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  1. Hello all, since I have been documenting my quit on here, I had my first opportunity to smoke this morning! I am working from home today and while I am working I started a load of laundry. As you might guess I found almost a half a pack of cigarettes in a pocket. I had the Marlboro man staring me in the face. He ended up in the trash. Lets say kind of ceremonial thing if you will. So I had to do something. I made me a green shake. It was kind of hard to light, but I did get through that. Nothing like a bunch of spinach, yogurt and fruit instead of a cig eh? lol I really know how t
  2. oh you would not believe the rituals I would go through to smoke. At work I would walk to my vehicle (which was in the next over parking lot, as no smoking on any part of the property where I work). Then I would put on the smoking sweatshirt, cause of course I would smell of smoke. Mints, maybe a spray of some smell stuff, and good to go. Pre-Covid, I may be in a smaller conference room or something with four or five people and the last thing I wanted was to smell of smoke. I am non-essential and can work from home so that made it pretty easy to smoke now......which is not a good thing either.
  3. Still doing good today, but I have been quite busy which helps. I am wondering how much time I spent smoking. It didn't seem like much while doing it. So I am changing my routine by not smoking and damn I have all this time. So apparently I was wasting a lot of time as I am a good time waster. For right now, the only time I think about smoking are the times I usually did it. Other than that, I really don't or haven't yet really wanted one. An example being, at 8AM I always went outside. So, of course I thought about a cigarette at 8AM. I just kept working and soon forgot. Anyway, I will quit a
  4. Thanks to all for the encouragement! I actually am using this board already as when i would normally sneak out to smoke here at work I have just came here and read the comments. The funny thing about smoking where I work, one has to walk off the campus. I can get up and go when I want, and there is a really nice park, so taking a short little walk works instead of smoking. Mee - I did have a really nice dog for a number of years, and has now passed. He did like his belly rubbed. Ok, cheers everyone. j
  5. Hi, oh thanks for the tip. I did not know that a three month prescription is best. I hope I get some good dreams! Been pretty good so far, but I know I will have my moments where it wont be so easy. One of the best things I have going is I am almost never around smokers. Also keeping busy at work. I am knee deep in a Excell spreadsheet (which is so much fun, it was always a great excuse to smoke instead), but I took a walk around the buildings instead of smoking. Anyway, onward and upward.
  6. Hi, at 12:30 PM today I have gone 24 hours without smoking. It's actually been not that bad. This isn't my first attempt, and I have had success before. My problem is after I have not smoked for long periods of time, I think I can indulge myself and have just one. Then it is all downhill from there. So this time, note to self, I can never, never just have one. I need to stop completely. I am pretty active and never really felt the bad effects of smoking. Lately, if in high altitudes I have noticed a little difference in my breathing. did not keep me from what I was doing, but it w

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