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  1. i'm baack Went for a run in downtown San Antonio yesterday and passed The Alamo
  2. Welcome to the train Everyone here knows the pain you speak of It can be conquered- Stick around a while with some cool wise folks
  3. Howdy folks im chillin in Texas. Talking about food Texas BBQ is damn good The place im staying at is in the San Antonio hill country and ive been getting in some awesome runs. It's been HOT and humid tho so still acclimating. The hotel also has a few Pelotons so ive been getting in some cycling as well. Good times. Headed home in a few days almost have everyone straightened up
  4. Gus you've made the commitment and now its paying off. Smoking is but a memory. Congrats
  5. Cant get smoke in those new eyes Opah sorry i'm sure that's Dr's orders I know your truly too wise to F up your quit now
  6. Absolutely brutal Xterra triathlon this morning- good news is I didn't die. Pretty decent swell currently so the swim was interesting. Usually my best discipline but I struggled this morning. After the swim it's about a 1/4 mile run to transition to grab the bike. I had ridden the bike course a few weeks ago so I knew what to expect. Overall the bike went well. Run course was 4 miles, that included a mile long climb up a steep fire road, and an equally steep descend for about 1/2 mile. The last mile was nice slight downhill through a small canyon,. I had a great run despite all my worries I wasn't ready. Overall I finished 5th in my age group which surprised me that I did so well, or the others in my age group did crappy Finish time was 3:13 Time for a beer and a nap
  7. Rest days don't have to be a day of nothing, just something different nd lower intensity. Go for a long walk or easy bike ride maybe?
  8. Nicotine invades our minds and makes us think crazy dumb thoughts when it comes to quitting An opponent to be respected for sure, and one I never want to face again, although I am mightier
  9. I'll be traveling next week for a few weeks. I remember hating airports and going through TSA multiple times so I could go outside and smoke. Hotels sucked also because smoking was difficult. How awesome is it that now i'm worried about finding a lap pool and what type of equipment they have in the fitness center er.
  10. living the good life keep it up you’re almost moving up a deck
  11. Support is everything and this is an awesome site with awesome people Realizing my goals as i'm taking it one day at a time. Thank you all
  12. Those un motivated days when you dig deep and get it done anyways are definitely a self confidence boost. Way to go Katgirl!
  13. Great work Mommabear your hard work is paying off. Don’t let your guard down but it gets easier from here!!
  14. Getting it done- solid progress for me and i'm seeing and feeling the results! Xterra offroad triathlon next weekend which is gonna be brutal, then 8 weeks to LA Triathlon. Swims and cycling I have no worries- running is my weakness and while it's progressed i'm far from ready
  15. hopefully the getting blown all night (by the fan) helped out the psyche today-
  16. I quit- so can you All it takes is some dedication and some great company!!

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