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  1. Pixel Sketch is On The Lido Deck Today!!

    Well Done Pixelsketch!! always knew you would protect that quit Congrats!
  2. Beazel Arrives On The Lido Deck Today!!

    Well done Beazel! I remember when you first came to Quit train...you were still fresh in your quit and extremely nervous and although you showed your determination to remain quit...still a little bit shaky. Your confidence and happiness as a non smoker definitely shows! Congratulations on one year of Smobriety
  3. barry back from vacation

    out of the 3...what was your favorite? I always wanted to go to Petrified forest and grand canyon
  4. Confessions

    Confession: For years I thought the line in Steve Miller Bands Jet Airliner was... "Big ole Jet had a light on"
  5. Dutchess66 Is On The Lido Deck Today!!

    Well Done Dutchess!
  6. Monday 19 March 2018

  7. chicks or sticks

    morning all! -3
  8. QuitTrain and QSMB !!!!

    I am so grateful so many of you found your way here....I know in the first year of my quit (even 2) I would have panicked if the place I called home just vanished..along with my family on there. I would have been so lost. With the amount of people here from the qsmb, I can imagine it feels as close to home as can be and that must be such a comfort. Plus....we have so many new people to get to know and join together in the war against nicotine addiction! Love the energy here! I am excited for the quittrain and for all of you! a big HUGE welcome!!
  9. congrats 1 and all

    same here! You are all amazing!
  10. Happy anniversary Boo!
  11. Reciprocity reaches the lido deck!

    Sorry I missed this!! Congratulations!!! I miss a lot of milestones but I hate missing the 1 year...especially for a member as helpful and supportive as you Reciprocity. Keep on rockin' that quit!
  12. Wednesday 7th March 2018

  13. The roller coaster ride

    printed this out for a friend of mine who is in the early days of quitting and is struggling. Hope it helps her and also anyone else reading this today
  14. Friday 2nd March 2018

  15. Welcome Aboard!


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