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  1. Great stuff. Ashamed to be a musician and admitting I had forgotten this until you posted. RIP. What a great funk bass line and playing it with a pick on a hollow body electric bass.
  2. Way to go Mona! 5 months is a great achievement. Keep up the good work. Best wishes as you get ready for the half year mark!
  3. Congratulations on the 8 month job well done!
  4. I smoked for a lot of years. Pack a day. Quit a few years and started back up just smoking a few everyday. This eventually took me back to the pack a day habit. fast forward 25-30 years I had cut down to where you are and I managed to hold that MOST of the time. Is only smoking 4 day better than 15 or 20? Of course it is but you will spend your life fighting the addiction when you can end it. Your young. Don`t waste the years like I did. I ALWAYS knew I should quit but just told myself I could not do it. Always making excuses for myself. Lookin back a lot of years it was not all that tough to

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