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  1. Hey, a shout out to all my fellow 2014 Avengers! What a great group we were (and are). Good to see so many familiar names here and it's still fun to read all the new "Non-smoking Cats" posts ?. I am still quit-- 4 years and counting! Absolutely for sure could not have done it without you all. I will be forever grateful.
  2. Hi, Folks- I just thought I'd pop in and share my good news. With the help of this board, I quit smoking in March of 2014 and I have not smoked since. I had a very though time quitting-- I quit and relapsed several times over the years. But I finally made it! I feel great! Once my lungs healed, I was able to exercise better which helped me to lose 40 pounds last year. And life is MUCH easier as a non-smoker (like booking hotel rooms or standing around airports without wondering if I have time to run outside for a smoke). And with the $5,000 I have saved, we're going to Europe in the spring!
  3. Hi, folks! I know that I have been AWOL for a couple of months but I want you to know that everything is fine with me. Most importantly, I'm still NOT SMOKING. (Almost 15 months now!) And a very special "Thank you" to those of you who PM'd me in recent months asking "Where are you??". Your messages made me feel good. :wub: When I first joined QT I resolved to actively participate for at least one, solid year. I knew from my previous quits (as well as from more experienced quitters here) that it takes at least one year to really get "clean" so I made that commitment to myself and to the ot
  4. Having successfully quit smoking for ONE YEAR (hooray!! :) ), I decided that it's time to get serious about losing the weight I gained. Based on the rave reports from some of you about paleo/low carb meal plans, I decided to try it. I'm doing quite well on my low carb diet so far (all 10 days of it LOL!). But for some reason, I have been craving the breakfast sausage-and-egg biscuits I used to buy once in a while. Well, I found a really good recipe for almond flour baking powder biscuits and whipped up a batch. As you can see in the photos, I made 6 biscuits in a muffin tin and in the othe
  5. I can't believe that my "Quit Date" is the same as the official Quit Train start date! That is so incredibly cool! It's like an omen guaranteeing that I will never smoke again-- I'm on this train until we get to the end of the line. I find that reassuring. Hugs to you, MQ, for setting up such a successful program. :)
  6. Wow! What can I say to all you wonderful people who have shared your warmth, support, humor (and recipes! :)) with me for all this time? Your patience with my whining and your faith in my eventual success really did make this quit possible. If I have been able to pay it forward to some of you, that pleases me immensely. The video below expresses my feelings perfectly. Hugs to you all (((HUG :wub: ))). "I couldn't have done it without your help."! https://youtu.be/fxRzYLD2PyE
  7. Oh, 727, you are S-O-O-O-O-O BAD!! (but it's S-O-O-O-O funny!).
  8. I'm going to wear my red jumpsuit (remember those? :D ) and my red mittens, of course! :P
  9. Yeah, the only time I ever got my fill of lobster was when we vacationed in Booth Bay Harbor, Maine 20 years ago. We walked to the town's "lobster pot" every evening and got lobsters right off the boat. Wow! Was that good!
  10. I love IKEA and I have a lot of their stuff. I actually enjoy assembling their furniture. :) Love your sprei, Evelyn; it looks great with the pillows.
  11. You guys are great! You're just the best EVER! :wub: I already planned my celebration. DH and I are going to treat ourselves to a lobster dinner-- with a great big lobster! Maybe nothing else with it, just lobster! :D :D :D
  12. I MUST get rid of the weight I put on when I quit smoking, so I started a low-carb diet this week. Tonight we had BISTEC DE PALOMILLA (Cuban Style Steak). Very thin steak marinated in Mojo Criollo (Cuban sour orange/garlic marinade). Then quick fried and topped with mojo crudo (chopped onion, parsley, olive oil and lime juice). Served with parmesan encrusted grilled tomatoes. I didn't take a photo but it looks like this:
  13. Gee, MQ, it sounds like you really are having a hard time of it! I'm so sorry for your pain. As I told Colleen, I highly recommend an ergonomic specialist to show you how to adjust your workspace to get rid of the carpal tunnel. And I think seeing a chiropractor for your hip sounds like a great idea. I know that most men prefer to suffer for a long time rather than take steps to change things, but I think that you have suffered enough now. Get some help!
  14. I think that the key here is to find an activity where you can "shut your mind off". Usually that means something that you are really passionate about. I remember when I played golf regularly it was very relaxing. The reason is that all through the game I was thinking about golf. After the drive and walking down the fairway I was thinking about the lie, the wind, the distance to the water hazard, whether I should go around the dogleg or try to cut across it, etc, etc. Oh, and once in a while I would pause to admire the beautiful grass and trees, point out a rabbit running for the bushes,

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