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  1. Nope. Nope. Nope. I get to choose!
  2. so you are entertaining the urge to start back smoking. Stop being a prisoner to your smoking addiction. You are stronger that that. You are worth so much more than your addiction. You do deserve this. Quit self sabotaging yourself Dont you get it? There are only two legit reasons to go back to smoking. . 1. You want to go back to smoking until it cripples or kills you....or both . 2. You enjoyed the physical withdrawal and you never want it to end. Think back to the day you quit, how were you feeling then about smoking? How many years did you smoke? How long did you want to stop? If I go back to smoking will I even want to quit again? Will I wish I hadn't of lit up? When will I quit again? Is smoking now worth giving up all the work I've invested in stopping? Will quitting be easier next time? You know the answer to all these questions but you still ask them. Hun that is your disease doing the talking and thinking for you. I can do this. Remember when your daughter said, " I cant do this". You told her, "can't never could do nothing". Most of all live and think in the right now. This very minute. I will not smoke!
  3. You all are AWESOME. Everything you said was spot on. It was beautiful outside today. I did inspect my honeybee hives and I did it without a smoke. I did it even better and quicker(less chance for stings) because I didnt have to stop and find where I laid the smokes or to stop and relight the smoke. I hate the urges but I know that they are a part of me getting well. Learning with each one that, yes I can still do this and it will be okay. I Think back to quit day. Why I quit and why it's still true 9 days later. Thank you Saz, Boo, Doreen, Johnny, Jillar and Linda. Have a wonderful evening. Nope, Nope, Nope!
  4. I really want to smoke yall
  5. Had these thoughts this a.m. You can smoke just one or a puff of one. You can start back and quit another day. Might as well smoke I am a beekeeper and smoking kept me calm. How can I be a beekeeper if I dont smoke?. How can I remain calm. I probably wont enjoy it now. Nothings going to be enjoyable now. Just smoke and get it over with. Nobody believes you can quit. Look at how many times you've tried. Might as well smoke. Just a bunch of crapola thinking that gets me sad. Need to check on the honeybees and make sure they still have food stores but just dont have the desire to do that or anything. Crapola I miss my smoking. Crazy thinking...no! Junkie thinking...yes! I will not smoke, NOPE
  6. Good morning. On day 8. Just checking in. Nope, nope, nope!
  7. yippee ki yayyyyyy . Honestly, I don't think I have another quit in me. I've really been thinking some deep thoughts. I have to learn how to live life as a ex-smoker. Now a non-smoker would find that statement crazy. Everything, and I mean everything, was done with a poison stick in my mouth or between my fingers.. I'm like a baby learning to crawl. I would say walk but i've got to master crawling first. I wake up and remind myself...I'm an ex-smoker and start my day. At times I celebrate and in that same hour I rage. So many of my feelings were handled with a cigarette and learning how to handle them without is hard but doable. I just remind myself that I have come to far to blow it now. Why would I go back to that place after rising out of the ashes. I have to protect my quit and hold it like the baby it is . Today I will not smoke. Nope, Nope, Nope I have Hope, Hope, Hope !
  8. I've been reading and watching videos since waking up. I woke up to some strong urges, worse than in beginning. Trying to stay positive. Trying to be happy about quitting. I've heard attitude is everything. Well mine has been crappy today but it's still early. I will not smoke today!
  9. Hi all. Just wanted to say hi. I've been lurking all afternoon as I have had some strong urges. Reading the highs and lows help. I will not smoke right now. That's all I've got as I'm living in the right now at this moment. Peace!✌

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