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  1. Not sure how I found this site. I was on the QSMB before it went down and happened on this site a month or so later. A great place for all.
  2. Congratulations on the 3 month mark Dianne! Keep it going!
  3. Congratulations Gus! Four months is a great and you are your way. Good job!
  4. Casino`s. The worst. Worked Las Vegas as a musician back in the late seventies until mid eighties. I smoked then but no need to light up. smoke filled and they even had complimentary smokes at the table games. A few tried non-smoking area`s but I don`t think they ever took hold. Suit I wore always stunk of smoke even though it was cleaned weekly. Nasty places as far as I`m concerned but to each his own. I hear venting has improved but like most things the money takes first place. They don`t build these places by people winning or being concerned about health.
  5. As a bass player, Dancing Queen is a pop masterpiece of a bass line let alone song. I still enjoy listening to it. Not sure why U-Tube is not letting me paste and copy. I`ve gone back over the years and have listened to live performance`s such as Bee Gee`s "Nights On Broadway" on Midnight Special I think and have been amazed.

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