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  1. It helps ME move, in a different way… why is it so hard for me to think of a stupid question?
  2. 8. Use as makeshift water bowl for your dog.
  3. Cause they don’t like you. why are there so many idiots in the world?
  4. 3. Put a small hole in bottom, tie to another with a long string, make communication devices…
  5. That’s 6 letters, so I shall eliminate the t Your old girlfriend’s underpants reek! pants
  6. Because they can’t see where they’re going, when it’s dark outside. Why are there evil people in the world?
  7. 7. Tent your Thanksgiving turkey, while baking.
  8. Went on a two week road trip, up the coast to Oregon, visited John’s relatives, and walked the beach. Also hiked in the Redwoods. We also spent 5 days at my home. Had fun, but missed my power walking workouts. I did resume them, as soon as we returned to his ranch ( which he calls “our ranch”). My stamina did not seem to suffer much. I was able to resume my workouts at the same speed and incline, as before I left. I am still doing exactly 2 miles a day, at a max speed of 3.8 mph, and a max incline of 6%. John worries that I am pushing myself too hard, for my age, but I told him that as long as I can carry on a normal conversation, while working out, I’m fine.
  9. 10. Dip in nail polish remover to clean excess polish from fingers 10 things you can do with aluminum foil
  10. What an odd comment…….

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