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  1. chicks or sticks

  2. Tuesday 2 nd January 2018

    NOPE here...all the way!!
  3. Our DD..has her 4 years Quit Today !!!

    congrats to you DD!!!! Freedom rocks!
  4. It is an honor to have you here sir. Thanks for all you have done for me personally and for all those wanting to be free from the chains of the addiction! thank you thank you THANK YOU!!
  5. To all Members !!!!

    Merry Christmas to my quit train family!!
  6. chicks or sticks

    -17 Happy holidays everyone!
  7. Newbie

    Let those withdrawals remind you that it is a result of the poison leaving your body.......what a beautiful thing. Thankfully they don't last and you immediately start feeling the benefits of quitting once you stop putting all those thousands of chemicals in your body. Welcome to the forum!
  8. chicks or sticks

    -16 sticks are done
  9. Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

    right on MQ! Nothing...and I mean nothing...is worth causing you to throw away your quit...or to lose yourself due to other's behavior. NOTHING! NOPE!
  10. Monday, October 9th, 2017

  11. Sonic is 3 Years Free!

    Yay Sonic!! 3 years is awesome!
  12. Happy Birthday to Bat!

    Happy Belated Birthday Bat!
  13. chicks or sticks

  14. chicks or sticks

  15. Monday 2nd October 2017


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