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  1. Regardless of how good & healthy I feel after quite a while of not smoking, the cold hard truth is smoking damaged my body and it will never be like that of a non smoker despite how long I don’t smoke. Good news is every day my body continues to repair itself so time is my friend. Wish I never smoked but thank God I’m conquering that addiction one day at a time. This chart reflects 11 months of not smoking. NOPE
  2. AceWhite

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Lol proud as hell
  3. Welcome!! Great news is feeling better is so close. Stick with your quit. See ya around-
  4. 4 smoke free years- wondering how many years this has added to your life- Congrats
  5. There's drunk bunnies at the party?????
  6. Thank you all!! Spent the weekend camping in the beautiful California desert riding my dirt bike. God is good
  7. Linda congrats and stoked for you & this great accomplishment.
  8. Growing up in So Cal ive always been athletic and enjoyed outdoor sports. All of them. Smoking interfered with my performance so it had to go. Successfully quit once for almost 10 years, then took a puff and was hooked again for 7 years before my final quit in Feb 2021. I own a contracting company that deals with fire protection and im sure I looked stoopid puffing on a grit I now own the fact im an addict, and I can never ever take even one puff and im good with that. Now that im smoke free im back to playing ice hockey and running triathlons at 55+ years old and in great shape & kicking butt This site is key to my quit-
  9. Great progress Tony & thank you for sticking around!!
  10. In real life i'm a superhero, but around here I prefer random internet person. Welcome aboard the train. Quitting is easy- staying quit is the challenge. You've made great progress already, the rest is just mental.
  11. This is awesome!! I hope you stick around a while and I hope you succeed
  12. Happy 2022 everyone hoping you achieve your goals!!
  13. Great work Gus 9 months is awesome!!! You've gifted yourself the best present of all
  14. Very happy for you Kris it's been a tough battle for you and your strength is winning. We are all blessed to have you on board the Q train
  15. Ya smoking sucks and dying sucks worse Your urges to smoke are no greater than anyone else's, sorry to say. The will to not smoke has to win the battle over the will to smoke, and until that day dawns you'll always just lurk here. Join the club- quit sticking something in your mouth and lighting it. It will be tough at first, but you'll slowly gain confidence in your quit as it gets stronger every day. Choose you, it's the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season. And hope to see ya around

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