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  1. QueenB


    Yes..... I love to randomly shout out things...….So out of character which makes it funny...…….which makes me laugh...….which causes a distraction.....which diminishes a thought...… I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!
  2. QueenB


    NOT ONE PUFF EVER !!!!!!
  3. You're doing great @Edy hang in there!!!!
  4. Hang in there Michelle, try to distract yourself with something else. I would do crazy stuff like walk around the house and say random stuff like: Lions and Tigers and Bears!! louder and louder each time, and my family would look at me and we would all laugh. Just do something else!!!
  5. Keep up the good work!!! Congratulations
  6. Congratulations @DizzyD Great Job!!!! It feels good to see the time that YOU are putting in pay off FREEDOM!!!! Enjoy my friend
  7. Right from the start NOPE !!!!!!
  8. Congratulations @Edy you did it!! That's it, just small step.

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