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  1. babs609

    Starting Now

    LOL...this was the first time I read this thread....nice going down memory lane and seeing the names of those from our beginning. Glad you are still here Bakon
  2. babs609

    Old Timer Check in

    have not seen Burrito...I think Meathead did a drive by I'm here!
  3. babs609

    chicks or sticks

    hello everyone! 13
  4. babs609


    welcome back Christine! Let's do this for the last time! Always helped me to remember I didn't have another quit in me...I was going to do it....NO MATTER WHAT because there is no craving in the world that makes me feel worse than being a slave to the cigarette. Welcome Imfree!! You both got this!
  5. babs609

    Doreen's Vacation

    ummmmm....like this?
  6. babs609

    Doreen's Vacation

  7. babs609

    I'm back

    this post has failure written all over it....(been there, done that...that's how I know) the words "try" , "luck", and"I guess".....ugghhh...never quit quitting christine! Keep coming back here and you will eventually get it.
  8. babs609

    chicks or sticks

  9. babs609

    Passing of the Torch!

    Bravo!! You are awesome Reciprocity...thank you for keeping the thread going! Congrats Jo on your new position
  10. babs609

    Tips to make quitting easier

    A drop in your blood sugar level can trigger off some rather unpleasant withdrawals symptoms. This is because while you are smoking the nicotine that your body gets plays a vital role in the release of stored sugars and fats that your body needs for energy, while also inhibiting the natural use of insulin. However, once you stop smoking, your body would need to start controlling these aspects on its own. . Eating plenty of fruit and drinking plenty of fruit juice is a good way to keep your blood sugar levels in check.
  11. babs609

    chicks or sticks

  12. babs609

    MAY. ROLL CALL !!!

    I am always around....
  13. babs609


    catching up on the Quit Train when I should be working LOL
  14. the same thing that stops me from putting my mouth over my tailpipe and inhaling......because that's pretty much what we used to do.... That craving for a smoke really is awful and the freedom from it is still exciting to me when I am in a situation where I couldn't smoke if I wanted to....and thank GOD I don't want to. Life is awesome as a non smoker!

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