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  1. Thank you for your concern katgirl .
  2. I may still start it in October but I have more work to do now to change a few things because the silly Gov opened things up here and opened borders that may put people at risk . I may wait to see what happens . This venue still social distances and still has a limit on how many are in the establishment , cleaning protocols are still in place .. masks are not compulsory there they are optional as it is now , but that may change. Everyone everyone entering is double dosed and temp checked . I have an appointment with the vendor owner this afternoon . I don't expect a huge amount of people to begin with and this is a very large venue . The flyers only yet to have a date . Some rules may need to be implemented for the safety of others which will be put in place . I want people to feel safe first and foremost , so may wait just a few months to see what happens with the reopening which I don't think will last long once school starts but I will not be discouraged or let others discourage me from doing this now or in the future . This will happen . People need to quit smoking especially now with covid and variants still in the forefront . Smoking and this disease and its variants puts these people in danger and stopping even a month can make a huge difference for them . I've had to be careful for the past eleven years with my own illness . in the past I've had to wear a mask and be around people not masked . What bothers me most is people who have colds and flu don't stay home . They attend work sick , concerts sick , restaurants sick etc . I've missed years of Christmases and celebrations because I was sick because people don't care . People just don't know how important staying home when your sick is and can prevent death . There has been much learned because of covid . I will be self isolating for a bit because it's my choice to do a wait and see approach now until I see what happens with the reopening and the research is done ( which is in progress) on just how much immunity the vaccine has given me . Opening to this scale imo is a mistake . My biggest concern right now is not for the adults who chose not to vaccinate but the children who don't have a voice and sacrificed for us. I want to protect them . . I won't however let the fear others feel who are vaccinated or not vaccinated bring me fear . This post seems to be getting way off track. Let's focus on the people here , lurking and encouragement for one another . Thanks .
  3. Oh so two different games posted then ? Two seperate threads ? Thanks .
  4. Still walking ... we are in our third heat wave here . Unusual here to have these kinds of heat warnings . Stopped at a gym the other day ... not for me yet .. maybe in the winter . I used to be a self motivator now I think I would be motivated by other people's company , but because all our covid restrictions will be lifted I don't think the gym will be my go this winter seeing I have the same machines I can use right at home . U tube also has some really amazing people who want to inspire and they inspire me .
  5. I'm confused . Some are using the last three letters of the last word as I have seen on many posts or have we changed that to the last letter of each word . So nsg or Ing ? Thanks . Wanna be on the same page .
  6. You make some good points everyone Every time Doreens avatar shows up it reminds me of a dear quit friend . Her handle was froglady , she had my back when I needed . She was funny and knew how to encourage everyone by just being her , nothing more , and nothing less . It was who she was . She was a wonderful artist and yes she painted frogs . I miss her . She passed away . Many of my dear quit friends passed away now and they passed away free from addiction . Froglady spent every day like many giving back to her community education and most importantly she did it with love , with humour yet serious and without judgement . She was a friend anyone would want having their back. I didn't know her other than on line but I wish I had the opportunity to meet her and others in person . I wish I could have met many folks in person . Like mentioned by another member friendships can be made to last a lifetime here and many do keep close touch , but the focus for me is to continue my quit smoking journey and give help if I'm able to others through my testimony and experience . I can't wait however to see the friendships develop as people meet up in person with a common goal to quit smoking and take it further than it just being work but also pleasure. I think that will happen here . Note .. my endeavour may be put off a bit until January . News yesterday reported that all restrictions are off on Aug 16 . That means even those who've contracted covid are free to walk the street . WTH ! This is something Drs , nurses , who were just asked to take a cut in pay and many here including myself are very unhappy about as our numbers begin to climb . Now politics is definitely in the picture more than the safety of people's lives ! I am very high risk even with two shots. I will be going back to self isolation unfortunatly . I'm sure my immunologist won't be happy with the governments decision to put now kids lives at risk and still others . Wear your masks people and get your vaccine, don't be thinking your safe , you just don't know . Safety is first for me for myself and others but I do have a back up plan that may be just the thing too . I won't quit ! Thanks for your support @d2e8b8 And thanks everyone for contributing what you thought is important to make mention in the thread .
  7. Abby

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Thyself be true
  8. Heck no . I'm not going to . I'm definitely pledging nope .
  9. I never lurked but I know people do lurk . Not all are procrastinating some just are not into the net and understandable . I get it ! My quit bud of nine years only lurked and posted possibly 3 times in nine years . Not everyone is comfortable posting on line and not everyone is comfortable sharing in person either . The key is to find a method that suits you and your level of comfort . How you get there is your decision as it was mine . If you are lurking and wondering what method or NRT to use perhaps doing a search here or checking the videos here or just asking the question may help you decide. Knowledge is power . Each of us is unique and most methods will work if we do the work . One better than the other . I personally can't answer that with a lot of personal experience . They won't eliminate the craves but some can make the journey a bit easier I've heard . This quit I did cold turkey with a one week trial of Chantix . It was at that point I said I'm done putting more junk , meaning nicotene in any form into my body . I tried the patch which I sabatogued by taking it off when I needed a smoke . It too would have worked , but my heart was more into smoking than not and I was only quitting to please others not myself . I was just trying to quit to really just keep smoking . My failures gave me that reason to continue . I can't then was real to me and the truth in my eyes although in fact it was the biggest lie I ever told myself . Every one of us can quit , you only have to do it ! My first attempt at quitting smoking was a ten week course through the health care system . I never went bk after the second class. I left both times wanting to chain smoke . I had fear of losing control ! You see , I thought when I was smoking cigarettes tha I was in control but truth ..... they were controlling me . That course would have worked but again my heart was still into getting my fix to stop the crave more than to get through it to kick addiction to the curb. I was trying but giving up before I gave myself a chance . The next time I got pretty serious about quitting , I was all on my own , cold turkey , no groups , no support . I had an eight year quit that I'm still proud of , just not proud that I gave that quit away . You see one puff was not enough . You can't be a social smoker and you have to quit smoking and stay quit for the quit to stick . It's the only way through . One puff is what got us started and one puff if you are quit will get you started a second time. Don't entertain it , don't dine with it . It will leave you with a hefty bill to pay every time ! This new venture I'm setting up in the city I live is different again and I hope it will attract many who feel it's something they would like . It won't be for all and that's ok . There is always room for more ways to get support to quit . Gaurenteed , I will be speaking to those attending that online sites such as quit train can be of support as well as reinforcement . Thanks everyone for helping out those who may be watching who are already quit or thinking about it . Lurkers , watchers whatever brought you to this site ... if you were thinking about quitting or already started or for some unknown reason you just happened along the site and you are a smoker congrats on this discovery and your search . No matter where you are from , how much you smoje , whether you are ready to quit or not welcome to quit train . Love to hear from you though . How's your quit going ? What's holding you back from putting the pack under water . Questions ? Just ask . We are not specialists, just ordinary people . As the moderators here said .. quittrain is here twenty four .. seven .
  10. Kate good to hear from you ... is your avatar that sweet pup . I'm glad she is feeling better . I have my granddog here and she's kinda under the weather today too but I think she is missing her master. Grandmas are cool but not as cool as being home in their own surroundings and cozy beds . I am so glad you never smoked and glad you are back . You've been missed .
  11. I learned a lot yesterday from yesterday's meetings at the two addiction centres I went to and it just kept me wanting to learn more and to do more . No more talking and a little more action , exactly what it took to quit smoking I am now applying to a passion . No it won't change the world or make smoking a thing of the past but by offering something different in the means of education and support to someone who is taking their quit seriously , that someone could go on to help someone else . Every life matters . Even "just one " more life saved can make a difference in this world we live in . Someone out there who thinks they don't matter , matter to me . Their talents are stuck in a bottle or in a cloud of smoke . Believe in yourself ! Are you smoking and lurking ? One cigarette could be your last either way you want to look at it . How will you stop ? I hope people will choose "doing" over "trying " and "life " over "death " but no matter what , no one should give up or not try at all . Your curiosity brought you here . You are " the train " . Begin the journey and ride it to the end .
  12. No smoking for me tomorrow , nope . On my way to 11 years . One puff takes me back to day 1 . I'll keep what I got thanks .
  13. Abby

    Taking action

    Thanks @Gus and @Boo the meetings went great !
  14. Abby

    Taking action

    I am not sure again where or if this should be put on the site but I have two addictions clinic appointments this afternoon . I have secured a place to start and hold an in person support group to quit smoking with a different twist . This is a not for profit endeavour . My only aim is to help others quit . I am shooting for the start date of October 1 and facility is booked . Flyers , I've been working on and will be printed soon and that's what I'll be doing next is delivering them and posting them in hospitals , businesses, churches , etc . I quit dreaming the passion and took action . Thanks for listening , just wanted to share my excitement . Keep good thoughts flowing . Thanks .

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