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  1. The choices are 1...be a slave to the cigarette for the rest of your life, wishing you could quit. 2... put up with some discomfort for a few months until your body gets used to going without nicotine. Choose wisely. keep your quit.
  2. Keep it going, don’t let those whiny whispering voices get to you. Stay strong it’s so worth it. You have a great quit going on, don’t throw it away.
  3. I couldn’t afford to buy a £60 bottle of perfume every week, so god knows how I found my smoking money, but found it I did, even if it meant not eating....crazy! Definately addiction. The Cigarette called the shots!
  4. Absolutely, I really enjoyed treating myself to things I couldn’t really afford when I was spending £60-£70 a week on smoking ! Or save up and after a month treat yourself to something bigger . I found the first months small items bought regularly kept me motivated, and I looked forward to my treats. A nice bottle of perfume costing less than what I would have spent on smoking in a week! Amazing how much money we threw at damaging ourselves.
  5. Welcome to the train Carpelibrum, and Big Congrats on being 2 weeks smoke free. I hope you pop in often, as it really helps in the early days of your quit to be here, reading and getting involved . Reward yourself even if it’s something small, it helps so much with motivation. you are worth it
  6. Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Hope you stay strong and smoke free.

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