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  1. Woo thanks guys! celebrated with a mani and 3 mile run after. Work.
  2. Nope! 2 days away from 6 years…6 years ago at this time I was reading, “The Host” to try to distract myself from the upcoming battle to quit and save my own life. Extremely stressed out. Now I couldn’t care less about smokes. Ain’t no thang.
  3. Even though I'm super irritated today, nope!?
  4. The only lighters I have left for the fireworks are those long candle lighters. And the smoke from the firecrackers, can’t friggin breathe, bout coughed up a lung. How the heck did I inhale smoke daily for 20 years?!
  5. Thanks all! Very soon this will be us all. Healthier and wealthier without giving all our hard earned money to big tobacco.
  6. 5 years came and went yesterday and I totally forgot. It is possible to have total freedom! Believe me, I thought for sure I’d die a smoker. It doesn’t have to be that way for any of us.
  7. So I’m reviving this topic for a hot minute. Ran 4 miles outside today. Finally some nice weather. I missed running around the lake. Good for the soul.

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