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  1. Athletics is more mental than physical Good thing im crazy Katgirl I think you can relate anyone that chooses to hike uphill at your pace is nuts lol After all the abuse these lungs are still working
  2. Congrats Kris I know this has not been easy but you have endured and it shows your strength. The hardest part is over, but this is a long haul dont get too comfortable. We are all addicts we just don't use anymore. Ace is proud of you!!
  3. Great post! You are dead on right - "It was simple, just not easy"
  4. pizza cold beer jacuzzi getting wild on a saturday night
  5. Good morning happy weekend!! Long hard week of training- for today i'm headed out for a 2.5 hour bike ride followed by a 1 hour run. Good news is after tomorrows long swim and run I have an easy week and a race next Sunday!
  6. 3000 meter swim for lunch Trail run this eve for dinner
  7. Pill Shooter- can be used for dogs too
  8. Cycled a 26 mile loop down a river trail to Huntington Beach yesterday afternoon- about 13 miles into a solid ocean breeze. Legs are sore today. Days are getting shorter & my rides are ending just past dusk. Might need to quit my job so I have more time to play
  9. newbies count on you vets for inspiration- thank you for sticking around here & for the daily NOPE thread!!
  10. Champions are just contenders that put in the extra work- Nice job
  11. @ Linda I teach at a trade tech apprentice school- one of he many hats I wear Sundays are my long swim & run day 1700 meter time trial followed by 4 mile trail run in the hills Mondays are rest days woo hoo
  12. I know some days are difficult to get moving- excellent job with consistency Katgirl! Distances mean nothing it's the amount of effort that counts. 2 miles uphill is quite a distance btw

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