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  1. Tammy

    Christa326 is 6 months Smoke Free!

    Congratulations Christa on a well earned 6 months of being free of the Nicodemon. Great work!!!
  2. My dearest friend Reci, Apologies from me as well for not being there to wish you on this phenomenal two year anniversary. You were one of the first ones to reach out to me when I joined the train to check in and you've ever since been supportive and attentive, not just towards me, but so many of us on the train. A word like "Thank you" may not suffice, however I guess "Thank you" times a zillion might just get things started. The celebrations shall always continue for you are a constant source of encouragement and joy on here.
  3. Tammy

    I Got This (T) is 4 month Smoke Free

    Congratulations IGT, phenomenal work, 4 tough months down and you're sticking to your quit like a champ. Kudos.
  4. Tammy

    Who's on the train...

    Hello everyone, I'm Tammy (Tamanna) from Mumbai India. I started smoking pretty late in my life (not that I'm complaining) and smoked for around 10 years roughly attempting to quit twice along the way before realizing I'm just kidding myself and I need to admit I have an addiction. Quit cold turkey on a hot, sultry June afternoon in Mumbai (I think the heat did have something to do with quitting, wasn't worth getting roasted while setting a stick on fire in my mouth) and have been quit ever since. Had more than my share of scares and triggers along the way, but this dedicated, amazing, supportive, funny and shiny bunch of people always picked me up when I was down. Made good friends along the way so really I have won big time with QT. I try to get on and take the pledge daily (it really helps me) and be a part of the celebrations, because every day spent saying no to this filthy addiction is a win and should be celebrated.
  5. Tammy

    Happy Birthday wee fluffy me!!!

    Oh my fluffy friend, so sorry haven't been on and missed wishing you 😞 However please know that I always wish you exactly everything your heart desires, and a billion other things on top of that.
  6. Tammy

    Jayhawk is 7 Month Smoke Free

    Congratulations Jayhawk, I think we're about the same time quit...so glad to be able to share this journey with you. Well done.
  7. Tammy

    NOPEster is 2 Years Smoke Free!

    Hey Nopester, What an awesome achievement, 2 years of being happy, healthy and certainly wealthy. Congratulations.
  8. Tammy


    Congrats @tocevoD on completing your hardest month with panache and steadfast determination.
  9. Tammy

    Rhinodragon is 1 month smoke free!

    Hey there Rhino, You've totally powered through your first month, what an amazing job. It's so nice to see you around the forums as well, helping others (including me, so many times) on their journey. Cheers to your efforts and congratulations on your first month smoke free, the first of many to come.
  10. Tammy

    DragonsFancy is 4 Month Smoke Free

    Congrats on 4 fabulous smoke free months Df... Excellent resilience and dedication shown by you. Kudos.
  11. Tammy

    Linda Thomas is 6 months smoke free!

    WOW Linda, amazing. You've just hit this out of the park haven't you? Inspite of the challenges, you've soldiered on, and here you are at the peak of a well deserved summit. Good on you. I truly hope you celebrate the brave, dedicated spirit you are today. I know I do each time I read your posts Well done and KTQ.
  12. Tammy

    Catlover is 1 YEAR Smoke Free!

    Way to go @catlover, ya did it in style. Thank you for the camaraderie and general joie de vivre on here. Have fun on the deck. Cheers!!!
  13. Tammy

    Friday 1st February 2019

    Yup, big or little, every Nope matters hence Nope
  14. Tammy

    Albert is 10 months smoke free

    Congratulations for 10 phenomenal months Albert and thank you for the support you provide to fellow QTers. 2 months to the Lido Deck, good on you!!!
  15. Tammy

    The sticks and chicks !!!!!

    you guys are legends @Doreensfree @Nancy
  16. Tammy


    Hello there my friend, So sorry for the angst, irritation, the not knowing what to feel phase you're going through right now. I know you are strong. I know you've got this. We all are rooting for you, and you will ride through the storm, and emerge stronger and better on the other side. Work on getting through the first 3 minutes of every crave to begin with. It might help. Stay true to your quit, your mind and body will thank you for it.
  17. Tammy

    Raidermom23 is 2 Month Smoke Free

    Excellent work Raider mom on being smoke free for 2 whole months. you've stuck it out like a pro. KTQ and Congratulations.
  18. Tammy

    Jack9211 is 1 Month Smoke Free!

    Congratulations Jack. The hardest month is done, onwards to a healthier, happier you.
  19. Tammy

    mrsguest is 1 Month Smoke Free

    One whole month, what a champ you are @mrsguest you've crossed this milestone in style. Kudos.
  20. Tammy

    Parsley is 5 Months Smoke Free!

    Hey there Parsley, So sorry for being late to the party. Congratulations on 5 months of amazing freedom. You've earned this badge after a lot of hardwork. Cheers to your unflinching spirit.

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