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  1. Hi I'm at the laundromat doing Laundry. I'm pledging NOPE bc I no longer want to be selfish. Smoking is a family affair!
  2. I pledge NOPE! Bc I can, and I want to. Have a great morning, afternoon, or night wherever you are in the world. Catch ya later!!
  3. Congratulations!! Continued blessings of strength for NOPE!
  4. Boo, thanks so much! TGIF!! Hi Doreen, lifesaving. Hi Doreen, lifesaving. TGIF!!
  5. Thank you, Angel. TGIF!!
  6. How’s it going Jillar? I took your advice on the ticker tape. Thanks so much.
  7. Hi Teammates! I want to share my newest milestone. During the Christmas holiday season, I stressed a lot, thought I was going to smoke. I reached out to my support groups until I connected with someone positive. I didn't worry if I was getting on someone's nerves; all I cared about was not smoking. I had to do what I had to do, and I’ll do it again.
  8. Hi Deb!! You can do it. As they say, I can you can Bravo for quitting cold turkey!! Keep up good work
  9. Hello all, my name is Patricia and I'm currently working on my 2nd longest quit of 9 months cold turkey. My mantra is NOPE and ODAAT. Catch ya later and Have a great day!!
  10. Pledging NOPE for today bc I'm worth it.

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