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  1. Thanks @Doreensfree and @Gus for the encouragement. Please, keep Gabriel in your thoughts and prayers. He still has some hurdles to clear… Kat
  2. Katgirl

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Womb contains fetus
  3. When I ran on the treadmill ( and I use the word ran loosely, because, I mostly power walked), I would do 2 full miles daily, all uphill. Since I had to switch to my driveway course, I thought I was doing a shorter distance. I couldn’t figure out why it took longer. Was I going slower? So, my boyfriend measured the course for me. It turns out each lap is 350 feet, so longer than I thought. Multiplied by 33 laps and divided by 5,280, it works out to almost 2.2 miles. So, Yea me! The extra length somewhat makes up for the lack of incline. I’m getting a pretty good workout, and doing it every single day. Go, Grandma, Go! Kat
  4. Iridescent silk kimono
  5. Katgirl

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Bite your tongue
  6. The nurses were fighting over him. Everyone wanted to take care of “the cute one”. He stole all their S!
  7. Thanks @jillar and @DenaliBlues for the encouragement. Gabriel is a miracle baby. We expect him to have a normal life after he gets through one more surgery. We feel truly blessed to have had him operated on by one of the best pediatric heart surgeons in the world. God is looking out for our little guy. He is 8 weeks old and weighs 8 lbs 7 oz., so doing great. He started out at 5 lbs 11 oz.
  8. Elephant rides scooter
  9. I returned last week from 6 weeks in Dallas to assist my daughter with the 3 toddlers, while she dealt with the new baby’s long stay in CICU, after his open heart surgery. Gabriel came out of it as well as could be expected. He will require another surgery in several months. But, for now, he is home! Erica has to supplement bottle feeds (she pumps her breast milk) with NG tube feeds. He also requires meds through the tube, and several shots of a blood thinner daily. Thankfully, Erica is a trained Paramedic, making it a bit easier. Dad Steven helps when he gets home from work. What a handsome little guy he is! Kat
  10. So, my NordicTrack is on the fritz, repairman came yesterday, and the part they ordered did not fix the problem. Seems I need a whole new console, so have to wait all over again, for part to be shipped here, then have repairman come out again. In the meantime, I am doing my driveway laps. outside. Each lap is about the length of a football field,(very long country driveway), and I do at least 30. Crap! Kat

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