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  1. onthemark

    Triggers, unexpected

    Congratulations on getting through the crave.
  2. Thanks for sharing Whispers. It's remarkable how many lies and untruths surround cigarette smoking.
  3. Thank you @Missdixie for sharing your story and your success. Beyond never take another puff, there isn't a right way or a wrong way to quit. Congratulations on making the Lido deck!
  4. onthemark

    vape pen explosion kills man

    the quote was from a different site. maybe that was the source of confusion.
  5. After quitting in July 2015 I got a bunch of health checks to be sure I was ok. One of these was a chest xray in October that caught a nodule in my lung. Turned out to be invasive adenocarcinoma of the lung. They found another tiny nodule in the operation in January 2016 so I ended up getting a full 16 week course of chemotherapy too. I still haven't completely recovered from the chemo but I am happy to be alive at 55. I paid a big price for smoking but not so far the ultimate one.
  6. I don't know how many have heard of this, but a Florida man recently died when his vape pen exploded: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-44149281. There have been about two hundred reported explosions of vape pens in the US since they were introduced. That is pretty scary. On the other hand who knew?
  7. onthemark


    I quit and failed so many times that I became convinced that I was also a hopeless addict who would forever be a smoker. Thank goodness to be free of that kind of slavery. At first it was just noping my way through each day, or sometimes it was moment by moment at thebeginning. quitting is tough but it is not impossibly difficult. I'm on some lung cancer message boards and sometimes read stories about patients smoking until their literal last breath when they simply could hold a cig or inhale anymore. At least I won't go out a smoker.
  8. onthemark

    What I didn't forsee

    Thank you for your post, Give. Be proud of your beautiful quit.
  9. I'm approaching 3 years. The first months were hard. I fell into a depression and had a lot of anxiety. At first, the morning, after meal, and cigarettes to take a 'break' from whatever I was doing were the hardest to let go of. Now I don't have those triggers but still occasionally think about smoking when I am bored. I had to believe that I really could quit for good after so many failures. Participating on a forum made all the difference for me.
  10. onthemark

    Hello from old QSMB member

    Hi Hermine, Nice to see you hear and congrats on your wonderful quit.
  11. Great post GITW, and congratulations on your 6 month quit. I know what you mean about feeling like a doofus for smoking all those years. Hmm, what colour are our lungs by now?
  12. onthemark

    My journey

    One day you can look back fondly at this time and be so proud of yourself that you learned how to free yourself from the nicotine addiction. Everything you are going through is because of the addiction and the only way to make these unpleasant feelings go away for good is to never take another puff again. Keep up the great work you are doing and don't fret over how long it takes with the patches.
  13. On a different forum for people with serious diseases, including many people who are there because of cigarettes, I see quite a few threads of the form "trying to quit smoking..." I used to approach my quit that way before, I see these people posting again later, how they 'slipped;. Sometimes I post there and give a little blurb of the values of a dedicated quit smoking forum, namely us here, but I often think people are looking more for sympathy or to rant than to really quit smoking. Sadly there are lots of people with COPD, lung cancer or heart disease to name a few, who continue to smoke, believe it or not. Be glad you aren't one of them.
  14. yuck! it's awful to think what I did to myself all those years of smoking. Thanks for sharing, Whispers.
  15. onthemark

    Change A Letter Game


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