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  1. Ah Thanks guys, So proud of my Son and his wife for giving me a beautiful Grand daughter Elyana Ava I am so in love with her. She so tiny...6lb 6oz. Had lots of cuddles with her tonight....feeling blessed and so glad I don’t smoke any more, she is far too precious to be handled with stinky fingers!!
  2. GranD baby was born at 1.01am just 3 hours after we left the hospital. She had a hard time bless her, but baby is fine, and DIL getting her strength back. Son only rang me this afternoon, he is exhausted too, they went hours without sleep. So happy for them, not sure if it’s a boy or girl, they are keeping us guessing till we visit later on. Sooooo relieved, normally I would have smoked my head off with such anxiety, but this grand baby is not gonna have a stinky nanny ...yay
  3. waiting for my Grand child to be born....over 30 hours in labour so far........ come on baby .....
  4. NOPE..... Definately not smoking, my Grand baby is due today...patiently waiting.....................

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