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  1. Mmmmm mustard. Seed. Love to cook with it.
  2. Congratulations @bakon on 8 years free!!! Wow...8 is great! All that improved health and the $ you 've been able to spend on other goodies, too. Yooohooo!! Do you also sometimes forget that u used to smoke?
  3. Thank you @Doreensfree . I'm so sorry about your husband. Luckily you at least saved yourself in the end. Unbelievable, how high the cost of this addiction is, to individuals, entire families, communities and societies. It's too bad we can't recognize that truth as a society and make it much more difficult for anyone to profit from the sale of tobacco and nicotine products.
  4. 10-Ignore your significant other Pantyhose 1-Dress up your legs to look sexy
  5. Who wrote the book of love?
  6. Angeleek

    A to Z TV Shows

    Krypton!! haha now I have to watch it..
  7. Woohoo way to go, Mona! I bet you feel awesome, as you should. The pesky nicoturd is getting smaller by the day now. Soon it'll be like a gnat; an irritant. Keep it going cuz now you are FREE! Celebrate life without nicotine!!
  8. @Rozuki Thank you for your honest and detailed reply. Best of luck with your mom! That's so hard.
  9. 5. Blend with vanilla ice cream for a coffee milkshake, or chocolate ice cream for mocha milkshake.

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