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  1. I wonder how often I would remember that I used to smoke if I were not reminding myself every morning in order to pledge NOPE? This morning I came across this gif, and it's going to come in handy as a visual when I want to forget things like seeing a piece of chocolate cream pie in the deli at work. (I work in an organic grocery store with a superb deli and bakery.) Thought I'd share it...if you are new to quitting, if seeing someone light up causes the desire to do the same... "just look here"
  2. NOPE. It's as though I never smoked.
  3. Congratulations on 9 years free! Good for you.
  4. Yes, the first few weeks are tough ones. It sounds as though you have a lot going on, and that you have great support! I did the first few weeks several times over a few years, and I can definitely support the plan to only do it ONCE, and get right on to week four, then five, and keep on going. Stay firm with your commitment (so much more easily said than done, I realize), and imagine how great you will feel as those weeks add up. I've been watching Benjamin Hardy on YouTube lately. He is an organizational psychologist with his PhD. He's written and co-written several books. He speaks about imagining what your future self is asking you (me, everyone) to do. Imagine your future-self, the person you will be on the day of hitting the lido deck, your one-year celebration of being smoke free. What does that self say to you to encourage you? I've been doing this exercise, imagining my Kate-self in March 2024 - what is that future-self asking me to do today? It's caused me to be a fair amount more productive and get to the gym with less resistance. Good luck, and congratulations on your progress!
  5. Love it! Congratulations on seven years of clean-breathing! May you have good health and many other blessings in life.
  6. NOPE Wow, so much money saved.
  7. A decade of FREEDOM. It has such a nice ring to it. Congratulations!
  8. Belated congratulations, Darcy. It's exciting to watch those days and weeks add up on your ticker. So happy for you.
  9. Belated congratulations on your first year smoke free! May there be many more to come!
  10. Congratulations! You "old timers" are an inspiration to those of us following along behind.
  11. Wow, I appreciate knowing this. Thanks for posting it. If I become ill down the road, I'll have something to consider. Glad you're better.

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