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  1. After reading the funny jokes thread... ROFLOL laughing w/o having a coughing fit!
  2. Freedom from Nicotine was one of the first online resources I found. I used a lot of that information when putting together my quit plan, so thank you so much @JohnRPolito. Kate those dreams sure are weird. Yes I take them as confirmation that I do NOT want to start back up, and they just remind me how crappy and disppointrd in myself I would feel if I did.
  3. Haven't done it yet, but I'm sure Ill enjoy being able to sit through a 7 hour plane ride w/o having a nic fit or resorting to nicotine gum. Overall a healthier mouth for sure!! I also enjoy not having to go outside in inclement weatthwr just to feed my addiction. Love the absence of nicotine off-gas smell in my house, bathroom and towels. Very subtle if you are careful about fully emptying your lungs outside after smoking, but still there! Also love telling people I dont smoke!
  4. Wow Doreen, 9 years is mega! Congratulations on making and sticking to your smoke-free commitment!!!! Hope you treated yourself to something special. Thank you also so much for your unwavering presence and support here on the train. You have helped me immensely!
  5. Hi Linda! Welcome back on board! Sorry you relapsed but way to go getting back on right away!! You're still so much better off than you were 2 years ago in terms of smmoking, so just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Glad you're back!!!+
  6. Congratulations on 6 years, Jillar! I hope you are breathing easily! Thank you sincerely for all your support of me and all the other awesome quitters here on The Train! Thanks bunches and munches.....
  7. Happy 20, Christian! Way to go! I'd be interested to know if smoking totally turns you off or if you can tolerate smokers around you, or if you still like the smell, ever get a crave after all this time, etc.
  8. Wow I missed it! Congratulations on 2 years quit Kate! This is huge!! Way to go.....keep going its getting so much easier!!
  9. Yes keep on quitting no matter how many quits it takes!
  10. Oh Kate, so sorry for your troubles. Hopefully it's nothing terrible like you are fearing. Great job guarding your quit in the meantime. Hope you have people around you physically to support you when you need it. And yes we are here to support you virtually. Try not to ruminate too hard while you go through the testing process. Best of luck and much strength to you. You got this regardless!
  11. 7790 cancer sticks fired but not fired up!!!!!
  12. Great job KEL! Just stick with it and you'll see it gets easier and easier with time! Watch out for no mans land and stay close to the board if you get the blues! They will pass! Congratulations on 4 months _ you got this!!!!
  13. Yaaay Ace! Waydago on getting through your one year mark! Celebrate with anything and everything except nicotine! Congratulations!!!!!
  14. Congratulations, Steven! Great job! Just keep going! Hope you're feeling MUCH better! This is a weird time, so I hope it's not too hard. Better days are coming!

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