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  1. What Boo just posted is so true. At least for myself. once you make the choice to finally say to hell with smoking it`s not as terrible as I imagined. Best wishes for you both and i hope you get aboard.
  2. Got my second dose of moderna last week and was expecting the fatigue,slight fever and headache for 24 hours but nothing like the first happened. Perhaps it was a dud. Who knows. I am 71 and had to wait till the pharmacies started up because arizona state sights were hard to schedule and it seems like very one was an essential worker these days. No problem once they opened up the pharmacies.
  3. Sorry to hear this. You can`t change what has happened in the past but you can change the ending yet to come. Think about this for a bit. Most all of us have tried to quit and have failed before it stuck. You know you don`t want to smoke and you will quit someday. just hope it`s sooner than later. best wishes.
  4. Congratulations on the 5 year quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. 1. 4 years 6 months 2. Listen to music and look forward to another day and walk in the morning. Thankful for each day whatever it brings.
  6. Hang in there Gus and welcome aboard! All of us can understand what you are going through. That`s important that you can keep in touch with the site. Loads of knowledge here. it is well worth it. Best wishes and hope to see you around.
  7. Congratulations on the four year mark and best wishes.

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