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  1. chicks or sticks

  2. A-Z Lollies/Candies/Sweets Picture Game

    Told you slippy you can't believe everything you read on the internet.. Hell yeah fire them this way.. Ok here's my R
  3. chicks or sticks

  4. **Game** Two Truths & A Lie Game

    Yep you're all welcome to pop in for some as it's much needed on a freezin day like today.. should be ready in a couple of hrs... In the meantime.. 1.. I make my own wine.. 2.. I make my own beer.. 3.. I make my own rolls..
  5. **Game** Two Truths & A Lie Game

    The clyde.. you crazy, brave wuman you Whoop whoop lap of honour time whilst I think up Q's and do stew... Go me multitasking
  6. chicks or sticks

  7. **Game** Two Truths & A Lie Game

    Hmmmm.. Budge named fred.. beats billy or Joey Cat named whisky.. is that where whiskers came from.. I've heard of Brandy but never shandy.. Oh for clarification was that mongrel a dog..?? If So I'll go 3 is a lie...
  8. **Game** Two Truths & A Lie Game

    I thought I remembered you saying that before and I was where the heck can you row in Glasgow cos huggy loch ain't big enough haha then remembered Strathclyde park.. see peep out there in all weather's.. Do u use there too??
  9. Phrase Connect Game

    Ooft, she'll make mince meat outa you.!!
  10. **Game** Two Truths & A Lie Game

    Well why don't you just jump right in there first with an answer slippy.. Such an eager beaver... 1..Sure you have mentioned rowing somewhere or some sort of floaty device 2..Ok.. no gardening in this weather.. 3.. jigsaws to relax.. I can see that but I'll say no it's a lie..
  11. Game *The Food Game*

    Kit Kat..
  12. What are you doing right now

    Wondering what my candle is all about It's watching me and it's eyes move when I move..!!
  13. NEW GAME - Name That Movie

    The Longest Yard "Six bucks and my right nut says we're not landing in Chicago."
  14. Game *The Food Game*

    Upside down chicken in a pot..
  15. chicks or sticks


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