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  1. Your diet does not seem to be any healthier than mine. I had a small portion of raspberry danish and coffee for breakfast, Chile Relleno and a half cheese enchilada for lunch, Tri tip, mashed potatoes and corn for dinner. Portions were all small. I do have my eye on a half maple donut for later. Today I increased my incline dramatically, but did not run. My knees were feeling a bit sore, when I started running, so I backed off. My calorie burn increased to 300, with the increased incline. My speed varied from 3.5-3.8 mph. I did complete 2 miles in 34 minutes.
  2. Are you shy about sharing personal things?
  3. Not always, why? Is it wrong to share?
  4. I like the treadmill. I can see exactly how fast I’m going, and how far I have to go. I can set goals more easily, and the Ifit app saves my stats. It was always my favorite machine, at my gym. With Covid, I do not want to frequent a gym, or exercise wearing an N-95 mask, which is the only mask I will wear, when needed. What I don’t love is the work that goes into working out. It is difficult, perhaps more so, at my age, than for younger folks….
  5. Some temporary orderlies reported yesterday gbeds
  6. Did you enjoy some sexcapades, too?
  7. Touche! Aren’t I much more chipper after yesterday’s sexcapades?
  8. Are you saying I’m not chipper the rest of the time?
  9. Unusually loud applause
  10. Your old unmentionables
  11. Doesn’t daughter Diane need everything? kjmua
  12. Love is a strong word. I feel a sense of accomplishment, but I dread it, more than love it….
  13. A bit of both, wouldn’t you think?
  14. Got home on subway transit holes

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