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  1. Just now I posted a NOPE on the pledge page for Friday, although for me, in Pacific Daylight Time, it's only 2:30 pm on Thursday. It occurred to me that it's such a happy thought to be able to post the day before that I won't be smoking, that I know that I won't be smoking the following day. I can trust my own word now. Distance from the quit date gives confidence. Every day quit is a bit more confident about staying quit. Although at this point, I'm virtually 100% I will remain a nonsmoker for the rest of my life. Happy thought.
  2. Dreamt that I'd left my cigarettes behind, I wanted them, and they were in my jacket pocket, coming to me in the mail. I accidentally opened up someone else's mailbox and two furry puppies jumped out. I couldn't leave them out and tried mightily to push them safely back into the mailbox. They were lovable, wiggly, and I could not get the lid to it closed. Very frustrating. I knew that if I could just reach my own mailbox, I'd be able to retrieve my jacket and cigarettes, and relax with a smoke. I awoke when my own small dog bounded over out of her den to my side and started licking my ear. At least I wasn't craving a smoke when I awoke. I think I've been days without a craving. Maybe once or twice, but not strong ones. Transient and not even enough to create a memory of them. It's true, it does get better.
  3. Funny, even though I quit on February 21st, and today is four months later on June 21st, my ticker still only shows 3 months, 30 days. We had a February 29th this year, leap year. Would that have something to do with it?
  4. Thank you, Jillar. I did do something special. During my breaks at work, I surfed Yahoo Finance and checked out a stock to buy. My kind of fun, now that I'm not spending money on cigarettes.
  5. NOPE Days are adding up to months
  6. NOPE Happy Father's Day to you dads.
  7. Still NOPE Closing in on 4 months. I can't believe it. Smoking-Kate was another person. I'm a non-smoker. Hard to remember what I saw in it that was desireable.
  8. Wow, cravings down to a couple a day or even NONE! Well "none" doesn't happen often yet. It's a relief Right now I'm on a Zoom union meeting about contracts and pensions, and I'm craving a smoke and a hard cider. Fortunately, I have neither in easy range. And since my new hobby is stock learning and investing, I'll not spend the money on either smokes or alcohol. Hope you're having a great day, all.

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