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  1. it’s been 10 years today!! woo hoo! NOPE!! today and every day!
  2. I smoked for 30 years and was 46 when i wrote this....lol...but thanks for the compliment
  3. oh my goodness!!! 9 years????? that is so awesome!!! I never ever EVER thought i would make it 9 months yet alone 9 YEARS!! KEEP at it folks.....if you are struggling as you read this...just know....I was there. I struggled. I did. But the one thing I didn't do? I didn't take a single puff. Not ONE! Thank you Jillar for thinking of me and for all of you!! So happy to see this place is still going strong! Keep the QUIT!! LOVE YOU!! Babs xoxoxox
  4. Never quit the quit and keep coming back!! Educate yourself! Once you fully understand the addiction, you will have absolutely NO PROBLEM committing to your quit because you will KNOW beyond doubt that smoking does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for you. NOTHING! Smother yourself in videos and reading material!! CONSTANTLY! It's what helped me! I even got an app to go to sleep to for quitting smoking. I Saturated myself in it KNOWING that one day it will "sink in" as long as kept doing it. Daily actions! that is what counts! Hope you get back on the quit train and NOPE!
  5. hello all! since I quit over eight years ago, a lot has happened in my life. I’ve gotten divorced, I’ve endured my son‘s not talking to me for a few years which now we have re-connected, I bought a new house, I dealt with some health issues which are now resolved hopefully for good. I’ve had some issues dealing with relationships and ups and downs in life, financial struggles....and then Covid hit and since then my life has really been turned upside down and tested my strength as many of us have. But in all of this ....not one puff ever!! no matter what that is all. miss you guys !! stay vigilant!! Babs xoxoxo
  6. congratulations doreen!!!! i can’t believe it’s been 7 years !!! way to go!!
  7. you guys are the best!! thank you for making me smile. It’s been a rough week for me so there’s a reason i came today. i often forget about how long it’s been...i just remember it was when my daughter was expecting my granddaughter so that helps...I realized it’s been eight years since I smoked because somebody asked me this past weekend and I remembered it was my anniversary just a few weeks ago !. Life is generally been good for me. but It does have its ups and downs...such is life ...however I am smoke-free through all of them!! And the reason why is because of never taking another puff. It’s as simple as that. problems come and go but smokin’ ain’t one of them for me!!! This forum rocks !!!! Thanks guys !!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo
  8. NOPE!!! not one today not ever. happy memorial day!!
  9. hi everyone!! Remember to NOPE!! every day. all day. STAY SAFE Y’ALL and be grateful for not smoking. Now, more than ever xo Babs

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