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  1. WeegieWoman

    Word Association Game

  2. WeegieWoman

    Linked Words Game

    Carrying weight
  3. WeegieWoman

    Linked Words Game

    Swipe card
  4. WeegieWoman

    Introducing myself

    Hiya silver and welcome. Wow six years was a mammoth quit!!!!! Im glad youre finding this quit not too bad. You're sounding positive which is great.
  5. WeegieWoman

    Weekend's here

    wow garlic cheese bread sounds right up my street. I'm heading to Portobello tomorrow for a rowing regatta. Its east coast Scotland, not far from Edinburgh. It has a beach wooohooo. Ive never been but looking forward to it and hey the sun is shining so its all good. Sunday my family are coming over for Sunday dinner at mines(courgette soup and not sussed my main yet). Easy night tonight as up early tomorrow, just a bath, pack a bag and chilllllllllll
  6. WeegieWoman

    Linked Words Game

    share calendar
  7. WeegieWoman

    A-Z Occupations Game

  8. WeegieWoman

    Game *The Food Game*

  9. WeegieWoman

    chicks or sticks

  10. WeegieWoman

    A-Z Occupations Game

  11. WeegieWoman

    A-Z Occupations Game

    Yoga Instructor
  12. WeegieWoman

    Three Associated Words Game

    aloof loofah scrub
  13. WeegieWoman

    Another stab at the Devil!!!

    How are you getting on today? You are i think around five hours ahead of us so well into your day, its just 8am here in Scotland.
  14. WeegieWoman

    World Cup Football !!!

    I vowed to not watch any of the football but found myself watching the Argentina game last night. The Croatian goals were spectacular!!! Ive never seen such shell shocked looking fans as the Argentinean ones.
  15. WeegieWoman

    Post Your Numbers Here ;)


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