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  1. chicks or sticks

    -16 sticks are done
  2. Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

    right on MQ! Nothing...and I mean nothing...is worth causing you to throw away your quit...or to lose yourself due to other's behavior. NOTHING! NOPE!
  3. Monday, October 9th, 2017

  4. Sonic is 3 Years Free!

    Yay Sonic!! 3 years is awesome!
  5. Happy Birthday to Bat!

    Happy Belated Birthday Bat!
  6. chicks or sticks

  7. chicks or sticks

  8. Monday 2nd October 2017

  9. chicks or sticks

  10. Thursday 28th September 2017

  11. A different quit..questions

    i felt exactly like you described Jess....it gets better...but then some days...it's worse again...not the whole day of course...but you can be 6 weeks in and BAM! a crappy time. But the good news is...eventually....gradually....those moments are further and far between and you will have longer happy moments in your day. Patience...hang in there. Embrace the suck (sarge's words) Enjoy the journey, love! You are doing fantastic!
  12. 5 years free for our Bakon!!!!

    I am late for the party but I brought pizza and beer to keep it going! Bravo Bakon!! Salute!!
  13. Happy Birthday MQ!!

    Happy Birthday Boss Man!
  14. chicks or sticks

    wait....you are a chick right???? you are 1 titwank is 2 now it's 1