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  1. Love this! Nice to have those happy starts! Song song song sing! Sing sing siiiiiing song LOL
  2. Yes, Jim! Whereas I'd tried and failed in the past, watching mom die of COPD and congestive heart failure motivated me to get serious about quitting. It's so encouraging to know that the idea of smoking is barely a memory anymore for you. Congratulations on making and sticking to your commitment to never take another puff! Joel Spitzer's words. Can't say it any better myself! Hurray and awesome for you! Good health.
  3. Quitting smoking can be a real drag and seriously depressing. Whoever feels the need to unpack about it here is in the right place because that is what this forum is all about. Not everyone enjoys the struggle...haha indeed most do not. Some of us try to psyche ourselves into being positive about it but, truth is, deactivating an addiction feels like crap. If all you feel is negative and the process is just one sucky story then...welcome! You can do it and we are here to support!
  4. Great job Dogbelly! Remember a ciggie is never a reward! You got this!
  5. Welcome, Ace! Congratulations on quitting again and getting through hell week! This is a great forum with lots of info and great people...and all the Joel Spitzer videos are here if you need a little reality pep-talk. Glad to have you! Keep the quit! Your lungs will thank you!
  6. Angeleek


    Hey Judi stopping nicotine can be really depressing for some people and give you the brain fog, etc. After 34 years of nicotine addiction I found myself depressed for sure! Nicotine hijacks your inner happy and replaces it with nicotine-happy by inserting itself into your brain receptors which you would otherwise activate for natural dopamine production. It took me several months to get past the I-ain't-got-no-nicotine blues but it did eventually go away. In the meantime, do use any and all safe & effective means you have, such as exercise, comedy, or vitamins and herbs, to bea
  7. Yoohoo JH! Congrats on your 1 month+ quit! The first month is the hardest, so you have it in the bag now! Awesome job!
  8. I'm late but congratulations Deb on getting past the 1st month! It gets easier as time goes by. just you wait and see. Great joband keep up the great work!
  9. Congratulations on keeping quit 4 eleven months, IQ! You are almost at a year so dont look back! Excellent job!
  10. I'm late but way to go, Linda! The first month is the hardest and you made it! I know you had some struggle days and way to pull through! Celebrate!
  11. Great job Roz! Congratulations on 4 years and rest assured u never need smoke again!
  12. Stupendous 10 months, Mac! Awesome job staying off the smokes! No reason to smoke again...Thank you for all your support here! You're like a vet....cool!! Keep it going. It gets even better.
  13. Great going Dogbelly! Yes it's so awesome to not have to stand out in the rain to smoke and, OMG! will it ever be FANTASTIC to be able to sit through an 11 hour flight without jonesing for a smoke!!!! Weehoo am I relishing the thought of that! Congratulations!!

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