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  1. MLMR congrats on your seven months hope to still see you when you do drop in. Glad you will remain strong with your quit.
  2. Great advise and a great post. Thanks for the bump
  3. Another great read. Before I quit I did have thoughts of what will I do now. That was me...everything revolved around that cigarette. Now I am relearning how to do things without one and it is difficult at times but I am slowly learning how to fill those last two pages. Thanks for the bump n
  4. What an amazing read. So much truth in what the op is saying. How one day all us newbies will reach the top of that rope as long as we continue to climb. Thank you Doreen for this. You are an angel and so appreciated. Your quit is so encouraging for me.
  5. Today is day seven. What an accomplishment. Thought this day would never get here. Many ups and downs but so worth the fight. Ventured out today for the first time since my quit. Bought me some lunch to celebrate. Felt good to get out and breath fresh clean air. Wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Thanks everyone here for all the support.
  6. Hi Solo and welcome. I know the feelings you are going through. I cannot offer much advise as I am so new here. Well today is day 7 for me. Sorry for your difficulties but you are doing so well. So glad you are here sharing your quit. All we can do is keep moving forward.
  7. Hi Icanhike and thanks for your update. New here and was so encouraged by your post. Always glad to read when someone a bit further along in their quit is doing so well. Keeps me motivated.
  8. Hi Dizzy and welcome back. I am so sorry for all you have been through. I too was ready to not come back. So glad I did. Only advise I can offer being so new here is stick around and if need be post an SOS if things get tough. These wonderful people saved my quit the other day. Had coat on and was ready to walk out the door and felt embarrassed to sos. But I did and it worked. So happy we are going to ride this journey together.
  9. Thanks jillar for all your support.

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