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  1. In a couple of days I will be 3 months quit. I am doing my celebration thread now as I am not sure when I will be visiting the forum again as I am moving home. So I'm clinking my glass and making a little speech. Firstly I just want to thank ALL of you for supporting me through this quit. I do however want to give enormous thanks to the people who have been with me from the start of this journey. Those of you who found the patience to keep willing me on through so many failed attempts. Secondly I am pleased to say that I am smoke free and now nicotine free Until next time - Love you all xxxxxx
  2. @Doreensfree I too want to send you love and good thoughts X x x
  3. Lilly

    when will i feel good

    This made me laugh so much because it is just typical smoker thinking. Having a heart attack and switching to organic food was my favourite lol. You are so right in that the real test is when you feel better. I didn't smoke for a week once bed ridden with a cold. When I recovered it was only a matter of time (I'm talking 2 hours max) before I forgot how I'd been feeling and was back to smoking. My advice is to reach out here when you feel at your weakest. That is when you find out how powerful this place is.
  4. Nice to meet you Richard and good luck on your quit journey x
  5. Congratulations on your quit. I have taken baths every night for the last 50 plus years. Not sure why you think having a daily bath is a problem? Is there something I don't know lol. I bought really expensive bath products and body lotions like Estée Lauder, gucci etc when I quit. I smelt so good that I wouldn't have wanted to cover that smell with smoke. I also bought strong washing liquid and softener for my clothes. Smelling nice was a big part of why I never lit up.
  6. This should get the dumbest idea award. Unless they actually ban smoking then what exactly have they achieved. Smokers will just stock up or drive to get a pack. It will never stop kids smoking!
  7. Martian thank you for this. It's a reminder that smoking is responsible for problems we don't even think about. I'm sorry to hear you're suffering and hope you get it all sorted quickly x
  8. Congratulations on 3 years quit Jillar. Just want to thank you for everything you do for the forum. You're advice is always welcome and you really are a very big part of this place. I hope you spoil yourself today - you really deserve it x x x
  9. Jillar you are on fire. Great result on both parts x
  10. You are a strong woman MLMR - so proud of you. Sending lots of positive thoughts for you and your mum x
  11. This thread was a big trigger for me - so **"" triggers!!!
  12. Wondering why so many people log in but don't post??

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