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  1. So so sorry for your loss Doreen, may he rest in peace, and praying for strength for you and your family to get through this.
  2. @reciprocity, @Boo, @Joe7, @Martian5, @Lilly, @desperate1, @johnny5 and @jillar thank you Thank you my QT family, sorry I've been less than regular these past few months, work's just not slowing down. Last week I lost my dear aunt to cancer, hers was discovered quite late, and she went peacefully and was so graceful in handling the pain. That just reminded me how fragile life is and how much I've been taking things for granted. So my 11 month gift to myself is to be kind, most importantly to myself so that I can be kind to others (animals are the sole exception, I want to be kind to them regardless ) and allow myself the occasional break. These 11 months sure have been a roller coaster with each up matched by a symmetrical down but then again C'est la Vie as they say. My 1 year anniversary gift to myself will be a small solo trip, haven't planned anything concrete yet, but it will be me, books, preferably the beach and lots of time without anything to do. This trip is as much your gift to me, as you are the guys who were always there with a steadying hand when I thought I would fumble this quit away. I am grateful for each one of you, and this forum and the beacon of light you represent for people like me who struggle to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. Congratulations DD, 2 months is beautiful and time to look back and realize how strong your willpower is...that's 8 weeks of you kickin the butt...literally. Good on ya!!!
  4. Hey there Freeatlast, Your name gives an inkling to precisely how you must be feeling right You've taken a courageous step, and shown yourself some long overdue love. My advice is pretty much along the lines of what @jillar mentioned, educate yourself, know thine enemy, learn to understand your triggers and try to stay away (I know it's tough) from stressful situations. Read, read, read. And yes, shout out whenever you need help, you'll be surprised at how many of us are cheering you on. We may not be with you physically, but we're with you in spirit. Just remember, take it one crave at a time and yes, reward yourself for the milestones just to recognize how awesomely dedicated you are. Best of luck.
  5. Hey Glitterbug, Congratulations on 2 fantabulous years smoke free and congratulations on having your own space, that you can truly call yours. Miss you but so so happy you are where you are.
  6. Tammy

    Six for Fay

    Congratulations on 6 amazing smokefree years Fay.
  7. Way to go Lilly, hope you had a fabulous dinner with your family. Kudos to your amazing quit.
  8. Congratulations on two straight years of being resilient, and Cheers to a happy healthy you.
  9. Wow, congrats Jay, what an achievement. Congratulations on sticking with your quit for so long, the Lido Deck beckons...hope you celebrate this milestone in a grand way.
  10. that's the way to celebrate, with one of the best movies to come out of the MCU Congratulations, and I'm sure you enjoyed the movie. Hats off on a fabulous quit.

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