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  1. Oh wow Greenlight, now it indeed is...congratulations on 7 awesome years of staying quit
  2. Tammy

    10 months, yeah!

    Congrats MLMR, this has been a hard fought and earned ten months. You've stuck to your guns and come out on top inspite of the hurdles and lows along the way. So so great to see you transform into a determined NOPEr and honoured to be able to share this journey with you. Keep on keepin on...to the Lido Deck. Waiting with a couple of cocktails for you my friend.
  3. Congratulations Richard, this is the step that is the foundation for a strong quit and you did not falter while taking it. Celebrate and renew your commitment to yourself. Well done and KTQ!!!
  4. I am truly truly honoured to be a part of this forum, my 1 year of quit has been an amazing life experience for me, and this forum with all my lovely friends has been one of the most integral part of it. Each one of you has been a great source of inspiration and support on the board and through messages. A year ago I reached office and decided I won't ever buy or smoke a cigarette again because I was done giving myself excuses and telling myself 3-5 smokes a day isn't really smoking (duh!). I got on the web and started looking for a forum as I knew being in the company of people who've fought this battle and won will be a great help and boy was I right. Made connections with some amazing amazing human beings here, who reinforce my belief in myself each time I speak to them. I am indebted to the support and camaraderie I've received from all my friends on here. Thank you thank you thank you. I intend to celebrate by hitting a karaoke bar near me, since I can sing a couple of lines now without having to wait to catch my breath, though others may not wait to catch theirs while they are running out :p
  5. For the 365th time... Nope,never again...
  6. This scene is from one of the biggest blockbusters in Bollywood... Sholay... It's a classic
  7. Oh yeah, lining up some hit music too...
  8. I totally love the beats and the lyrics of this one, never heard them before, but this is stuck in my head....
  9. Congratulations QueenB, you slayed them months like the regal monarch you are Kudos!!!
  10. You said that NO to tobacco loud and clear TobacNo...brilliant stuff... Congratulations and KTQ!!!
  11. Congratulations Dizzy, 3 months quit must've been tough, kudos to you for sticking through...you've made a solid base and now you gotta build on it...onwards and upwards!!!
  12. Congratulations Kdad, yes 9 months already, time does fly...way to go
  13. Congratulations Free At Last, brilliant stuff getting over the toughest month.

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