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  1. Friday November 10, 2017

    well hell nope,, never
  2. Sunday 22 nd October 2017

    well "el no" never,, fall,,,, finally,,,xx RC
  3. Wednesday 11 th October 2017

    nope- stinky bastards they are,,,, xx
  4. Friday 8 th September 2017

    nope- not today,,, or ever,,,,, Peace ,,, RC
  5. Wednesday, August 30, 2017

    nope- we got soaked Texas strong,, Love thy neighbor- its still alive peeps,,,, xx RC out I
  6. Hey Stupid

    well chit- fooker,,, I looked too
  7. Tuesday, August 22, 2017

    well wake the hell up,,nope,,,,,,,,,,,, 37 years in Building- 30 of em smok ,n ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not no more,,,,,,,,,,,, chow ya,ll
  8. Sunday 13th August 2017

    no- it too freek n hot for that,,100 plus,, dammit Jim,,,,
  9. congrats to a great milestone in your quit- and,,,, Thanks for always being there for everybody round here,,,, your pretty much a positive fixture ,,,,,, xx RC
  10. Friday 4th August 2017

    hell no,, I never do it just simple-that crap stinks sooooo bad,, Jesus its hot here,,,, Love ya,s RC
  11. Thursday 27th July 2017

    Hell naw,, wheels up on the runway,,, or something---- "I thought I was flying high till I looked down an I was standing on my knees" "Jackson Brown"
  12. Ok guys!!!..sexy smells...for men...

    ok love- 1- "Reaction" by Kenneth Cole my fav- makes dresses fall off........ (my wifes anyway) 2- Hugo- 3- Chrome ,, go shop -n ,,, sniff em for yo self,,,,, good luck,, RC
  13. Friday 30th June 2017

    nope, its hot r hell here now-- just cause,,, happy 4 th ya,ll
  14. Sunday June 25th 2017 NOPE pledge

    nope- sometimes I have a vision- beer in one hand,, cig in the other,,,,,, either one no longer agrees w/me,,, sometimes theres no gravity- the earth just sucks,,,,, peace,,RC
  15. Friday, June 16th 2017

    well a big ol Texas hell nope,,,, stink n squares,,, peace,love,, Donny Osmond,,,,,lol RC