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  1. Friday 15th December 2017

    I said it once I'll say it again . Nope
  2. If you smoke !!!!

    The picture of that tank full of cigarettes is a very good quit tool . Can you imagine them smouldering .. the smell .. ug ! What would those glass windows look like ? . Would we actually be able to see through them ? Do you remember a time when in hospitals they had those glass rooms and people sat in there and smoked . I was one of those people and when I got a chance I would go outside instead because the smell would almost make me vomit . I would send anyone I could to go buy me a pack if I was getting low or should say three packs just in case you know. Boy it sure makes you appreciate not smoking . No more stressful moments like those .
  3. Thursday 14 th December 2017

    No , no smoking for me .
  4. Tuesday 12 th December 2017

    One day at a time forever it's nope Signed Abby
  5. moving your butt?

    Chronic illness messes my excersise routine. Gosh how I miss my workouts . Used to be an athlete now I feel like a couch potato . No two days are the same pain wise, or health wise . I am learning to pace myself and not overdo things at the moment . Take things one day at a time . Stay upbeat ...... Today it's just the stationary bike at home and I say that hopefully... because all this talk about doughnuts you know has gotten me motivated lol so .... hmm it will be worth it .
  6. high Cholesterol

    Doreen , sorry about those gallstones , been there .. very painful. I had laparoscopic surgery done on mine , my sister had the old conventional method ... you will be ok .... that gallbladder gone will mean no more pain and the good news once it is gone you will be able to eat everything . Tracey , hope being on the statins helps. My opinion on meds is ; less is best . Everything you take presents it's own set of problems. Eat healthy , live happy , worry less , stress less and laugh often . It's the best medicine there is .
  7. The Quit Song !!!

    For you reciprocity . Seriously Doreen is right . For me it's all or nothing . You really do have to not let anything rob you of your quit . I'm all in , to keep my quit .
  8. Please say it’ll get better..

    Hi I'm so sorry for the loss of your dad . My dad quit smoking too actually in my senior high school year . He passed of emphysema and HF . I would like to congratulate you for quitting . Your dad will be happy for you. Draw upon his strength . You can do this . You are not walking alone. You have found this great site to walk with you too . The support and info here will help you so much . Lots of things to do here as well to help you get through the rough times .. Yes it gets much easier . All you need to look after is today ok . Dont worry about tomorrow or what yesterday was .. just keep quit for today . There is always someone here .. so yes please post any time . I posted tons in the beginning to help me through . I cried buckets . How in the heck can one cry so much ? Well , I think they are called healing tears and I had a lot of healing to do . I like you smoked all the time and especially smoked to stuff down emotions . I too have struggled with many health issues and that's why I quit smoking . I was also so very sick . I decided I had no choice but to take smoking off the table... Just after I quit , I got my diagnosis but I had no choice left that's how bad my health was . I couldn't find another excuse to smoke .... every breath I took was effort . I wish I had quit at 23 because once I got a taste of how good it was to be smoke free I wished I had quit years before. I love being smoke free . I am very proud of you because have made such a great decision early in your life and I'm excited for you because being smoke free is going to give you opportunity and open doors . You can do this . You really can . I hope the drs will soon get to your diagnosis . I know that is frustrating and difficult but hang in there . The best thing you can do is quit smoking . Don't smoke ok , because every time you do it wakes up those cravings . You have to starve cravings if you don't feed them they learn to go away . Be patient with yourself . Even though you don't feel great about it you are doing great . Your confidence will grow . Hang in there. Just some ideas for you Distract , delay , share your feelings , drink lots of fluids , cinnamon helps with cravings as do oranges . Write or journal if that helps .and congratulate yourself often . Lots of times instead of it actually being a crave for a cig ask yourself if you are hungry angry , lonely or tired because maybe just a nap will help , or an orange , or phoning a friend or coming here may be just what you need to get through . Read read read as was already mentioned . You can do this .
  9. The Quit Song !!!

    Love the tune and message Doreen Sing with me 🎤 You put your whole self in To a for-ever quit ... You put your whole self in To saying this is it .... You do the hokey pokey... By playing with a smokey .... You'll be Starting all over again ... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎤 Put your ....whole self in To a for - ever quit You put your whole self in To keep an awesome quit DANCE the hokey pokey And turn yourself around Every day you'll be Healthy and fit . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't smoke !