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    Don't be scared

    I know Halloween is coming up, and I've read and watched a lot of tv on ghosties in my 38 years. So here is the scariest one I've come across: There is an episode on Paranormal Witness call "The Poltergeist" based on this. This info has since been taken down in most places and I had to do some digging to find it somewhere. Score. http://paranormaleye.blogspot.com/2010/01/raging-spirit-true-story-of-spiritual.html (Honorable mention The Hag - eek http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1443921/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl ) What is your experience in the paranormal? (Or woo woo as some would say.) Marti, DD, I hope you give us some good dish here.
  2. Nicole Diver

    Wednesday 24th October 2018

    Even though I'm super irritated today, nope!😵
  3. Nicole Diver

    What worked for you?

    My last quit, every second of those four months quit I felt deprived and unhappy. It was all mental sabotage. This time, the understanding that smoking does nothing but relieve the withdrawal (the was caused by last cigarette) has made all the difference to me. If I smoked now, all I would be doing is creating the desire to smoke. The ''need' is gone. So of course, it would be disastrous to create that need again. As Allen Carr said, smokers smoke to feel like non smokers. (Paraphrased.) That's why it's so critical to not buy into the ideology of 'social' smoking. There may indeed be some people that can do it, but if you're here, you're not one of them. That's ok, neither am I. What made the light bulb turn on for you that really helped your quit?
  4. Nicole Diver

    Sunday 12th August 2018

    Oh heck nope!
  5. Nicole Diver


    The only lighters I have left for the fireworks are those long candle lighters. And the smoke from the firecrackers, can’t friggin breathe, bout coughed up a lung. How the heck did I inhale smoke daily for 20 years?!
  6. Nicole Diver

    Tuesday July 3 2018

  7. Nicole Diver

    Jenny is 6 Years Smoke Free!!

    Yay!! Nice going Jenny!
  8. Nicole Diver

    Nicole Diver is 5 Years Quit Today!!

    Thanks all! Very soon this will be us all. Healthier and wealthier without giving all our hard earned money to big tobacco.
  9. Nicole Diver

    5 years

    5 years came and went yesterday and I totally forgot. It is possible to have total freedom! Believe me, I thought for sure I’d die a smoker. It doesn’t have to be that way for any of us.
  10. Nicole Diver


    So I’m reviving this topic for a hot minute. Ran 4 miles outside today. Finally some nice weather. I missed running around the lake. Good for the soul.
  11. Nicole Diver

    TWO year TAC and counting

    Yay TAC!!
  12. Nicole Diver

    To all Members !!!!

    Happy holidays everyone!
  13. Nicole Diver

    SOS new member

    Denise you’re right, you don’t want to. You can’t change the past, but throw them out immediately. Read up on this site to occupy your mind. You can do this!!
  14. Nicole Diver

    Wednesday 29 th November 2017

  15. Nicole Diver

    Sunday 29 th October 2017

  16. Nicole Diver

    Sunday 22 nd October 2017

  17. Nicole Diver

    Monday, October 9th, 2017

  18. Nicole Diver

    Make Today Count !!!

  19. Nicole Diver

    Not up for another round

    Sending positive vibes.
  20. Nicole Diver

    5 years free for our Bakon!!!!

    Woo woo! That's how it's done
  21. Nothing, but nothing, would ever make me take another puff.

    1. beacon
    2. babs609


      got that right girl

    3. Stewietech


      Thats the spirit lad! :) Me neither, ughhh...

  22. Nicole Diver

    Monday 18 th September 2017

  23. Nicole Diver

    Just wanted to say...


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