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  1. i like cheap wine on the rocks the pink stuff dont tell my real life friends
  2. Completed half ironman 70.3 triathlon on 9/11 in Santa Cruz CA My overall time wasn't quite what I was hoping for but crossing the finish line is always a plus!
  3. We are here for your support- This is the best decision you can make- your quality of life depends upon your success
  4. Kwik e Mart Gougers went into the playoffs as a bottom seed. We fought our way thru the playoffs to make the championship game last night. Sadly we got whooped but at least the other team was better than us so it takes some of the sting off. Now on to Winter league
  5. a social smoker is just a full time smoker in training
  6. 13,839 un-smoked cancer sticks & i'm glad to discard of them!!
  7. Way to go! No more butt sucking!!
  8. Swimming- cycling- running- ice hockey 2 nights a week Staying active!
  9. When things get tough- refocus You're getting the hang of this! Dance party....
  10. You have tons of support here Linda!!

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