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  1. Whispers

    Hit and Run

    I think this may just be the Sox year but as a mets fan i got to go with the original team , Brooklyn Dodgers. Its chilly on the east cost high 40's right now in NY and Bost ... Play Ball
  2. Whispers

    Tuesday 23rd October 2018

    #NOPE Ciggs are very very bad
  3. Whispers

    Wow...nearly six days

    Congrats, those first 6 days are brutal. Good job
  4. Whispers

    What are you doing right now

    I hope she didnt get hurt but....... 🤣
  5. Whispers

    What are you doing right now

    Its the best, if you havent seen the conjuring series its a must! Insidious as well... put your night light on
  6. Whispers

    Hit and Run

    The Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers meet ... Mlb got the match up
  7. Whispers

    What are you doing right now

    buzzr the old game shows are like WHAT, a car for 4,000 brand new???
  8. Whispers

    What are you doing right now

    cozi columbo ,rockford files Munsters alfred hitchcock hr , antenna archie bunker, whats happening, alice mork n mindy welcome back kotter. theyre free with cable but bring back some good memories
  9. Whispers

    What are you doing right now

    All the old shows, cozi tv antenna tv the same, buuzr has the old game shows . i was watching lets make a deal from the 70's and the prices i was like wow, throwback tv
  10. Whispers

    What are you doing right now

    just started METV chnl
  11. Whispers

    MissyCat is 4 years smoke free!

    Congrats on 4 years

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