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    My family are the most important part of my life. Apart from them I am about to learn how to cook new things, live a healthier lifestyle and enjoy every single day.

    I've smoked practically my whole life but am looking forward to rediscovering myself as a non smoker 😀

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  1. Lilly

    Day 1 again!!!

    I completely understand addiction Jane which is why I said what I did about the fear but smoking at the same time. I hope nobody else decides to take the kid gloves off because right now isn't the time to kick me. If all people can see in that post is a relapse then I hope they will just walk away and not contribute.
  2. Lilly

    Day 1 again!!!

    I feel absolutely disgusted at myself but I'm chain smoking, crying and feeling terrified. I have had a sore in my mouth for weeks and I don't have my own teeth so at first thought that was the cause. I can feel it with my tongue and this morning it feels much bigger. I got the thought of it being cancer in my head and the thought has spiralled out of control. I can't tell anyone as it just doesn't seem right to scare everyone else. I have got doctors at 3.50 but my mind is just going into overdrive. The stupidest part of all is I'm sobbing at the thought of cancer, but lighting up the very thing that causes it. I'm sorry I'm just really scared and needed to talk to someone but this probably isn't the right place.
  3. Lilly

    Feeling a little vulnerable

    Oh Linda my heart goes out to you. I am positive you bring as much love to her life as she does to yours. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers x
  4. Lilly

    Day 1 again!!!

    I was really scared logging in but I'm so glad I did. Thanks everyone.
  5. Lilly

    Day 1 again!!!

    And I promise you will see all 12 charms Jillar 😀
  6. Lilly

    Day 1 again!!!

    Agree with everything Jane especially this - This time we commit to the quit! we embrace the quit! we love the quit! This quit is the one that will save your life.
  7. Lilly

    Day 1 again!!!

    I don't keep any cigarettes Pottanramu. That would be a disaster waiting to happen. I'm staying well away from alcohol Whispers.
  8. Lilly

    Day 1 again!!!

    Thanks Reci. Pottanramu I'm a bit confused why you did a laughing smiley?
  9. Lilly

    Day 1 again!!!

    I am sure you all guessed that I smoked on my birthday due to my lack of updates. I drank way too much and learnt that I can't be trusted around alcohol. I wasn't sure whether I should show my face here again and feel really embarrassed. I realised today that beating myself up was not helping in any way. I was just running towards smoking and getting further away from a quit. So I've stopped the self pity and restarted the clock.
  10. Hope all is well Lilly!!

    1. Lilly


      It all went wrong but have quit today. Full of regret but can't keep looking back. Thanks for checking in though. 

  11. Congratulations on quitting. I love the charm bracelet idea.

    1. Lilly


      Thanks but I have had to restart my quit. Very happy to see you clocking up the days though. 

  12. Lilly

    Day 1 Begins

    You all are so thoughtful. Just wanted to pop in and give a final wave off as leaving now 😀😀
  13. Lilly

    Day 1 Begins

    Thanks for the posts and the cake is making me drool. I slept through most of Day 1 but made it into Day 2. I feel completely out of it. If you've ever had an operation you will know that awful feeling as you come round. I feel like that every minute. I don't know if I'm capable of putting my own shoes on the right feet this morning. Today I'm off for my birthday so won't post again until Monday. Have a lovely weekend everyone. 😀
  14. Good Luck with the results. I'm sure all your hard work will have paid off 😀
  15. Lilly

    Day 1 Begins

    I had the best night's sleep ever last night. I think it's probably because it was the first night I hadn't gone to bed with my head full of "I need to quit" thoughts. I lay in bed for an hour before I felt brave enough to get up. Now I'm up I'm feeling a bit lost. I'm going to go back to bed as I feel safest there. I'm a bit sweaty (sorry for that image), my legs feel a bit shaky and my heart is racing like I've just had an enormous fright. On the positive side I'm not crying which I did a lot of last time. The plan today is to try and sleep as much as I can. It will pass the time hopefully. Tomorrow I'm off for my birthday week-end so at least I'll be busy for 3 days. In half an hour I will be at the 12 hour mark. I have got sheets of paper in my quit box with the numbers 1-24 and every hour I cross off the hour I have completed. It felt good to cross off 9 hours in one go this morning. Will shout if I need you 😀

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