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  1. thanks paul. im trying really hard to, to stop thinking about it
  2. yes that is the problem. i keep giving in the cravings every now and then and go back to smoking. and then i have to keep going thourgh the nicotine wthdrawl stuff. it sucks. im going to try and make this the last time i have to go through this
  3. think i have a spare pen arond the house some place
  4. thanks all for the reply and sugestions. im working on them. drinking lots of water and every 30 minutes or so i go out to the backyard a pace around for 10 minutes
  5. i smoked my last smoke last night before i went to bed last night. today, its around 12 noon time. i am going out of my mind trying to get through the rest of the day. please help :)
  6. Thanks all for the replys. I fell off the wagon again. As of today i am going to give it a go again and hopefully for good this time. I got some nicotine patches and nicotine gum to help me quit this time around. Hopefully i can quit for good this time and be done with it
  7. im on my 2nd full day now of no smoking and it is no fun. i couldn't sleep at all last night. earlier i googled nicotine whithdrawl and then started reading some of the links. it appears insomnia is part of quitting smoking. hope i can get through this quit this time. anyone have any ideas on how to cope?
  8. I tried quiting back in 2015. I was able to quit for about 4 months cold turkey. Then i developed some health problams and went right back to it. Here i am almost 5 years later and i want to quit for good this time no matter what. Can anyone on here give me some pointers on how to quit for good and maybye some words of encouragement? Thanks
  9. yes i was feeling better last year but i had a darn relapse last year. and started back up. so today i made the decision to quit again cold turkey. i sure feel like crap for going back to it, but i hope i can make it stick the time
  10. hi etd. the site deos help. i wish i was on my day 4 already, again :)
  11. thanks el. i should kept more on here. it does help to vent and talk to other people
  12. i hoped things worked out well for you tyme2b. for me things went down hill again. i quit for 4 months then about a 5 weeks ago i started having problums with my porstate. went to the doctors a few times, one trip the er. all that time i was so stressed out and bothered from the pain i was suffering with my prostate and bladder, i started smoking again. so i guess its been 2 weeks now that i went back to smoking a pack a day. the medication they got my taking for my problum is dehydrating me to know end. i am unable to hydate fully wheni go to bed for the night. so i take my meds before i go to sleep , then wake up the next monring feeling worse and worse. this morning i woke up and drank 2 cups of coffee and did 2 smoke breaks. got done with the second smoke break, came back in house and had the feeling of shortness of breath. so i was forced to use an inhaler. it worked some what. im doing a little better now. but i feel like im back to gorund 0 again and that 4 months of nt smoking was all for nothing. so here we go again. made the decision once again to try and stop smoking again starting today, cold turkey
  13. cutting down on the coffee would probly be a good idea. i drink about 6 cups a day
  14. well an update on where im at with kicking the bad habbit. its been about a month an a half now since i lit up a smoke. breathing has gotten better. still having a hard time getting a good nights sleep though. i cant figure that one out
  15. well ive been slipping for the last week. and this morning im feeling even worse. so i got up justt now and what cigs i had left i broke them in half and threw them away. im gonna beat this damn thing no matter how hard it is

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