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  1. Q When it comes to your quit what type of person do you want to be ? A I wanted to be a happy quitter because all the tries before I was a miserable quitter with a miserable attitude . Q Are you here to dig in and get the job done or is it your first attempt at quitting hoping to get the job done ? Are you here on your umpteenth time trying thinking one of these times it will stick but wondering what you can do differently or feeling your different or are you comfortable with just trying so you can smoke ? A Ya I thought I was different .. way more stress than most . W
  2. Keep jamming at Pierres lounge otwqk
  3. Keep on keepin on @Robbie, you are doing great .
  4. Abby

    Shall We Rhyme?

    Hush little baby ( am I playing this right )
  5. Congrats again . Next project learning how to add gifs to posts , but for now take the winning cup for four months in a row .
  6. Cool thanks for posting , I'm going to look into this . I need energy and I believe there are safe alternatives that work well . Walking helps preventing many many diseases . I have not had cataract surgery but my sister has . Her response was easy peasy and trust me she can't take a lot so it must have been pretty ok . My son has had serious eye surgeries that made me squirm thinking they'd be painful but again no pain or very minimal and drops and they saved his sight . Oh my friend has catact surgery too k zero problems , grateful she had it . Hope all goes well
  7. Well the rain couldn't stop me yesterday , I still got out for a shorter walk., Today is suppose to be a downpour so it will be a u tube excersise day ., have a good one.
  8. I'm convinced @reciprocity Haha will do , raining today , cold , and not sure humidity or an asthma /copd flare but breathing is rather hard this morning . Real hard ! Glad I don't smoke !

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