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  1. AceWhite

    chicks or sticks

    3 buenos dias amigos
  2. It’s funny when you log in from a mobile phone and you reply to a topic only to realize later you’re 10 comments behind
  3. Everything is difficult before it gets easy
  4. Love being immersed in nature and pushing my boundaries! It's the exercise that breathes life into me
  5. Linda congrats to you for this milestone You have been an inspiration!!!
  6. That would be a big fat NOPE for me thank you very much
  7. Feeling proud of my recovery today Living a long slow death as a smoker was something I just couldn't do anymore. I feel so clean n healthy mentally & physically and looking forward to life as a non smoker Thank you for everyone's support NOPE- Lifetime member
  8. glassware breaking over grandmas head LTSAK
  9. Hey cravings- suck this
  10. Good morning! been hitting the trails on the mountain bike a few times a week to build leg strength- very refreshing to see deer on a ride instead of cars and stoplights like the road bike

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