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  1. Hi fellow NOPE'ers I've been thinking about how my quit is like being on an airplane. The first part of the quit is like a takeoff. A whoosh of a new feeling- some excitement even as I embarked on a journey and reached new heights. Slowly, as i've gained altitude, space between myself and that last smoke, I feel now at almost one moth in i'm hitting the cruising altitude, but with altitude comes pressure. I've hit some turbulence on my way to this height, but I kept climbing. For awhile, the clouds obscured my vision, and I felt like I could step off at at moment, back into
  2. This is a great topic! As a smoker, I always thought about quitting even when smoking just as you stated. You need to hang in there and keep putting distance between you and that last smoke. The farther you get, the less of a pull it has on you. Never forget WHY you wanted to quit, and focus on that
  3. Welcome JustJoan! Like you I had quit for many years, and for some dumb reason took that one puff. You remember how good it felt to be a non smoker- freedom is at your fingertips You're taking the right steps- support is here when needed
  4. Awesome I’m so happy for you Amy!! Quality of life will always be better as a non smoker- thank you for sharing your experience
  5. Congrats Judi- you got this!
  6. Happy birthday! Do you post on Jessie’s hunt forum as well?
  7. Day 19- hell ya This hasn’t been easy but it hasn’t been extremely difficult either. Staying focused and committed.
  8. It's all up to me- the choice is mine Nobody gonna do this for me Moment by moment, day by day Smoking is becoming a distant memory Never forget the destruction Take a deep breath- exhale- smile
  9. Closing in on 2 weeks & feeling proud of my progress. Gaining some new habits, like eating breakfast instead of drinking coffee and smoking- Keeping my head in a good place, and so far it's made those urges easier to handle. The support here has been awesome, and reading through posts when im having a tough moment takes my mind off my struggle.

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