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  1. Way to go Bat! Congratulations on an epic quit!
  2. Way to go Gus! Congratulations and wow so much money saved! 10 years! Do you feel like a never smoker?
  3. Hey thanks everybody! 2 years already, wow! Well I have the pounds to prove it! lol still trying to get those off along with the quarantine flub. Feels great not having to run out and buy cigarettes! Nothing smells like smoke anymore...woohoo!!! Thanks for all the support you all provide. Love riding this train!!!
  4. Congratulations on your first year quit, Linda!!! I know this was so rough, but you pressed on, and here you are! The rest should be easier! Stay vigilant, but definitely reward yourself with anything except nicotine!!!!! Keep up the great work!
  5. Welcome back Kenzie! Glad you dusted yourself off and jumped back on board the train! Don't punish yourself for relapsing - simply rejoice that you are quit again! Whatever derailed you -- figure that out and put a plan in place to overcome a similar situation next time. Hopefully then you won't trip on that stumbling block again. Time to eat, exercise, sip water, chew cinnamon sticks and hit that air cigarette! You can do this, and you are so worth the effort! Keep up the great work!!
  6. @KEL Hey Kel! Glad that is helpful to you. Yes, it's a real concern, right. For me, normal meant a certain way of feeling and being in the world. I could remember feeling a sort of a peacefulness, or gentle equilibrium, back before I got hooked. In moments when I was pitter-pattering around my little world undisturbed, usually at the crack of dawn while the house was still sleeping. I remembered that feeling, and it struck me that that was my normal way back when, so I wondered if I would ever get that back. I got it! It's the absence of the addiction keeping you ill at ease 24/7. You will get there and you will feel soo much better
  7. Congratulations Linda! Its been a struggle, and you made it and will keep making it! You got this!!
  8. I still like the smell sometimes. Oftentimes it sickens me, though. I also notice how being around 2nd hand smoke will have me coughing a little the next day, so I know it's bad for me.
  9. Happy Holidays everyone! I wanted to come back to this and answer my own question after nearly 2 years off the nicotine. I think the brain does recover 100%, or at least enough to feel like it's 100% recovered. I guess its been a few months now that I feel like I used to feel before I got hooked on nicotine so long ago. Feel normal again. Yay! So, yes, eventually you do feel normal again after quitting smoking! Just keep that quit!
  10. Hey Linda just remember this the next occasion you are so thoroughly tempted. Great job remembering your priorities woman -- woohoo!!
  11. Lucky 7! Congratulations, Johnny! Way to get back to healthy!
  12. Congratulations on 4 years, Notsmokinjo! Woohoo all the money you have saved! Great job and just keep going!
  13. Congratulations on 8 years Sazerac! All that money and lung capacity saved. Woohoo!

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