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  1. Hi lovely people. I have a sore head but I didn’t smoke. Thank you for your thoughtful advice. You all are awesome.
  2. Thanks reciprocity. I’m hanging in there. I’m still waiting for my stitches but I haven’t smoked. I think it’s because the last time I was at this emergency room I was smoking a bit. That plus the trauma I guess.
  3. Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t been here for a while. After 12 months quit I started to forget about smoking. I’m at the emergency room. I have a 2.5cm gash in my head and concussion. I know it’s not cancer but it’s sure triggered me to smoke. I don’t want to blow my 16 month quit.
  4. Congrats Jo. Almost on the lido deck. Awesome.
  5. Wow. Thanks so much guys. I am so happy to have made it to the lido deck. It has certainly been an interesting year. I dint take my quit for granted. Even yesterday I smelt someone’s cigarette smoke and thought how easy it still would be to blow my quit. I previously had had quit for a year and bummed a cigarette off a removalist when I was moving house. That blew that quit and it was around 5 years later before I was able to quit this time. One year ear is a time to celebrate but also reflect on the big picture (how important it is to quit) and the small picture (the way to do this is to not have one). Thanks for for the beautiful messages. Without the people here, I don’t know if my quit would have survived.

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