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  1. Post a Song you Like

  2. chicks or sticks

  3. chicks or sticks

  4. A Truth & Two Lies

    If I was gonna guess I'd say 1.. but I'm not gonna guess cos I'm on a fly by just poppin in to say hi Bloody smart phone..!!!!!
  5. chicks or sticks

  6. chicks or sticks

  7. chicks or sticks

  8. chicks or sticks

  9. chicks or sticks

  10. Friday 23rd March 2018

    NOPE but
  11. chicks or sticks

    7 Morn lassies..
  12. A Truth & Two Lies

    1.. Mmmmmmm.. sorry but don't see you as a pink girl... 2.. yep.. but now I have a mental picture of your 3 thongs.. I have them teal... 3.. we all know you love your vegi.. but on toast.. mmmmmm Ooopps I'm confusing myself now.. 3 is not the lie it is the truth.... Had to delete as I don't have a line to put through it.. or if I do i can't find it..!!! Heyho.. just waiting for Weegie and slippy now.. No rush peeps...!! P.S. Thank you for starting this one Jo
  13. chicks or sticks

  14. game: **The Coke Machine**

    And out came nelly the elephant singing trumpity trump trump trump trump.. Whilst she was still running from the circus and looking for Mandalay.. (I did have another trump answer but don't want to risk upset any of our American friends so shall keep schtum) I put in wee dumbo... (now be nice)
  15. chicks or sticks


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