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  1. Katgirl

    chicks or sticks

    Reciprocity meant -4, so I am -5
  2. You’re probably right, so should municipalities make it a law to have them?
  3. Katgirl

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Cruisin’ the streets
  4. It may be, Opah, but having a wonderful life and marriage one day, going across the country to visit my daughter and grandchildren, alone, and then getting a phone call that my husband had suddenly dropped dead, was a shock I will never forget. It was awful, and it stayed awful, for a very long time. I was in a kind of daze, for a full year. So, I am still not sure which is worse. The good news is life does go on, and if you’re gutsy enough, you will seek out love again, as apparently, we both did. P. S. One of my favorite movies!
  5. I think people already do that? Haven’t you seen them?
  6. Aren’t escape plans important in general, like in case of a fire?
  7. Katgirl

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Date with destiny
  8. @Linda, I have never figured out which is worse: knowing you will lose a loved one, or suddenly having a loved one ripped from your life. Either way, it sucks! All you can do is be the best friend you can, while she is still here. I know what helped me, when my husband died suddenly, and without warning, was knowing he knew how much I loved him, and I knew the same about his love for me. He didn’t choose to leave me. Somehow, that made it a bit more tolerable, and I was able to carry on. You will always have memories of the good times you shared with your friend, after she is gone. It will hur
  9. Thanks for suggesting it, @Abby. If nothing else, we learned that you don’t like shrimp…. And Yes, I have always been a smart a$$!
  10. Another heat wave is upon us, so I will have to do my second walk, after the sun goes down. I am amazed that I haven’t missed one in the three weeks I have been doing this. I am down 10 pounds, which I needed to lose, so a little less stress on the joints and my heart. I can stand to lose 10 more. I am a bit concerned about how I can keep this up over vacation, but one idea is that I will try to find hotels with exercise rooms. Also, when visiting National Parks, along the way, I can do my walking.
  11. Do you have an exercise program? Might be more beneficial than ice cream….
  12. 3. Draw a face on it to entertain a child

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