a cosmopolitan or a martini". I tend to look at those thoughts as an observer. More importantly, I look at those thoughts with truth. I might think I want a martini....but I've never drank one of anything in my life. Same goes for cigarettes...... When I observe those random thoughts, I remember that I have them because I'm an addict. My mom doesn't have random thoughts about smoking because she's never been addicted to nicotine. I haven't thought about protecting my quit in a long time. But complacency is not good either. I think...just like with my alcoholism and (other) drug addictions, the best insurance policy is to pass along my experiences to others.
  15. Podcasts!! I'm a new junkie, and I indulge my ears every chance I get. Any of y'all listen to podcasts? Which ones?

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