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  1. Is this legit, fellow quitters?
  2. Of course you know where you're headed...to a solid quit. I was a serial quitter over a long period of time, but the desire to quit grew stronger as time went by. I found my "why," a strong "why." When you find a strong enough reason to quit, you will. An effort, even if failed, is not futile, in my opinion. You learned something--your reason to quit wasn't strong enough. Don't give up on yourself. If you didn't want to quit, you wouldn't have attempted it in the first place. Good luck!
  3. Someone sent me this today when I was feeling low. Hope you don't mind my passing it on. It's about attitude. It reminds me of what I have to be grateful for. TRAVIS MILLS _ WHAT HAPPENED TO ME_ _1.mp4
  4. Periodically I have smoking dreams. Perhaps it is once every three months. I am still a new nonsmoker, about a year and a month at this point. I quit because of Covid-19. I knew that if I smoked, I'd have less of a chance of survival as a smoker than if I didn't smoke. And the quit stuck, so to speak. I still have smoking dreams, though. They're not nightmarish, but I've been startled into awakeness. (Is that a word?) There is a fraction of a second where I feel dismay that I smoked, and then I realize it's just a dream and that I didn't smoke. The last time I had a dream was about
  5. Yes, the weight gain is something, a bit. Glad you're doing well.
  6. I don't even need the pizza. Just beer used to set me off. Beer and smokes, aaahhhh. But, now it's beer and investing in the next good stock. There is life after cigarettes. Drink your beer while you research good companies to invest that cigarette money in. I'm into Bigg Digital at the moment. Drinking beer and investing the cigarette money into stocks. You have to do your research, though, don't just leap blindly. Actually, leaping blindly into a stock is probably better than smoking cigarettes. Leap on.
  7. Find your Why. Why do you want to quit? If you're not sure, keep digging, keep asking. Seven years, I'm looking forward to being here to celebrate it. First I have to celebrate years 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, At least I'm at 1 year and counting. Hugs to you all
  8. Yes! Cataracts from smoking, yes, I have them. I have drops, but I don't know if they'll work. Better to stop smoking before you get them. Smokers beware.
  9. Ach, smoking costs so much money. When I quit, I invested money in the stock market that I would have otherwise would have spent on cigarettes. After eight months, I sold them to pay off a credit card. My stocks were up 85%. My friends who are sitting on the fence, it isn't just the health benefits that you reap, it's the financial benefits. Take the money you would have spent on cigarettes and open a brokerage account. Most of them do not charge commissions now. Investigate some basic stocks, like Apple, Paypal, Google, Shopify, Facebook, etc. Get a brokerage that will allow you t

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