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  1. Not One Puff Ever...another way of saying "I love you," to my children and grandchildren
  2. Just love Simon Cowell, perfect Wow, 7 Months, it kinda crept up on me. It seems like only last week that I passed 6 months. Thanks, everyone.
  3. Cold turkey. You see the advice above this post, and they're right. Why do you want to quit? Your reason has to overwhelm your reasons (rationalizations) to smoke. You can do this. Keep searching for your overriding reason to be a nonsmoker. Then it is possible. Willpower comes from having a strong enough reason. Not other people's reasons, but your reasons. You can do this. What other people have done, you can do. I'm betting on you.
  4. Yup, you have another try in you. How do I know this without knowing you? Because I may be the queen of having made many stops (won't say quits, since I started in again), then started in again, but later made another stab at it. Now six months in. It is possible. Never quit on yourself, only quit on the cigarettes. Find your strong, overwhelming "why." It's the game changer. Lists of reasons may not do it. People who love you may not do it. But somewhere, there is a reason to quit. Your reason to quit. For me, it was knowing that if I caught the virus, I'd die and my kids would be devastated.
  5. This afternoon, I took my dog, Sofia, on a walk through the park. Along the path we met a man with two small dogs who were straining aggressively at their leashes. Their owner was smoking a cigarette, deftly talking with me with it between his lips, the cigarette bobbing up and down as he talked, and the ash dropping to the ground. Terrible to admit, but the thought crossed my mind, "wonder if he has a cigarette to spare?" Sofia and I passed on after a brief meet and greet with his dogs, and I was left to ponder how I could think about smoking. Will I ever have no thoughts of smok
  6. Not one puff EVER! Words for life, in any language! Nem uma tragada nunca Ni una bocanada nunca ਇਕ ਪਫ ਕਦੇ ਨਹੀਂ Ни одной затяжки Ekki einn púst nokkurn tíma Nemmeno un tiro mai Chan e aon puff a-riamh لا نفخة واحدة على الإطلاق 从来没有一个粉扑 Hakuna pumzi moja milele Hiç bir nefes değil אף נשיפה אחת לעולם Akukho nokukhahlela okukodwa Không một lần phồng କେବେବି ଗୋଟିଏ ପଫ୍ ନୁହେଁ | هیڅکله پف نه Ani jednego zaciągnięcia się
  7. NOPE I just love buying stocks. I wouldn't be able to do this if I still smoked.
  8. Ouuuh, planks, now that's a really good one to add to my goal chart. Before my gym went bankrupt and closed for good (darn virus), I could only do a 45 second plank, but I loved trying. I like this idea. Three minutes is serious. I also like the complimenting idea. I work as a cashier, and strive to have each customer leave my check stand a bit happier than when they first stepped up.
  9. Today I was thinking about how I quit smoking after thinking for several years that it might be too difficult. Now I am mulling over other goals that have seemed nigh impossible, like getting myself to run for three miles every day, or doing 20 push ups the real way (a guy-type push up, not the girly version). Being successful at one tough goal is leading me to rethink what else I might be successful at that once didn't seem to be possible. Anybody else have this happen to them? Any successes? (Making chocolate chip raspberry walnut brownies as I think

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