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  1. babs609

    I keep failing PLEASE help!!

    I never said you did.... I just added that last part for him
  2. babs609

    I keep failing PLEASE help!!

    not sure he does get the message Lilly Look at the title on this thread "I keep failing PLEASE help" Well...this IS how we help and vaping is why he keeps failing PERIOD
  3. babs609

    I keep failing PLEASE help!!

    Sorry to tell you this....but getting off the ciggy's and continuing to vape is NOT a step down. It's a lateral move at best....who knows if they aren't even worse for you then cigarettes...from the look of the puff cloud of smoke coming from a vaper's car I am thinking it is not good Another reason why you continue to relapse is because you believe the cigarette/vape actually does something for you. I can assure you...it does nothing (except relieve withdrawal symptoms temporarily) Once you have all the nicotine out of your body...about 72 hours...the rest of the struggle is mostly psychological. Powerful...but at this point feeding it nicotine only re-enforces the brainwashing you have had as a smoker and each time you relapse you strengthen that addiction. You are on a sad vicious cycle and the only way to get off the merry go round is to never take another puff. Of anything. Of all the smoking cessation tools out there...vaping is not one of them. It's intent is to keep you addicted and the vaping company profits. that's it.
  4. babs609

    going on 6

    PS. I have had that urge now and again...but just like your wife said and you experienced...it's gone quickly and I too KNOW I will never actually pick one up and smoke but that stinky addiction tries to sneak in anyway. What a jackass
  5. babs609

    going on 6

    Hi Catching up!! You quit 7 months after me so I am sure it was the same forum! You came to the right place....actually that place is no longer available so many of the members came here. Way to go on your quit!!
  6. babs609

    chicks or sticks

  7. babs609

    Check in Roll Call and Status check

    Back seat Babbles here!! My last smoke was the same day my daughter told me she was expecting my first grand baby That was 6 years and 4 months ago...and I couldn't be happier. Kaylee will never know me as a smoker. The first year was very wobbly..even though I was committed to never taking another puff...that I knew for sure..but still...was not without struggling at times. Anyone currently struggling to get to the lido deck...hang in there! It truly does get easier
  8. babs609

    Hello my new world !!!!

    I am all for anything that helps you but make sure you stick to that plan of 1 or 2 weeks "That way i don't get too bored"--I can think of about a thousand things to do that aren't more boring than chewing nicotine gum....if it was just about the activity you would just chew regular gum. This nicotine addiction is a sneaky devil
  9. babs609


    that is why the first year is so important. I remember having this feeling even at 9 months...and I was PISSED!!!! Don't let that discourage you though...because looking back...it was one moment or two. Otherwise I was walking around happily as a non smoker for the majority of the day and I would get angry because a minute or 2 in my day I was feeling the itch...really??? But yea...it pissed me off and felt like it would never go away. That I was doomed forever because I was once a smoker...I would be cursed! Not true! It gets better...much better!!
  10. babs609

    Johnny5 is 4 Years Smoke Free!!!

    Well Done Johnny5!
  11. babs609

    Freedom day

    welcome back Michelle! Let's do this thing!
  12. babs609

    chicks or sticks

  13. babs609

    chicks or sticks

    6 what's going on? just checking to make sure sticks aren't cheating again...they are a shady bunch
  14. babs609

    Hello my new world !!!!

    this is true! So...how can you change that?
  15. That’s just it. When you post, it isn’t part of any discussion. You just blurt things out randomly and make posts. That’s what the blog is for.

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