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  1. Thank you for being here today. NOPE! Not one puff ever!
  2. Thank you. I need to make the NOPE pledge daily.
  3. Rolling into day 3! NOPE NOPE NOPE!
  4. I am going for another attempt at NOPE today.
  5. (((Thank you @jillar))). You are so right. I know I will be back soon (probably tomorrow) saying those very same words, “ugh, I want a smoke.” I actually hope I come back often with those words instead of loosing my quit. I truly need and want the support.
  6. Hi @Kate18 I have smoked on and off (mostly on) for 50+ years. Thank you for sharing. I truly have some very good reasons to keep the quit. I have my ‘why’ I just need to not let the monster get in the way. I quit for a while and he shows back up and I start all over again. I just need to learn that everything is going to be ok (life) and to work and understand my anxiety. And to recognize my weaknesses so I can put myself in a better position before I stupidly even think that I can light up just once. Of all people, I really really should know this by now. Blast those cigarettes!! They will fool ya every single time!!
  7. Fear and anxiety got the better of me today. I could feel myself spiral and I could not get passed it. There was something I needed to take care of and it was not a comfortable experience or feeling. That coupled with day 2 pangs and I lost it. Tonight I am ok. I only know to try again.
  8. I did not make it through day 2. Unfortunately I smoked 2 cigarettes today. I have zero excuses. I am here and ready to try again. Thank you for being here for me. That’s all I know to say right now.
  9. Day 2 for me. Good to see somebody else here who is in the early stages of not smoking. Goofygal, keep going! I am right behind you. NOPE to this day.
  10. If I smoke today then I will have to start my 24 hours all over again.
  11. For the most part I’ m ok right now. I’m ok because for the rest of the evening I will be with family and it would be close to impossible to smoke. So I am grateful for family time on Sunday afternoon to keep from smoking. Thank you.
  12. About posting to the NOPE board, I couldn’t do it. Seems like I need more nicotine free days and need to search real hard inside myself before I just free willie make this strong commitment.
  13. Ok, just because I am thinking about smoking doesn’t mean I want to act on it. Well, I kind of do. It would so darn easy to find an excuse to slip off and buy some. No matter how many times I have been in this very same scenario it’s still equally as difficult. So I am past the first 24 hours….again. I am not trying to squash my cigarette thoughts because that would make it worse. I am merely trying to ride it out. Maybe time to go to the NOPE page. That’s all for now.

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