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  1. Do what you wanna do - T-Connection How do you describe Australia?
  2. I think you should deal with quitting before you take on any dieting plans. I would give it at least until the six month mark.
  3. As everyone knows I don't have anything against e-cigarettes. Hadn't heard of the one in Linda's article so looked it up. This is a really long article so it might put you off reading it but in a nutshell it looks like there are whispers that their reports on how great this product is are a bit *cough* inaccurate. https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/tobacco-iqos-science/
  4. I'm with Jillar on this. When I was young I never saw any smoking ads and nobody smoked on any TV I watched. People at school smoked as did my mum. I smoked through choice and I have to take responsibility for my own actions. I continued to do it even though I knew the risks. Electronic cigarettes are a big market and tobacco companies are a business. From that perspective it makes sense that they go where the money is.
  5. To be honest I wasn't offended by your original post but I would be lying if I said I wasn't by your response above. I was feeling pretty proud of myself but some views on here regarding NRT bring me down. For the record I don't feel that I'm trading one addiction for another. I feel I'm walking across a bridge where I left cigarettes behind me, when I get to the end of the bridge I step onto nicotine free land. I want to celebrate and brag about my quit but those types of comments just make me feel deflated.
  6. Smoking in the heat is never enjoyable. I wish I had some wise advice to give you but I have no experience. Just wanted you to know I'm rooting for you and I know you'll get through.
  7. @Ankush I'm glad the documentaries helped you. What is helping me right now is NRT. Whilst I appreciate that being nicotine free is the goal I don't agree with you that NRT is up there with cigarettes and e-cigarettes.
  8. I Don't Care - Cheryl Have you ever done anything illegal?
  9. @Cbdave I missed seeing your daily pledge thread when I was away I'm not smoking today.
  10. Lilly


    @jillar that deserves a high five
  11. I saw this picture the other day. Was it all caused by a lady being hit by a train and killed
  12. Thanks Jo. It probably feels like a chore sometimes but I have to say seeing mine today made me feel incredible. You make peoples day X X X
  13. @WeegieWoman I did fine but obviously I had my patch on so that is probably why. I drunk so much I am thinking I might still be over the limit if I drove lol.
  14. @notsmokinjo you made me feel really special when I saw this thread. I can't tell you how much it meant to see you had still done me my proper one month post. Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement. I am back from being in a country where smokers are everywhere and I'm still smoke free. Going away was a big test for me as usually as soon as I'm away I light up!!!

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