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  1. Congratulations! The years are accumulating.
  2. Good for you for attacking the problem again. If patches work, then they work. If they don't, then you'll know it and think of something else. If you're in the medical field, you're smart enough to figure this out. I was a serial quitter with gum, patches, tapering, and whatever else there is that is kind of quitting but not quitting. The imminent arrival of Covid to our shores is what got me to quit. It was having a reason strong enough. I believed that if I got Covid, after all the negative news I'd heard about fulminant lung infections, then I'd die. So I quit cold turkey, and a week later the first case of Covid was discovered in the USA, north of me about 20 miles. I took it as a sign to stay quit. When a person finds their "WHY?" then they quit. I'm struggling for quitting something else, and hearing myself as I write to you. I have some "WHY?" searching of my own to do. Good luck to you. What you did once, you can do again, I'm sure of it. Keep us posted!
  3. NOPE sooooooo funny. I was looking for a NOPE image on a free picture site (Pixaby) For "Not One Puff Ever," here is a selection of "puffs" (probably a puff adder--also a lethal 'puff")
  4. Congratulations! The months are mounting!
  5. NOPE Gabriela's first time in the living room after being adopted from the shelter. She made the mistake of getting into Sofia's chair. NOPE, she won't do THAT again!
  6. Thanks, Doreen. Remember the QSMB days, when I failed miserably, repeatedly? I was desperately wanting Year One. And here it is four years. Amazing. Time flies.
  7. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the acknowledgement. I can hardly believe it!!!!!!!!!!!! There were so many failed starts. But, that old Covid threat -- in my mind, I was sure I'd die if I got it and I was still a smoker -- got me to quit and stay quit. And I finally did get Covid, a couple of months ago, and breezed through it. No lung issues. Because I am saving money by not buying cigarettes, I can afford a 2nd dog to keep dog #1 company while I am at work. Gabriela joined us two months ago from a Humane Society shelter. She is reportedly 8 years old, but I suspect she is a bit younger - 5 or 6. She is so playful and frisky. She loves her stuffed squirrel (not a real one!) So much more we can do when we aren't spending our money on poison. Thanks, all.
  8. How are you, Linda? Whatever is happening, the outcome is better without a cigarette.
  9. Just love Wallabys. Never met one, so I suppose it's the idea of a kangaroo or a wallaby. Cute faces.

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