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  1. Hi All, Just thought I would check in as I still have not smoked or used any type of tobacco. I am doing pretty good, I am not even taking Chantix anymore as I forgot to have my doctor re-up the prescription. Other than putting on some weight (which I need to work on), it really hasn't been that bad. I do think about smoking every now and again, but it passes. Hope everyone is doing well and again thanks for the support.
  2. Just thought I would check in, I still have not smoked, and I am thirty-some days in. It actually has been ok, and it does get better. I still think about it several times a day, but it does pass. I have put a few pounds on, but will deal with that next. Anyway, just checking in and hope everyone has a great day. cheers.
  3. Thought I would check in and today is one month! Actually doing ok, I do think of it, but it passes. Again, thanks to all that encouraged me here, and I will keep pressing forward on this. cheers.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I will do at least three months. I just may do more. Again, it really seems to help
  5. Thanks to all for the great comments. I am still amazed at all the extra time I have! It really didn't seem like I was spending that much time smoking. I guess when you add up the ritual, the sneaking around, the actual act of smoking, and then the clean up (making sure I didn't stink, which I did).........time adds up. I just finished my first Chantix prescription and got another. It really seems to work for me. The other thing I seem to notice is lately I have been sleeping better. I don't know if that is a positive effect of not smoking or not. I just am. cheers.
  6. All, just thought I would check in, and today now is three weeks. I still have not even smelled any cigarette smoke since my last one. As all of you know and have experienced, some days are better than others....but all in all it is going ok. So, still hanging in there. Cheers!
  7. Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement. It really does make quitting with others.....can I say a better experience? i really find it interesting how much I have in common with a lot of you regarding smoking. More along the line of the stupid rituals i used to do just to smoke. I was thinking once we get past this virus, and get to fly again not having to go through security outside to smoke on lay overs. What a pain in the ass. Anyway, i can think of all kinds of examples. Ok, cheers.
  8. I waited until noon today (PST) to post anything, but five or so minutes ago it has been exactly two weeks without smoking. So, still chugging along. Thanks for all the support and tips.
  9. Linda, I am just shy of two weeks, so I like you are a rookie at this. With everything in pretty much lockdown don’t help. Not smoking and stuck at home can make one feel like you are in jail or something. I really don’t have cravings, I just think about it. If I have to, I will find something to do to occupy my mind. Or come on here....anything. Now I am to the point I would be really pissed at myself if I cave. I just don’t give myself any opportunity to smoke.....I guess I just wanted to say I am right there with ya...it ain’t easy....
  10. Thinking about it is my deal too.....although it passes. Some days are worse than others. For me, Once I get past the morning, I will be good. I smoked way more in the morning than the rest of the day. I guess it’s not surprising that the further I get into the day, the less I think about smoking now. I just tell myself, fine I can think about it, just not going to do it!
  11. Thanks all for the support. I was surprised when I found the cigarettes in the glove box as I did not smoke in my vehicle. Just occurred to me that another time wasting activity is gone. Pulling over to smoke. At any rate, looking forward to getting another day under my belt. The most important thing for me is always remember I cannot have just one, it don’t work that way for me. Most likely don’t work that way for most people I guess. Raining here, and that’s a good thing, we need it. So today, football and a few beers and hang out. Cheers
  12. I am enjoying the weather! Tomorrow we are supposed to get much needed rain. In Half Moon Bay right now enjoying a cocktail! It’s partly cloudy but nice out.
  13. Hi, still doing ok. Not much to report other than I have not smoked! YAY! I did find a opened pack of cigarettes in my glove box this morning. Did not think twice about tossing them. Anyway, hope all is good with everyone doing this quit smoking thing also. Cheers.
  14. All sounds like good advice from you all. Speaking of feeling the effects of smoking there was a reason I really started thinking about quitting. Here in California we had again, terrible fires going on. It seemed like months the air quality was terrible. Of course I was smoking and breathing in terrible air. I started to feel it in my lungs and my throat. I had never experienced that before. Pretty crazy, but I would go outside with smoke filled air to smoke! I also noticed walking up stairs, my breathing wasn't heavy, but was different. The combination of smoke filled air and cigarette smoke really was starting to get to me. I started thinking if I don't stop, I will at some point not be able to do the things I like to do. So that is really when I had my "oh shit, I need to stop" moment. Then it took me a bit to actually do it. Again, it really helps me not being around smokers right now. My local watering hole has a patio and of course that's where the smokers hang. I don't have to worry about that, as my watering hole is closed now anyway due to Covid. I guess my point to all this rambling on is, now is a really good time to quit for me. ok, gotta run. j
  15. Good morning all, Today is day nine and doing ok. Seems like this week is a bit tougher than last. I think I am still dealing with what to do with my newly found time in a day not smoking. Not that big of a problem, but just doing other things. I also smoked more in the morning, so once I get past that should be good. I guess I think about it more in the AM. Overall, I don't feel any better health wise, but I do realize I did my body a big favor by stopping this non-sense. I still feel good about this and looking forward to getting another day under my belt. Cheers.

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