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  1. @Sunnyside, congratulations! Three months is a significant benchmark.
  2. @JudiMD, congratulations. Love the 3 month benchmark. You're on a roll!
  3. @DenaliBlues, this is great! Nicely done, three months is a real achievement.
  4. @Steven Drojensky, nice going!!! In the double-digits and closing in on the lido deck! Congratulations!
  5. So glad you're pushing forward, @nicotine_free. Nothing truly worthwhile is easy, at least, in my experience. The glow of success you will feel when you earn the Lido Deck will be all the sweeter. Nothing wrong with a momentary slip...it's a part of some people's journeys. So I guess that's a part of yours. Happy you're on the path of success, and feeling better. Success!
  6. Yes, I was a serial quitter/restarter. Doreen can attest to that from the QSMB days. Sigh. I gave up, but I never REALLY gave up. I kept coming back. I think it took a couple of years, or three, before I could drum up the motivation to quit. To be honest, now, after more than 2 years quit, there are still moments -- perhaps every couple of months -- where I'll have a smoking dream or a quiet longing for a cigarette. Then I'll smell the second hand smoke of a smoker and think, "really? Do I want to smell like that? Pollute my lungs like that? Fund a cigarette company executive's new yacht." So, I finally quit. Recently, I accepted a dare. I came across a group on YouTube called Team Fearless. Awesome! @Doreensfree, you'd love these guys (based on the photos you post ) They dare you to work on yourself for six months. I think I listened to this track a dozen times. I bought two of their MP3 download albums on Amazon. I made a CD and listen to them nonstop in my car on my commute to and from work. I accepted their dare to work on myself for six months. I mean, I quit smoking, didn't I? Wasn't I ready for the next step in self-improvement? I posted on their site (I'm "Marius18") that I was going to do it. I'd do it or delete the comment and crawl back in my hole. (But I wouldn't start smoking again, that's for sure.) It's anonymous, nobody reads these things, so what do I have to lose? Only thing is, someone on their staff must be monitoring the comments on YouTube videos. They replied that they'd be checking back in 6 months. Rats. Now I HAVE to perform! I just hate it when I'm being held accountable for something I said! (Kidding) (Not kidding) (kidding) I started in with the planks and attempting to do a pushup. Now I have back spasms. Doctor. Referral to physical therapy and massage. Muscle relaxants. Had to call out of work. When you quit smoking, there's no telling what you can do next. I have a big, hairy, audacious goal with fitness. I'm 71 years old, and I am going to get myself in the best shape of my life, ever. I needed guidance--my gym doesn't have body builder trainers (aka "eye candy," right, @Doreensfree), but I found DDPY on YouTube and am joining the group. Just posted the most gross "Before" pictures ever. Quit smoking, those of you who may be lurking and wondering if you can do it, how you can quit. You will quit, I have faith in you. If you're here, you'll find a way. You'll find a wide range of people here who want to support you and help you through your unique journey. And remember, quitting smoking is just the start--not the end--of your self improvement. Who knows where it will lead next?!

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