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  1. Gone on my technology break 😀

    1. Sazerac


      protect your quit with everything you got, Lilly !

  2. You can't help yourself can you!!! You were wrong in another thread. You're not a "closet" a-hole 🙄🙄🙄
  3. Lilly

    Happy Birthday to our Favourite Martian

    Happy Birthday Martian. Hope it's a great day x
  4. Lilly

    Just signed up

    Congratulations 😀
  5. That was addressed at the time Reci. Redemption hasn't turned into the Robert Downey of NRT and he clearly said in his post he had 3 today. All I'm saying is a bit of encouragement would help his quit much more than flogging the NRT intake.
  6. Just out of curiosity why are people focussing so much on Redemptions nicotine gum use? He is so early in his quit and he isn't smoking which is an achievement all on its own. As Weegie said the usual course is 12 weeks and he is nowhere near that. NRT allows people to deal with the psychological side of quitting and then once it finishes the withdrawal has to be dealt with. In my humble opinion the withdrawal is the least of people's problems when quitting smoking. Would be nice just once for people to congratulate him on another day quit rather than keep posting about his NRT usage.
  7. Lilly

    I keep failing PLEASE help!!

    Leon I have someone very close to me who has schizophrenia and so I'm not surprised you're having trouble quitting. My advice to you would be to take your NRT or carry on with your vaping and just keep trying. Try and find a British forum where people are more open to vaping, and who are just focused on people not smoking actual cigarettes. Good Luck and don't give up trying.
  8. There you go Redemption - hopefully Weegie Woman's post will make you feel happier about things 👌
  9. Better to be using the gum than smoking. Just give yourself a plan with the gum and stick with it.
  10. Hope you are ok Kate. Let your grief take its natural course and when you feel ready we will be here for you. Take good care of yourself x
  11. Good work - just keep getting through one day at a time 😀
  12. Lilly

    I keep failing PLEASE help!!

    Never disagreed with why he fails?
  13. Lilly

    I keep failing PLEASE help!!

    Leon I read one of your threads on your vaping forum. To be honest I stopped reading at page 15. They weren't calling you a troll they had just lost patience after years of trying to help you. They were frustrated that you kept going back to smoking instead of vaping. If you want to quit smoking/vaping you will find support like you wouldn't believe here. It is possible to quit while living with smokers. I live with two and they were never responsible for my relapses - that was all on me. I never smoked their cigarettes and I never would. Joel Spitzer has a great way to get people to stop offering them. When they offer you one take it and say with relief in your voice thanks. Then tear it up and tell them how good it felt. They will be pissed and won't be so quick to offer you another. I hope you get your quit so never quit quitting 😀
  14. Lilly

    Phrase Connect Game

    Best manager EVER 👌👌
  15. Lilly

    What are you doing right now

    To be honest I rarely actually watch much. There are so many channels I spend half the night flicking through them. I don't have the attention span to sit and watch TV. I find myself wanting to get up and do something after 10 minutes. I'm more of a put on a nice classical CD type of person.

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