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  1. NOPE!!! not one today not ever. happy memorial day!!
  2. hi everyone!! Remember to NOPE!! every day. all day. STAY SAFE Y’ALL and be grateful for not smoking. Now, more than ever xo Babs
  3. omg big hugs to you dear jillar!!! saying prayers !!!!
  4. dammit juan. we would love nothing better to prove sarge wrong. even sarge.
  5. love this jillar. !! congrats to us all !!! 7 years and counting (but no longer counting. that’s the best part)
  6. so happy for you Juan!! Glad you are back here!
  7. babs609

    chicks or sticks

    -11. hi y’all!!
  8. I still can't believe it's been 7 years! Someone just brought it up to me today at work asking me how long it has been. With this crazy heat and humidity in the air these days I sometimes find it hard to breathe. (even people who never smoked are feeling it. Yes....I needed to check...that's what ex smokers do. Worried our pasta will come back to haunt us) Anyway....after all that babbling (which bacon says is my specialty) I am just so grateful I am no longer a slave to that horrible addiction. Thank you all so much for the shout out and thank you recip for keeping us straight on our milestones. I love you guys. keep on keeping NOPE!!! xoxoxoxoxo ps. ••past, not pasta. darn auto correct. but i left it there because it was funny and heck...sometimes my pasta does catch up with me. lol
  9. babs609

    chicks or sticks

    11 good morning all!
  10. totally agree! there is nothing like a runners "high" but the beauty is it lasts all day long and it's healthy unless you injure yourself or have bad knees of course

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