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  1. Happy smoke free holidays everyone!! Still going! Will be more social online after all the offline social pressure is off.


    1. Mee


      Great to hear.  Happy Holidays to you also!

    2. jillar


      Merry Christmas to you too Vivianne :)

  2. Still Nope-ing everyday!! Just not spending time online.Busy as hell.. but still onboard!


  3. Conratulations!! You are a true inspiration Sir!!
  4. So much suffering and pain.. lighting an extra candle tonight...
  5. Daughter turned 18 today! *emotional*
  6. I applaud all off you! Wow.. so strong willed. I am very happy I don't have smokers in my home.
  7. Hey Tony welcome aboard! Everything has been said by now. So I will keep it short. Be honest and sincere Take the addicition serious! Be open and ask for help before you take that first puff!
  8. Ready to go out and get the "new" car!
  9. Thinking about you guys out there!! I hope you are all safe..

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