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  1. Lilly

    Bad day

    You are a very strong person. Living with an abusive partner takes so much strength and courage. You dreamt of two negatives from your past but the important piece is you left them both behind. They ruined your life and your quit but they are gone. You have to keep your mind in the present and focus on your quit and your awesome partner. That is all that matters and all that is important. Don't give either of those two past negatives in your life any power. Be glad they are both gone. If you smoked under these circumstances all you will do is give your ex that manipulating abusive power back. You're worth so much more x x
  2. Well done on not smoking. Stress is the main excuse everyone uses to light up but you stayed smoke free. Go and treat yourself to something - definitely deserved.
  3. Double celebration on Sunday just gone. My Birthday and completed 7 months quit. Best birthday present to myself
  4. Money brings happiness so I would go where the money is. Loving a job is all well and good but the harsh reality is they don't love you back. You leave and they will replace you and in a couple of months they'll be like opah who. You may have less time with your family but the quality of life with all that money will be so much better. You've got retirement to be with each other 24/7.
  5. Lilly

    True or False

    False. TNP has a great singing voice.
  6. Vivianne I have to say that breakfast was so simple but so gorgeous. It's definitely going to be a regular for me x
  7. Keeping yourself from buying that pack is pretty easy. As humans we can stop ourselves doing anything we want to whether it's addiction or not. If your best friend was dating a real hot man and he made a pass at you then you wouldn't jump into bed with him (unless you really don't care). It's the same tactic - just because it's tempting doesn't mean you have to go there. There's people on this site who have sadly lost their lives to smoking. Go find some of those threads because believe me they really do put smoking in perspective. There's a great Joel thread about a mum who's family are coming for the day, and another about a woman who leaves her baby sleeping and walks through a dangerous park to get her fix. I wish I could point you to them but I can't seem to post the links. You can do this but only if you keep those cigarettes out of reach.
  8. This sounds delicious (minus the bacon). I'm having that for my breakfast in the morning
  9. Thanks Abby. You're right - I have forgotten how hard it can be and it's not really their fault. Dinner was great and the company was even better. They did ask me a lot about my quit and kept saying how proud they were x
  10. So I had dinner with someone I hadn't seen for 5 years tonight and they still smoke. It was really pissing me off that they kept just "popping outside for a cigarette.". Our catch up conversation kept getting interrupted so they could go and get their fix. Each time I sat there on my own just waiting the 5 minutes for them to get back. I still can't decide if I was being selfish or they were. After five years of not seeing me couldn't they have waited 90 minutes to smoke.
  11. But they will still sell traditional cigarettes;that also cause deaths. The irony
  12. A I do think it's odd that after all these years of people vaping suddenly this is happening. Maybe it is the THC. Maybe it's the nicotine salts that are used. Maybe it's since Juul came along. In the States you are allowed 59mg of nicotine in one pod. They only allow 20mg here in the Juul pods. What I find strange is why they haven't found an actual cause. Based on the media it seems all that is being done is questioning the people affected looking for a link. Why aren't they testing the e-liquids these people have used? There doesn't seem to be much effort going into finding out the cause. If this was NCIS then Abbey would have known exactly what the killer ingredients were by now. I'm not sure a conspiracy caused this, but I do think there might be a bit of a conspiracy in not revealing the cause. I do have a feeling that they aren't confirming anything to damage the vaping industry. When people are dying it's not about whether you agree or disagree with vaping - it should only be about why those lives have been lost. It's very weird it's all in America though.
  13. Abby I hope you're feeling better. Thinking of you x x x
  14. They are beautiful @catlover
  15. I would never have linked smoking and cholesterol so thanks for posting about it.

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