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  1. running

    So I’m reviving this topic for a hot minute. Ran 4 miles outside today. Finally some nice weather. I missed running around the lake. Good for the soul.
  2. TWO year TAC and counting

    Yay TAC!!
  3. To all Members !!!!

    Happy holidays everyone!
  4. SOS new member

    Denise you’re right, you don’t want to. You can’t change the past, but throw them out immediately. Read up on this site to occupy your mind. You can do this!!
  5. Wednesday 29 th November 2017

  6. Sunday 29 th October 2017

  7. Sunday 22 nd October 2017

  8. Monday, October 9th, 2017

  9. Make Today Count !!!

  10. Not up for another round

    Sending positive vibes.
  11. 5 years free for our Bakon!!!!

    Woo woo! That's how it's done
  12. Monday 18 th September 2017

  13. Just wanted to say...

  14. Friday September 15, 2017

  15. It's Marti,s Birthday Today !!!

    Happy day pretty girl!

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