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  1. Once upon a time in the west I was married to a lady that kept smoking after I had quit. I had no problem with it until things got bad and we divorced. Then I went back to smoking for a long time. Makes no sense to me now. I look back and wonder why I did this. It was so tough to quit. Why throw it away?
  2. I tried the cayenne tea and added apple cider vinegar and plan on adding ground ginger in the future. I enjoyed it.
  3. Congratulations on the eleven month mark. The lido deck awaits!
  4. Thank God no one was injured. 15 years ago I was a passenger in a truck that T-Boned a car and one person died as a result. It is a scary thing. Your daughter and you are fine along with the others involved. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. When the time is right you might tell your neighbor friend that if a crisis arises again ( It Will) wait until I ask for a cigarette and then it will give you more time to think about it.
  5. Welcome Josalee. I am a former QSMB member and as Boo mentioned perhaps some of the Qiutnet members will find this site. Thank you.
  6. Welcome aboard TigerMatt and congratulations on the 3 weeks. Hang in there and hope the flu bug is long gone.

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