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  1. Go girl! Good for you. That's brill you didn't have a struggle. I'm off for the easter weekend so i don't think I'll be safe to drive until Tuesday lol
  2. Glasgow @6pm today. No filters, it looks so dull! It was very cloudy
  3. Do you think it would be too distracting?
  4. I fell flat on my face
  5. I'm going to wipe that smile off your face
  6. You've got a face for radio
  7. He had a face like thunder
  8. Good for you Lilly!! You are doing brilliant! A knew you could do it Just a wee word of warning if you're going on holiday. You might start getting craves! I know I did my first holiday I was like wtf! But just push through, stay strong and you'll be fine. Have a fab holiday, we are all well jell have a pinacolada for me
  9. It's happy hour!
  10. You left me in the lurch
  11. I've got no fight left in me
  12. He just upped and left
  13. You're such a goody two shoes
  14. I read it years ago and quit but failed quickly in that quit. But still to this day retain some of the logic from the book. It is invaluable. I say read the book for sure. It will only help you. It wasn't a magic book for me but it did teach me a hell of a lot which is what quitting for good is all about.

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