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  1. Lilly

    Hello Quit Train Members

    Sending you lots of positivity for your quit Mona 😁
  2. I might wait until I've been walking for a few more weeks before venturing into anything too challenging. Going by your photo you're gorgeous Weegie and I'm pretty sure you're not needing to lose any weight. I do understand though that no matter how great people say we look we have to feel happy with our own weight and bodies. You kicked smoking so I'm sure you'll be in great shape for your holiday. You got this 😁
  3. Lilly

    Newborn Quitter

    LOL OK 🙄
  4. I saw an advertisement for this once and it looked really hard. Its way out of my league I think. I've been walking every day and I can feel a massive difference already.
  5. Lilly

    Newborn Quitter

    I just think it's naive to think that everything that is said is BS. It may well be to you and plenty of others BUT millions of people quit every day with the help of that so called BS. People quit years before the internet and they still quit without it. A lot of people quit successfully who attend quit groups and they spout that BS on a weekly basis. You may not like that BS but it works for some even if not for you.
  6. My mum tried to smoke with oxygen. It shows how much of a grip this addiction has. Even when you know you're dying you still want to smoke ☹️
  7. Lilly


    Which is why we have smileys - they show they are a joke
  8. Lilly

    Saturday Poll: Potatos....

    Good thanks
  9. Lilly


    It was a joke Sazerac. Putting a confused face on all my posts is making it look like I'm being mean to everyone!!!!
  10. Lilly

    Newborn Quitter

    I haven't missed her point everyone, I just don't agree with it.
  11. I got rid of technology for a couple of weeks and now I barely use it. I went back to how life used to be and it's way better. I don't do everything on line which means I actually see the world around me. The people I speak to on a daily basis are real and not just names on the internet. Sorry if that offends you all but believe me a laugh is so much better when you hear it rather than just seeing an emoji and an LOL. I really believed it was just teenagers who sat with their face in their phone all day and night but I was just as bad. I think I started to neglect the real life people around me because I spent so much time typing posts on forums. Everyone should give up technology for a couple of weeks and reconnect with life. You have no idea how much you're missing.
  12. Lilly


    Yes you're crazy 😉
  13. Lilly

    Saturday Poll: Potatos....

    Potatoes have to be my favourite food but if I have to pick one then mash.
  14. Lilly

    JimHannoonen is 2 Years Smoke Free!

    Well done to you. That is something to be very proud of.
  15. Lilly

    Newborn Quitter

    Why are you angry? I thought we were supposed to be angry at tobacco companies so why you so angry at people that are just trying to help others quit? It might sound like BS to you but if it's helping someone else quit then surely that's a good thing. Millions of people quit smoking every day and they are doing it with that so called BS advice. It's great that you're however many months quit but don't knock what makes help others. Its all education - however it's put.

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