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  1. F**** Marlboro Box!! The sight of the box just makes me cringe!
  2. my thoughts, prayers, and love to you Doreen! Thank you for letting us know xoxoxoxo
  3. the first year is tough...but, you have come so far! I remember feeling frustrated even at 10 months. The addict in you tries to convince you that the way you react to life circumstances are a result of you quitting. Actually...your reactions and thoughts are a result of having been a smoker in the first place. Your brain is doing some serious rewiring....this is the toughest part but as long as you don't take a puff, you are one day closer to complete freedom. The opposite is true if you DO take a puff. Keep on keeping on!!!
  4. good job Julie in coming here! Thanks to you all!!
  5. Before I get yelled at for the picture, I have nothing against NRT's that are used correctly. You've got this Lilly!!
  6. If a person chooses to use the nicotine gum to quit smoking, it is irresponsible for anyone to advocate just "popping" a piece of gum whenever the craving hits. It is against this boards policy to support the use of nicotine as a replacement for smoking unless its use is to quit altogether. Follow directions. The Gum is a 12 week program. The patch has a program as well. Anything other than following the products directions is abusing the product and giving very poor advice. You are only fooling yourself if you think you are not still addicted. and one more thing. Just sayin'...... NOPE is the way for me!
  7. Just reading this now! You guys are amazing! I love you all!
  8. unfortunately....the fear of death and dying would make an addicted smoker...smoke more! That's what I did...until I was truly ready When the student is ready....the teacher appears
  9. never quit quitting Kenzie!! Stay close to the board and get right back on it. Learn from this mistake or you are bound to repeat it.
  10. yep...celebratory craves are the worst!!! best way I got through it was with humor. I would talk to the addiction like it was a thing in me....and I would say...OMG..nice try you little sucker! LOL...you sneaky sneaky smarty pants!" I would just keep talking like that...I would even go as far as "I give you credit for your creativity you brat....etc. " until the craving went away...and then I would just laugh. If it came back I would just do it over and over. Some days were like that. Yep...all kinds of goodies pop up the first year....all exercises to keep you a warrior!! Good practice...and good on you for posting!! here's how I pictured he looked like
  11. a big hot cup of NOPE for my coffee. I can't believe I used to think I could never drink coffee without my cigarette. Such a strange foreign idea to me now.
  12. HELLO EVERYONE!! Name: Barb AKA: Babs, Babbles, backseat babs, moderator Quit Date: July 13, 2012 About me: In a very good place in my life and grateful for every day I wake up. Why I quit: My dad died from lung cancer. I battled and battled with many failed attempts. Then my daughter told me I was going to be a grandmother for the first time. That was my sign. THIS child will NEVER know me as a smoker. She just turned 6 My advice: Smoking thoughts still come back even years later. They are brief but that little nagging bugger is still there. It is STILL stronger than me. But, I am way smarter than IT. The addiction doesn't have a brain, I do. Knowledge is power. That stupid idea that one puff will give me that "ahhhh" feeling it wants....well that's just an illusion. It doesn't exist now that I am a non smoker. I would cough...hate it...be disappointed that I did it...and swear to never take another puff. Only now...I woke up the little bugger...and he will show his nasty existence again even sooner this time...and stronger. and the nightmare begins again. NO THANKS!!!!

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