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  1. Count your blessings and praise your God! Not everything has to be hard. Yes just be wary of the sneak attacks and you will do just great!
  2. Hoorayyy!!!!! Way to get free, Sailor!!!!
  3. I think that's one of Joel Spitzer's best videos, "Whatever you do don't quit cold turkey." It was John R Polito's Freedom from Nicotine ebook posted on the Whyquit website that got me thinking seriously about just going cold. That was my intro to Joel Spitzer!
  4. Still Friday here...NOPE!!!!
  5. When I finally successfully quit cold turkey, I ran around feeling like I'd just found Jesus, and I wanted to tell every smoker who wasn't quitting that they needed to try going cold turkey NOW because it sucks royally for about 10 days but then the pain is basically gone and you're done and FREE! That feeling subsided after a few weeks, but I still like to share the benefits of quitting cold with whoever wants to know. If you can endure the hardships of life you have surely suffered, cold turkey is a cake-walk by comparison.
  6. Another great one gone...one of my faves is his Islands in the Stream duet with Dolly Parton.
  7. I will add that the nicotine gum is a very sneaky component of nicotine addiction! For 10+ years, I was hooked to chewing nicotine gum between cigarettes. Talk about being super addicted! When I decided to get serious about stopping smoking, I actually had to quit the gum for 6 months before I could quit cigarettes. Your withdrawal will fade soon. Hang in there and good luck! Drink green tea or something else you love...not too much sweet. Thank you for lighting up this discussion. Kinda feels like the quit police around here sometimes, but it comes from the right place. I for one have received a lot of support and knowledge here, and people who really care about something can get a little riled up, so it's all good.
  8. That is quite possibly true, Sunshine59. But don't knock it 'til you try it...at least once, or twice. It's the fastest and cheapest way to be done with the whole sordid affair. For me, any quit method that's legal, ethical and reasonably healthy is good in my book!
  9. Hey Andrew! Glad you're still going strong on that quit! 77 days here! Woohoo we got this! High5!
  10. Happy Birthday, Tammy! Love them 40s!!! Especially smoke free.
  11. A great book! He uses logic to bust us out of the nicotine spell, kinda like rational-emotive therapy. I found it very helpful in changing how I viewed my relationship to cigarettes. Helped me deepen my resolve to quit.

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