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  1. Tammy

    chicks or sticks

    7 Day's going by way too fast for me...but it's fine
  2. Tammy

    non-smoking DOGS

    One of the newborn pups in my lot...
  3. Tammy

    chicks or sticks

    Jo -2 Tammy -3
  4. Tammy

    chicks or sticks

    0 Hello everyone.
  5. Tammy

    Phrase Connect Game

    Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right!!!
  6. Tammy

    We Don't Like Cricket - We Love It!

    Yup was a close one, could've gone either ways...glad the boys stuck it out, but thought the bowling lacked aggression right towards the end. Well fought Aussies, you guys did give us a scare or two in the end.
  7. Tammy

    Roger the Ripped Roo Dies Aged 12

    Wow, didn't know about him till today, did a search. He really was ripped. Crushing buckets like paper cups... RIP Roger...
  8. Tammy

    chicks or sticks

    13 Celebrate the way you want amigo...but get up each time you do fall over...how will we get funny drunk people falling memes otherwise :p
  9. Tammy

    chicks or sticks

    13 Hey there 11 month champ...you should celebrate...every reason to.
  10. Tammy

    chicks or sticks

    13 Well, I'm working through Christmas and the New Year's with only 25th and 1st as Holidays 😞
  11. Tammy

    Phrase Connect Game

    Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Thinking is not enough; we must do.
  12. Tammy

    Sslip is 11 Months Smoke Free!

    To celebrate this wonderful quit, I would like to raise a toast to you my friend. You've been steadfast both in your journey and been a prominent part of mine, and so many others on the train. You've conquered your quit like the true champ that you are. Thank you for the incessant support, unrivaled rivalry on COS, I know I am on a break from it, but I will be back, make no mistake. Also let's have one last hurrah before you cross over to the dark side, eh, the old phartes side on the newbies vs old phartes game. Stay the superstar you are always. Cheers
  13. So I am in kind of a haze, certain things going on personally which make me question a lot of things I thought I knew. Long story short, if I ever had any excuse (that being the operative word here) it would be now. However I don't want to, and I certainly don't feel like. In fact, I'm almost disappointed since I realize that smoking won't help puff the problem away. There were times when stress at work or home equated to stepping out and lighting up. Absolutely sure that it never resolved the problem, but those 5 minutes were about romanticizing the damn thing. And right now, I'm in a mode where I'm seeing everything in black and white. No grays. So no escaping stuff, most certainly not with the nico stick in hand. Strange how life can drag you down, and that's where you recognize or find the hard truths, the kind that stick with you. Sometimes you gotta get dragged through the mud for the dirt to wash off. Maybe this is an important step in my quit, maybe it's just an indication of things getting better or worse (black or white remember). All I know is I am not going to make plans or guesses, all I know, whatever comes I will fight it head on. And I won't fail.
  14. Tammy

    Notsmokinjo is 1 Year Smoke Free Today!!!

    Wow Jo, you know how to blow my mind... Beautiful post, read and re read it, what an amazing thank you to everyone. Just shows the attention to detail you have, and of course the number of people who are in your corner. It's crowded, and no wonder why. And I sure am happy to be there standing alongside everyone, basking in the support and camaraderie you offer to everyone. You've helped me in so many ways, always around to respond to my messages (at insane hours for you), and been there to remind me that even the darkest of days only has 24 hours. This 1 year (of which I've known you 5 months now) is a testament to the dedication you have towards yourself and your family, both the real one, and all of us here...You're a superstar Jo, you've touched more lives than you could ever know. Thank you for being you my dearest friend.
  15. Tammy


    Glad you stuck it out...shows that you are committed regardless of the extenuating circumstances. KTQ...it will get easier.
  16. Tammy

    We Don't Like Cricket - We Love It!

    Saw the highlights since by the time I got home, it was early morning for you guys. It's not really looking good right now is it? 143 with 6 down...well, like you mentioned Adelaide is a batter's wicket so it would just need someone to stick it out for Australia.
  17. Tammy

    Jayhawk is 5 Month Smoke Free

    Amazing stuff Jayhawk, great job on 5 months smoke free!!!
  18. Tammy

    Octain is 11 Months Smoke Free

    Great job Octain, well done.

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