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  1. Congrats MLMR, you're here, you made it. Pat yourself on the back, pour yourself a drink and celebrate the champion that you are.
  2. Thank you my friends, it is indeed revitalising to celebrate 10 months. Last month I came pretty close to buying a cigarette, standing next to a store and mentally seeing myself remove some change and taking one (they sell them here in single units as well), lighting it up and taking a puff. I could feel the relief as though I was smoking already as the vapour would leave my mouth...took all of what I value and have built up as my quit to not replay my thoughts in real life. I am so so glad I didn't give in because all it takes to reset the counter is that one puff. And next thing you know you're marginalising the second smoke of the day, and then the third and before you know it, you're lining the pockets of the tobacco companies with money and your lungs with tar. So damn not worth it. And these threads make that struggle worthwhile. Each one of you has won innumerable battles against this filthy addiction and are my guides. Each one of you has picked me (and so many others) up when I stumbled. Each one of you gave unconditional support when I needed it, and at times when I didn't even know I needed it. My quit is built of all these memories and my commitment to myself, that I will not abuse this chance. Thank you my QT family, forever and more.
  3. Congrats Stewpot...hope you celebrated this milestone. Do drop by, as you can see we all miss you.
  4. What a solid quit you've built Albert, and how encouraging you have been to others on the board. Really appreciate you setting an example for all of us. Thanks for the support and KTQ.
  5. Amazing stuff Wantsit, great going. 5 months shows the dedication and resilience you have. Good going.
  6. Congrats Abby, 3 months is phenomenal and worth celebrating. Hope you did get yourself a little something from all the money you saved KTQ and Kudos!!!
  7. Sorry for the delay, but the wishes are just as sincere. Congrats now on 2 weeks DD, great stuff.
  8. Wow @GloryB if you read this post, know that your milestone is such an inspiration. Kudos.

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