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  1. I'd like to know the site consensus as to what constitutes a quit. Is it giving up setting fire to tobacco or is it a total absence of nicotine however it's delivered.
  2. I'm four weeks into my quit and cold turkey is the only way for me.
  3. لا نفخة واحدة على الإطلاق
  4. Hmm, I'll have to try some Vegemite now.
  5. Do you mean Vegemite as 'the other stuff'? I thought it was the same as Marmite. Or do you mean the highly controversial, could cause WW3, beetroot, pineapple combo on a burger?
  6. That's the same as Marmite here. It's great stuff but the secret is to spread it as thinly as possible on toast. Otherwise it's too strong.
  7. Sounds weird but I'd give it a try. In fact, I will try it the next time I have a burger. Sometimes weird mixtures are a revelation.
  9. @reciprocity commented on taste buds being re-born in another thread of mine so I thought I would start a dedicated one on the subject. I bought a packet of dried cous cous, rice, lentil etc. concoction from Aldi and have just tried it. Now this just wasn't me, previously, to eat this sort of stuff but I must admit it was very tasty. I'll always love the bacon and egg side of cuisine but I'm exploring different stuff especially things that will help control weight gain after my quit. It's opening up a new area of interest due to flavours being allowed to express themselves now. I'm not an extremist about anything in life so I will treat myself to naughty things on occasion but I think I've enough willpower left over to have healthy eating as part of my quit package. Any thoughts, suggestions?
  10. I was looking at my ticker with some pride at how many I haven't smoked as well as the cash saved. It got me wondering about how big the totals of all the members on here would be. It would be a boost to everyone and would give a huge group feel to the wonderful thing we have done together. Is there a way of doing this without having to count each one?

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