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  1. I am trying to get in good enough shape to walk around Disneyland next week. I’ve never been there, but I understand it’s much smaller than Disney World, where I’ve been 3 times. I was younger, though. Last time was my honeymoon, with my second husband, in 2007. Sent these to my son-in-law, who is a plumber….
  2. Just worked out, on my treadmill, for the first time in two weeks. I have had 2 Diverticulitis flare ups, one right after the other. Two separate trips to the ED, 2 CT scans. It turns out my first course of antibiotics completely cleared up the first infection. Then, a day after finishing my meds, a new flare up in a completely different area in my colon. WTF! So, I am halfway through a 2 week course of antibiotics again. The pain is pretty much gone, so time to get back to my workout routine. I did go a little slower, at a slightly lower incline, but went 1/4 mile longer. My boyfriend insisted I start slow. Can I just say how weird it is to go to the ED these days. No more rooms, or bays, with curtains. They put you in a chair, in a hallway. I really wanted to lie down. I was not happy. COVID precautions. Sad! Kat
  3. Katgirl

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Lack of interest
  4. 9. Put on mashed potatoes.
  5. Katgirl

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Parked my Hummer
  6. Keep up the good work! I celebrated a year in May! Before you know it, you will have a year, but just take it a day at a time. Here’s hoping you will have a positive influence on your wife, too. Kat
  7. Three Egrets near electric truck. egret
  8. Sorry to hear you both went through this, girls. Somehow I continue to avoid it. I don’t go out much, but my boyfriend interacts with dozens of people, almost daily. Despite the recent increase in cases nationwide, almost no one is masking up anymore. We have both just gotten our second booster shots (Moderna). So if/when we do get it, hopefully it’s mild. My youngest son, who just traveled to Guam, from Japan, and back, got it for the second time, despite having been vaccinated with The J and J vaccine. Both times he tested positive, it was after traveling to a different part of the world. He said this time it felt like mild allergies. First time he had it, ( just 6 months ago), he said it felt like a regular head cold. Interestingly, the Armed Forces are not allowing the J and J vaccine any longer, because of reports of some severe heart side effects in young adults. Another son has also had it twice, but is also fine. He explained the worst part was the lingering cough, even after he felt better. When John and I got our boosters last week, the Pharmacist told us to stop wearing masks. She said that we need to be exposed, in order to build up immunity. Not sure I’m buying that, but she may be right. Here’s hoping we all stay well, and if infected, come through it relatively unscathed…. Kat

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