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  1. garry mhudson

    Saturday 17 th November 2018

  2. garry mhudson

    gonfishn21 is 4 years smoke free today!

    Congratulations on your 4 year quit.
  3. garry mhudson

    Monday 12 th November 2018

  4. garry mhudson

    The Queen Movie !!!!

    Plan to do that.
  5. garry mhudson

    Trial By Fire

    Another notch in the belt for Jillar`s air cigarette. Helped me a few times. Way to hang DF.
  6. garry mhudson

    Saturday 10th November 2018

  7. garry mhudson

    Friday 9 th November 2018

  8. garry mhudson

    Thursday 8 th November 2018

  9. garry mhudson

    Tuesday 6th November 2018

  10. garry mhudson

    Not sure if I can...

    Way to go Tammy! Whatever is going on in your life you have shown that you are stronger than you thought. You done good. Great job by the responders. Stay close Tammy. You got this. Best wishes.
  11. garry mhudson

    Saturday 3rd November 2018

  12. garry mhudson

    Thursday 1st November 2018

  13. garry mhudson

    Hope2Nope is 2 YEARS Smoke Free!

    Congratulations on 2 years . best wishes.
  14. garry mhudson

    Wednesday 31st October 2018

  15. garry mhudson

    Hit and Run

    Great season for the Sox. Nice to see the best win it all. The expanded playoff makes that a lot tougher to do but the Red Sox did it. Machado will end up in a big market town and that`s where he belongs. Most of these kind of talents do this these days because that is who can afford the type of contract they demand. My teams (St. Louis and Arizona) can`t afford a guy like that and I`m okay with that. We knew in AZ that J.D. Martinez would be gone but he was a classy player and a great addition. Machado is a prima donna and I would not want to see him here or St Louis. Glad I do not have to worry about that. It`s the game that keeps me, not the players.

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