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  1. garry mhudson

    The "PULL"

    Stay close to the board and post a S.O.S. next time. Every time you beat back the crave you will get stronger and able to deal with it. We all went through this and some of us still do deal with it. You can do this. Best wishes and keep close to the board.
  2. garry mhudson

    Thursday 20th September 2018

  3. garry mhudson

    Wednesday 19th September 2018

    NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great to see you hanging in there Linda!
  4. garry mhudson

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome aboard Matt. One day at a time and believe me you can do this. We here are no different than you and have no special gift for kicking the addiction except we finally had enough of it. There will be tough times so hang close and ask for help when you need it but you can do this. The wife and son are major reasons. Maybe grandchildren down the road? Hang in there and stay strong. In no time smoking will be like a bad dream. If you want the quit just take it one day at a time. Best wishes and hope to see you around.
  5. garry mhudson

    Tuesday 18th September 2018

  6. garry mhudson

    Sunday. 16th September 2018

  7. garry mhudson

    Avian is 8 years smoke free

    Big congrats on 8 years Avian and thank you for all your support.
  8. garry mhudson

    Saturday 15th September 2018

  9. garry mhudson

    Friday 14th September 2018

  10. garry mhudson

    garry mhudson is 2 Years Smoke Free!

    Thanks to all of you for your support. Some are old friends from the QSMB and some are new. I really believe I never would have been able to kick the cigs if not for the support I received. In the early days, just reading Jillar,johnny5,and cb dave`s posts were really a help to me and that`s what it is about. As a musician, we call it passing it down. I am glad I found this place and really enjoy the new friends I have met. Nice humor on this site. Quitting should be helped by that. Again, thank all of you and lets all stay strong for those who will need us. Best wishes and God or who ever you choose bless you all.
  11. garry mhudson

    September Roll Call

    Thanks. I feel very blessed for my family and a Mother who want me or not, gave me love and support for 68 years. Glad to know you also and enjoy your posts.
  12. garry mhudson

    September Roll Call

    Well I`m the 2nd child and I was born on Jan. 24th in the USA Midwest. Don`t think I was planned. Doubt they were thinking about adding me to be a brother to my now deceased older brother. In fact, Mom was hoping so much for a girl that it took them 3 days to name me. The drunk part probably was a factor. Oh well, as Merle would say "That`s The Way Love Goes".
  13. garry mhudson

    Thursday 13th September 2018

  14. garry mhudson

    Feeling overwhelmed and of course so close to that smoke

    Your doing great Linda and I just want to wish you well. I lost my Mother early this year and I understand the stress of caring for a parent. Stay strong and God bless.
  15. garry mhudson

    When Did You Have Confidence In Your Quit ?

    About a month into the quit I really believed that I could make it this time. I agree with Boo that you have to stop complicating the quit. I was in the hospital for 9 days with pneumonia and told them that I did not want a patch. I had been telling myself for so long that if only I couldn't smoke for a few days I could make it. The hospital time gave me that and now it was put up or shut up time. Once I got home I took the half pack that was opened and 2 full packs and dumped them in a bucket of water and tossed ash trays in the trash. After 3 to 4 weeks I realized it wasn't all that hard. Craves and stressful but not what I had imagined. I do believe that I had complicated the simple act of stop smoking as an excuse to continue to smoke even though it was taking a hard toll on me.

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