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  1. Saturday 24th March 2018

  2. Friday 23rd March 2018

  3. Name one thing you are happy to be free of

    Knowing I was ruining my health more with every drag but not being able to stop doing it.
  4. Despair Not Reaches The Lido Deck Today!!

    Wow congrats DN!!! It must be great to have that 1 year up.
  5. Thursday 22nd March 2018

  6. Question..who can relate ?

    I started smoking at 13 so no regarding memory. My brain is doing major readjustments so I see my issues related to this. I still get flat/sad days. Still have craves like I want to run away from reality with a cigarette but I need to be a grown up and deal with life without the anaesthesia band-aid.
  7. Tuesday 20th March 2018

  8. Monday 19 March 2018

  9. Sunday 18 March 2018

  10. Saturday 17th March 2018

  11. Friday 16th March 2018

  12. Welcome Putnamin

    We missed you.
  13. Back for a visit

    Thanks for sharing OTM. you’ve been through a lot. I understand about the fear, having illness myself. I heard someone say once that cancer takes away the innocence of thinking by you’re not going to die. You our may not feel it and may not want to be known as this but you are so strong. PM me anytime.
  14. Back for a visit

    Nice to see you OTM. I missed you when you had a break but I understood why you did. Glad you are still around. How is your health?
  15. I have successfully cut 21mg patch into half and quarters and they work fine. HRT is hormone replacement therapy. NRT nicotine replacement therapy. I’d be careful with which one your using. Lol.

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