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  1. Congratulations Steve, 8 years is massive!! I also was thinking back on my journey today and how far I have come. I am grateful for this forum and the people here who have encouraged me to steady the course!! Just wanted to say congrats to you on this YOUR DAY OF FREEDOM!!!!!!
  2. I was desperate.... It was mind boggling and I didn't have any answers!! It seemed as though everyone else around me knew how to but I didn't!!!! Oh how frustrating I felt, how is it possible for them and not ME!!! I did it exactly the way they said to do it. Nothing. I'm stronger than that person, I know it should have worked!!( I said to myself) She's not really trying hard and its working for her! What's the deal? Why not me? Well.....until I went WAY DOWN inside of me and made a FIRM, NO TURNING BACK DECISION to NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!!! Did it begin to work!!! I couldn't believe it! IT WAS WORKING FOR ME!!!!!! Day after day, it was working. Don't get me wrong...some days I had to fight like HECK!! But It is so worth the fight!!! Just a few lines to encourage those coming through the ranks to not give up on yourself!!!! YOU can make this journey If you only believe !!!!
  3. I was about to go all the way in on that guy!!!

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