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  1. garry mhudson

    Tuesday 17th July 2018

  2. garry mhudson

    Kelly is 8 Months Smoke Free

    Congrats Kelly and keep up the quit!
  3. garry mhudson

    Monday 16th July 2018

  4. garry mhudson

    Sunday 15 July 2018

  5. garry mhudson

    Friday 13th July 2018

  6. garry mhudson


    Just make your mind up to start over and keep the quit. All is not lost. If you quit for 6 months you can do it again and it will stick. Most of us hear have had failed quits before one stuck. Don`t be to hard on yourself for failing but be determined to start and make it stick. Best wishes.
  7. garry mhudson

    Thursday 12th July 2018

  8. garry mhudson

    Wednesday 11th July 2018

    NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And congrats Treetop on your 2 year quit!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. garry mhudson

    Tuesday 10th July 2018

  10. garry mhudson

    Find the #1 Song On The Day You Were Born

    Never heard this before but like it. Gordan Jenkins did some wonderful arrangements for Sinatra and I always like what he did with Harry Nilsson`s album of standards recorded in the early 1970`s. If you like that sort of music, check it out.
  11. garry mhudson

    Monday 9th July 2018

    NOPE starts my week!
  12. garry mhudson

    Sunday 8th July 2018

  13. garry mhudson

    Saturday 7th July 2018

  14. garry mhudson

    Octain is 6 Months Smoke Free

    Great job! The worse is over but stay strong and keep the quit.
  15. garry mhudson

    Friday 6 July 2018


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