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  1. Glad you're feeling better Linda. Wow, all the kind replies are truely heartwarming. Gotta love da Train!
  2. Hooray Mona! Awesome job and welcome to the lido deck! It keeps getting easier! Mmmm fresh air.....congratulations!
  3. Sorry about the news of your friend, Linda. Please don't smoke as that will ruin your lungs, and it won't help the situation. If you stay quit, hopefully your health outcomes will be improved. You are definitely stronger in fighting off illnesses, and able to breathe better, when you don't smoke. I think you recently hit 3 months. In the months ahead, you will start to realize how less stressed out you are because you don't smoke. And you'll likely be better equipped to weather the emotional upheavals that are going to happen as you go through this with your friend. God bless you
  4. Welcome, Robbie! Congratulations on quitting and sticking through the toughest first days! You can totally do this! Nicotine addiction is so depressing! Unfortunately, we don't realize this cuz nicotine robs us of our happy, inserts itself in place of that in our brain, and makes us think we need nicotine to be happy. Whatever depression you may have is only made worse by nicotine. Once you've been off the nicotine for a good while, several months, you'll start to see that, and you will probably feel better. Just stay the course, and it will get easier, then harder again but then e
  5. Excellent job getting over that crave despite all you are going through, Kate! Best of luck with your back recovery. Well smoking wouldn't help the budget either, so there's that. Your situation will improve in time. You will get through and come out on top and with your quit intact!
  6. yes it's hard to swallow that bitter pill! it doesn't feel right, that label. that realization, for me, was just another good reason to quit.
  7. Hey Kathleen! So happy your outcome is happy! Best wishes for continued good health!
  8. Awesome job! Keep it up and no need for you to ever smoke again
  9. Awesome job, Linda! Congratulations in 3 months if freedom! It gets easier, promise! Reward time! Just not a ciggie reward! Keep the quit!
  10. Macular degeneration, I was told.
  11. Wow excellent! Goodie for you and enjoy!
  12. Wow freaking awesome dreaming of temptation and throwing them out! Woohoo!!!!
  13. Hi Jeff! Waddya mean, lost. Sounds like you put it aside. So, just pick it back up...sooner than later to save your lungs. You will be fine! If you are a smoker for 1 month over a period of 2 years...so what! Just get back on that horse ASAP! Keep on a quittin! is what I say! Come back to Freedomland! Just quit again...right quickly! Your happier lungs will rejoice once again.
  14. Congratulations, ItsDeb! 3 months is huge! It gets easier and easier from here on out. Keep up the great work!
  15. Right on, John Q! Congrats on nearly a year! You already havee absolute freedom on your side. Never look back and reap the rewards! Great job!

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