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  1. The occasional one leads to another...maybe only one a month for several month. Then an event speeds up the interval. Then something else happens and you smoke again. Now you're at one a week. Boom b4 u know it full on smoking again. How many slips...depends on the person for sure. But just one can get it done.
  2. Cool dreaming of reaffirming your quit, Kate! I dream about relapsing here and there, and I'm always upset about it in my dream. Upon waking I'm always relieved it was only a dream, and recalling my disappointed feelings makes me reaffirm my quit. Great job on your deep seated resolve!
  3. Might as well quit before your habit gets deeply cemented again...and the coughs anjd junk return, etc. You can do it! Think of all the money you will have for other endeavors. Your desire to be able to breathe is stronger than the nicotine addiction. Focus on that as it is the #1 goal when you really get down to it. To be able to breathe...5, 10, 15, 20 years from now.
  4. Way to go Sarge! All the dough you haven't spent on ciggies! All that lung health won back! Awesome...
  5. Congratulations, Johnny, on 6 years quit! Thank you for all of your support and encouragement here! Stupendous, man!! Keep rockin'!!!
  6. I sometimes drank to help me through nicotine withdrawals in the beginning. Not good because you do risk relapsing. Food was also a substitute. Try exercise or anything healthy so you won't have another bad habit to kick or 25 pounds to lose.
  7. I'm on the same page as Mac but am grateful for this post as it reminds me to get my strategy together and reaffirm my vow to not smoke...not one puff!
  8. Hi Kdad! Sorry to hear you started back up smoking. Good news is you can quit again! You don't wanna waste another year's breath on smoking when you want to preserve it for your kids and grandkids, right? You know you can quit, so might as well do it ASAP. All the best!
  9. Happy 7, Mac! Congratulations on staying off the smoke for 7 months! Reward yourself! Cool that you never have to smoke again, right? No more freezing outside to get a fix.....Ahhhh sweet freedom! Great job!
  10. Way to go, Layla! Two months down and it gets easier every day from here on out! Aren't you glad you stuck it through...soon the hard parts will be a fading memory. Keep up the great work...your lungs love you now!!
  11. Congratulations on 2 months quit, Oona! It gets easier from here on out. You're doing great..keep up the fantastic work! Soon it'll be easy!
  12. Hey JohnQ, Happy Five!!! Awesome job, Sir!!! Doesn't it feel great to not have to go outside to smoke!!! Don't your gums feel great, too...woohoo!! Congrats and keep it up...just gets better! High 5, man!
  13. Gosh time sure does fly. Congratulations, Hope2Nope! 4 years is awesome. You definitely never have to take another puff...not one...not ever!!!!
  14. Congratulations, Sazerac! 7 years of freedom and you never have to smoke again! Thanks for all your wisdom and supporting us newbies.
  15. Great job, Kate! Kate is eight woohoo!! Congratulations!

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