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  1. babs609


    It only gets better!
  2. babs609

    Cristóbal is 6 Years Smoke Free!

    well done Cristobal!! You are an inspiration! In celebration of your 6 year smobriety...I made the guacamole. Just like you showed me.
  3. babs609

    Any Walking Dead Fans?

    honestly if I wasn't a fan from the beginning I wouldn't even watch it. But....I can't quit now...haha
  4. that warm feeling you feel when you inhale your cigarette....that's part of the lie. Yes...of course it feels good, of course you get that aaahhhh feeling...of course you would confuse that with pleasure...similar to wearing tight shoes all day and when you take them off..it feels so good. But....is taking shoes off "fun"? no, of course not. It is relief from the suffering. But after a while...you have to go back outside and if you put those shoes back on...the misery starts all over again. After a while...your brain associates removing the shoes with pleasure. But it's ridiculous, right? That feeling you describe is the same thing...not pleasure...but relief from suffering. Only, the suffering compared to wearing horribly tight shoes is minimal really. More like an uneasy feeling, edginess. But the good news is...it doesn't last. If you never put another cigarette in your mouth again...the feeling is temporary. However....if you cave and smoke that cigarette, you are either 1. going to experience that withdrawal every 20 minutes as long as you are a smoker. OR.2..you are going to keep "trying" to quit..putting yourself in withdrawal even longer and that really is unnecessary. Either way.... 1 or 2..you suffer At least when you never take another puff...the suffering does end. and it ends well!! Hang in there! THat's why we are here. To get you through the tough times.
  5. babs609

    Any Walking Dead Fans?

    I am thinking TWD is losing their spark. I hate this season
  6. babs609

    MQ has 5 years of freedom!!

    It's time to celebrate!! You have done well, my friend!! That is an understatement! Not only has that decision to quit and stay quit 5 years ago been a gift to you and your family...it was such a gift to us here at the QUIT TRAIN!! You have given the opportunity for so many people to come here and find support! Out of the kindness of your own heart and your dedication to helping people escape that nasty addiction. On your own dime! Never once asking for any money or promoting an products. I can't thank you enough! For your help, for your friendship...and for your dedication!! Celebrate in a big way!!!! Woo hoo!! Party on the train!!
  7. babs609

    bakon celebrates SIX years of Freedom !

    my man bakon....6 years! awesome!! Feels like just yesterday when I earned the nickname babbles! Well done sir!
  8. babs609

    New To This Forum!!!!

    great job Mark!!
  9. welcome to the forum!! you can do this!!! education is really the key Saturate your brain with the material here....follow the rule of Not One Puff....stick close to the board for support and support others too who are struggling... you will succeed
  10. babs609

    Notsmokinjo is 10 Months Smoke Free Today!!!

    excellent!!! Thank you for all that you do here to pay it forward! Well done!
  11. babs609

    August Roll Call !!!!

    babs is on the train! Yeeeehaw!! niece turned me on to snap chat filters...haha. what fun! A girl can dream, can't she?
  12. babs609

    Quitting again

    welcome back! Not One Puff....EVER that's what makes you a non smoker. Not one...not a single cigar, not a single vape, not a single drag off your friends cigarette...not one You stick to NOPE...you will succeed. Guaranteed
  13. babs609

    Wee Fluffy Me is on the Lido Deck!!!!!!!

    WELL DONE!! since we don't have a lido deck on the train....you've been bumped up to first class! Let's party!
  14. babs609

    ^Shelly is 3 Years Smoke Free

    Congratulations Shelly!
  15. babs609

    Doreensfree is 5 Years Smoke Free

    Yay Doreen!!! Congratulations on the best decision of your life! Celebrate!

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