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  1. You are worth your weight in gold
  2. Hola jillar and jo anyone else got a creaky bone?
  3. Mines was a belter ^ I'm still laughing But a sponge- this is a goodie Paint your shed with it !!!!
  4. You're a sight, for sore eyes (Said in the sean connery accent as kids we would say : your a shite, for shore eyes lol)
  5. Do you not think you guys ask too many questions?
  6. 10 fill it up with juice and pretend you didn't drink it A sponge
  7. 8. If you lick the rim you can try blow a tune off the top of it , go gentle, it works lol
  8. (Are you laughing at your own gags )
  9. Does arse tissue not sound a bit clinical?
  10. aye she does say dunny paper, do yous call it arse tissue???
  11. I hope we re talking about bog roll?

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