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  1. I may have and it looks like a rare sunny one. I live on the edge of the park that hosts it but I work alternate weekends so have to catch it when I'm off.
  2. "Sucking and eventually crunching up Trebor Extra Strong Mints are the reason why my Cold Turkey Quit has been so successful" I used those hard, tiny but powerful liquorice pellets during my first quit to give that hit at the back of throat.
  3. I missed this thread somehow. Get well soon.
  4. Sorry, I posted a pic of my brother by mistake. This is me.
  5. Phil (mightyboosh) 5 months quit. Still not a millionaire despite all the lottery tickets I've bought. This is me.
  6. 𝕹𝖔𝖕𝖊 ǝdoN ภ๏קє ₦Ø₱Ɇ 刀のア乇 ≋N≋o≋p≋e≋
  7. Homesick for the red planet? Good luck in all you do. Martians are cool! NOPE
  8. I know, it's hard to believe but there we are. I think that there are extremists on any subject and these folks are extreme smokers.
  9. I work with a guy in a secure NHS hospital who's been placed on a nicotine regime. He has nicotine spray on the hour then a lozenge the next hour and so on. He really is a slave to this and I see him constantly clock watching and getting more agitated as the hour approaches. It doesn't help in that he can't tell the time easily so is constantly asking how many minutes are left to go. Sometimes the nurse is a few minutes late in administrating the legally prescribed poison and that can lead to him becoming unsettled on occasion. It's mentally draining for himself, other clients and staff alike. I believe in cold turkey myself as anything else is just prolonging the pain of something that has to be done eventually. Good luck @BeautifulAspie1970

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