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  1. So funny! :0 I've had a lurking fear that I'd succumb to some crazy self-sabotaging urge to smoke in my last month--it's a backlash thought to being near to success at something. I've experienced it in the past in other areas of my life. Just as I've neared being successful, hitting a new level, I've withdrawn into my shell in fear. "Urge" isn't really the word here. I'm through with smoking in the shared reality. At 70 years old, I'm too close to the end of my vibrant years and don't want to squander a day. Also, I love to invest in speculative stocks, small companies. (My fa
  2. Argh! They're doing it again, only this time while eating greasy, delicious, unhealthy french fries. Watching "The Intouchables" on Netflix. Sigh. Still romancing the cigarette. Not about to smoke one. Just haven't purged my emotional memory of camaraderie and relaxation that I had associated with it. Relaxation. Yes, if I continued to smoke, I'd have a lot of relaxation in the grave, which I would meet a lot sooner than I hopefully will as a nonsmoker. It's worth it, folks. Don't smoke. Instead of a stop at a convenience store, get fast food, if that's what it takes
  3. Wow! You can't know -- well, unless you've been at 11 months yourself-- how exciting this is! Eleven months! I can't believe i!. I still have the occasional dream where I'm smoking and realize it's just a dream. I still notice smoking in movies and remember how I felt in stressed circumstances how it felt a relief to smoke. Being a nonsmoker is the best. I'm 70 years old. It's not smart to trash your body at my age, at any age. I'm so excited for the lido deck!
  4. NOPE. Doesn't mean I don't miss it once in a great while. Just means, Not One Puff, Ever. Ya just gotta be smarter than the tobacco executives.
  5. I'm watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She's smoking, and I'm hit with nostalgia. Why do they have her smoking? Why, with all the knowledge of how vile smoking is to the human body, do actors still smoke in movies? Any ideas? Surely the American public is not as convinced that smoking is "cool" anymore. I thought about the scene I just watched where she is smoking while she heats up a cup of noodles in the microwave. If she were not smoking, the scene would lack a certain recklessness or rebellion that it has with the smoking. Is that it?
  6. Excellent! I'll look forward to it too!

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