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  1. He's as straight as an arrow
  2. 1 is the lie 2. I did yes puke out the side of a taxi on my first date pure classy. 3. Yes that was me
  3. 1.My husband is a taxi driver 2.I puked out the side of a taxi my first date with hubby 3. My husband had to pay £100 to a taxi driver as I puked in the footwell of a taxi.
  4. Sneaky jill is good at setting these as I know you're a crap traveller, a twin and have worked a few jobs. 2 is the lie
  5. I'm still keeping up my regime although not posting. I'm hitting the gym for my classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. A row outside on a Thursday and sometimes Friday. And then hopefully a regatta on a Saturday. Healthy body, healthy mind. Has always been my mantra. I've lost my six pack since quitting, but it's slowwwwwwwly coming back
  6. Weegie - someone from Glasgow Though this is quite funny from urban dictionary - A group of glory hunting religous bigots from Weegieland(Glasgow), Ballingry and Lochgelly. They are easily spotted esp on holday because they wear the same Rangers or Celtic taps every day. They call everybody wee man and all their children are called Wayne. While walking in Lochgelly one day I passed 3 different people wearing Ireland Football taps. I was amazed so when I saw a fourth I had to ask him what was going on. He replied that his Celtictap was gettin washed for the summer. I told the wife and she said "What the **** do you expect from a Weegie c**t"
  7. Your face won't crack if you smile
  8. Perhaps speak English
  9. Talking of bird shit my husband is the pure daftie that has a convertible. And any hint of sunshine the roof is down. One day he was driving to the toon and drove under a railway bridge. Where there are loads of pigeons. And yes, you guessed it, he got shat on a pure belter he was so fricking embarrassed. I was like serves you right

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