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  1. My company has donated fire sprinkler systems for Homes for our Troops- they build specially adapted homes for post 9/11 veterans that have suffered traumatic injuries. Since i'm running Herbalife Los Angeles Triathlon anyways, I decided to use the opportunity to raise funds & awareness for HFOT. So far ive raised $ 1100 . Feel free to cheer me on- if anyone feels crazy generous i'll send you a link to donate to my fundraising page https://www.hfotusa.org
  2. Yo- the drinking bone is only connected to the smoking bone by the nicotine addict tumor. Treat the tumor, you can drink without smoking. All things negative always lead back to smoking. Welcome aboard the train-
  3. I embellished some- checked the Garmin I was at 32.3 MPH Felt like 35 lol Only real danger of downhills is flatting at high speed which is a certain wreck Sunday mornings is my base swim at pool. Swam a warmup then 1500m @ 32:00 then followed up with a :50 minute trail run. Today is my rest day to let my body absorb a week of training. Back at it tomorrow! Happy Monday everyone
  4. Opah you have sighted in on your quit, focused, and pulled the trigger. You're a hunter- you know once you pull the trigger you can't take it back, you live with the conc3quences of your decision. You quit smoking. You already pulled that trigger. There is no going back. Get that through your head and it'll be much easier!! Time to skin that quit, salt it, stretch it out and pin it in place
  5. Babs- my heroin(e) 9 years I think you got this!!!

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