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  1. Giveintowin

    Smoking and Psychosis

    Sazarac, I love your novel quest. I personally believe that smoking is doing more to our brain/bodies than is commonly known. There are also a lot of diseases with high correlation to smoking. Yet in science correlation does not equal causation so these diseases aren’t listed as smoking related.
  2. Giveintowin

    Monday 28th May 2018

  3. Giveintowin

    Two days until Bunny Girl is at Lido Deck #2

    I went hunting for Jillar and I think I might have found her
  4. Eww. That photo was a good find. I never smoked inside either. Shame about what it dies to lungs.
  5. Giveintowin

    Peace Train Is On The Lido Deck Today!!

    Congrats PT. What a great accomplishment. I am waiting for the one year clean. Well done. It takes commitment.
  6. Giveintowin

    Am I Protecting My Quit? Are You?

    This post is a great reminder. I’m astounded at the foolish thoughts I get sometimes these days about how it would be safe now to have one cigarette. I’ve fallen for this before and blown quits and it’s taken years to get back to quitting. Great at post and good reminder Saz.
  7. Giveintowin

    Preparing for a difficult situation

    I think what you’re doing now as in talking about it. Mentally preparing is really important when it comes to challenges with quitting. Well done. You’ve got this.
  8. I guess the body is being repeatedly hurt by smoking. Even if it’s not many. It’s still an insult to the tissues.
  9. Giveintowin

    Smoking and Psychosis

    Good find Saz. I always thought this but there wasn’t data or studies to show the link.
  10. Giveintowin

    Giveintowin is 7 Month's Smoke Free!

    Aww gee thanks. I just saw this thread this morning.
  11. Giveintowin

    Triggers, unexpected

    Well done. This is how we quit.
  12. Giveintowin

    Tips to make quitting easier

    Nice post! Keep trying worked for me. 🙂

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