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  1. Giveintowin

    Thursday 20th September 2018

  2. Giveintowin

    Monday Double NOPE

    NOPE NOPE. 😂
  3. Giveintowin

    Monday Double NOPE

    We did this at the same time Chris. It’s NOPE again
  4. Giveintowin

    Monday 17th September 2018

    NOPE! Not on Mondays.
  5. NOPE!!!! Not on Sundays.
  6. Giveintowin

    Friday 14th September 2018

  7. Giveintowin

    What did you use to do

    I pretty much new there was no hiding it. I was an addicted smoker and made no excuses for my behaviour. I kind of felt that if someone else had to smell it then it was too bad since if society doesn’t like it then cigarettes shouldn’t be freely available in every second or third shop.
  8. Giveintowin

    Thursday 13th September 2018

  9. Nice post. After relapsing after a 1 year quit previously, I know to stay vigilant. i am confident that if I remember I could ruin my quit at any time with “just one”, I am unlikely to lose my quit.
  10. Giveintowin

    Tuesday 11th September 2018

  11. Giveintowin

    Your Brain Beating A Crave

    Nice video and concept to think about. Thanks for posting it.
  12. Giveintowin

    Monday 10th September 2018

  13. Giveintowin

    Sunday 9th September 2018


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