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  1. Steely


    Thanks everyone for all of the good and sometimes funny (not really laughing) advices. What sticks is the notion that smoking did nothing to change the behaviour of my neighbour, nor did it see the return of my hose fittings. I'm a woman Jetblack and this man is a scary dude and is the reason why I haven't confronted him before, ie, "fear of escalating the situation". I'm going to bring my hose fitting inside from now on which will let him know my feelings without resorting to confrontation (he doesn't listen) or worse still, smoking. It gave him the upper hand and I can't have that happen. And he's a smoker, another good reason to quit! I'm back on the train but in the caboose.
  2. Steely

    Thursday 7 th December 2017

    Plain old NOPE from me too Wee me. But come to think of it stopping smoking is far from plain.
  3. Steely


    Well. I crashed out big time. No excuses, I know, but I have the neighbour from hell who, pathetic as it sounds has been stealing my hose fittings from the garden. I have let it go TWICE and have just bought another fitting, but THREE times was too much and when I approached him about it he abused the living hell out of me, I burst into tears and bought a packet of cigarettes which I smoked. I'm a bit scared of him, he's a nutter. Back on the horse. Feel so disappointed in myself.
  4. Steely

    SOS new member

    Thanks guys. Another 'nope' for me today.
  5. Steely

    Sunday, November 03, 2017

  6. Steely

    SOS new member

    Again, my thanks re my health anxiety. I guess as I've been smoker longer than I haven't been a smoker, started at 15 years of age! have a body that is now completely chemically adjusted to the reception of nicotine. Even thought it has BECOME me. It's going to take a long time and wonder whether I am too old to quit? I'm 69 years old. I could be dead by the time I wrap my head around this thing with any real feelings of comfort and acceptance. I ask if its worth it. Going to NOPE thread to commit for another day.
  7. Steely

    SOS new member

    Thanks everyone and have committed myself to the NOPE thread. Feel embarressed to admit but I suffer a bit of health anxiety and wondered whether anyone else has thought they were physically ill rather than it 'just' being withdrawal?
  8. Steely

    rarrr its back....

    I like the ducky
  9. Steely

    chicks or sticks

    How do you play this game or am I one of the not so smart one's?
  10. Steely

    Why are you still smoking ?????

    It's stupid. Like STUPID! Gotta know I'm not THAT stupid.
  11. Steely

    SOS new member

    Still learning how to navigate the site and pressed the little heart button to see what it did. Everyone got a trophy, and I gave myself a face like a twisted sand shoe. I'll use it with discretion in future. I made it through yesterday without smoking and trophy for me as when sitting on the bus stop saw an UNSMOKED cigarette under the seat aarrgghh! I was seriously tempted. The dereliction of it all. Am just going to browse the site and look around but wanted to thank everyone in a big blanket THANKS as I'm convinced I would have rationalised having a smoke had I not linked up with you all. Feel stronger about approaching today. ☀️
  12. Steely

    SOS new member

    Also thanks for teaching me how to change 'settings'.

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