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  1. Whispers

    Hit and Run

    He has tremendous discipline, hes 0-5 Vs the braves this year with an era in those games of 1.09.. How he hasn't lost it with the lack of run support i have no idea. Hats off to him
  2. Whispers

    Hit and Run

    Outside of citi field the bats are waking up, 24-4 vs phillies to set a franchise record was awesome! I agree with the spoiler role, they seem to be enjoying the pressure free environment. Degrom for cy young? Out here we're all behind Mid island in the Little League WS, something to watch my friends kids out there playing great.. Fun to watch .. Braves are looking good and Mets doing their best to help you out, Vargas goes tonight and he sucks. Terrible sign by the mets and sandy
  3. Whispers

    Hit and Run

    Great trade, im getting ready for my football draft and the NFL season... Mets turned into the Mutts!
  4. Whispers

    Monday 20th August 2018

  5. Whispers

    Do other addictions suck just as much?

    Thats what its about here, being honest and sharing your experience so that if another member or lurker notices a similarity they can get help. We as humans sometimes spiral, substance abuse most not all is when people start to self medicate from a difficult life or a tough situation. When we feel or get anxiety or depressed we use our goto to treat it in my case it was alcohol. I saw Dr's, lawyers big shot Corp people to your average worker when i was in those two meetings. What would happen if you found out your other half was having an affair? What would happen if a loved one was terminally ill? What would happen if you were on the verge of a financial crisis? You can blow your sobriety / quit if you're not strong enough mentally and just because one person is able to do it and stay sober or maintain their quit some people may not be and fall off. The one thing that i noticed is that smoking cigarettes(the drug) hasn't ruined relationships the way that drugs or alcohol does but its bad in its own way as it ruins our health in many ways
  6. Whispers

    Really feeling like I can't do this.

    Linda, you're close to that first month(that hardest month). If you smoked one you would feel nauseous, get a lil dizzy and have that terrible taste back on your tongue. Your depressed feeling wont go away as a result of smoking one, if you have that anxious feeling which is the trigger to all of this try the deep breathing exercise (in and out and hold for 2-3 seconds). If you have a straw near get one and cut it down to the size of a cigg and do the breathing exercise with that or just pull on it like you would a cigg(use it as a crutch when you feel weak) . Exercise, working out worked well for me as well in these moments. Just walking is good also . Hang in there
  7. Whispers

    Do other addictions suck just as much?

    I was addicted to alcohol for a few years, it sucked. I was a pack a day smoker but i was a drinker and i was fairly new to heavy drinking. You sweat it out the first few days after quitting drinking also you get the shakes. You can smell the alcohol in your sweat its crazy when you detox, i drank for a lil over two years everyday straight. Knowing your limit is the trick with drinking but i had issues so it was easy to say **** it and get drunk. I know people who have had addictions to pills, H(they goto H as its cheap or when the dr wont give them a script for the pills and perks are what they like) and blow . All pretty much suck but the one thing i'll tell you is in a AA meeting they all smoke and say its my only vice. I went to a few meetings to see how it was and alot of them have battled that addiction . You can tell by the look on the people( they age rapidly/have that look like they went thru a war or something)
  8. Whispers

    Saturday 18th August 2018

  9. My grandfather and mother both had oxygen tanks. Both were chain smokers told me to quit and look at what it did to them, my mother had a difficult time breathing when it was windy out and couldn't enjoy life anymore. She ignored my grandfather words and continued smoking until she developed emphysema and by that time it was too late. If i didn't quit my life would've ended bad. When you watch people you love struggle for a breath it hurts and you feel helpless. The images are still stuck in my head every time i see someone smoking on TV or in real life. Coming on here and sharing my experience and reading the experiences of the other members are a reminder for me
  10. Whispers

    Now Don't Get Me Wrong...

    Lol that's a good analogy . Stay smoke free = stay mentally strong has to be his way. I don't have that urge or craving for a long time but sometimes they just pop in, nothing i cant laugh at. On facebook my ex fiance is in my friends list, its like when she sends me an inbox/pm.. I know not to respond to her as she wants to start some trouble. I say NOPE

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